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Spider-Man Comics Online: Spider-Verse #1 Recap

The issue begins with the master weaver showing us his web of life and destiny for many of the spider totems from around the multiverse. Morlun is active on his hunt but an army of spider heroes are collecting and growing.

Earth 2301, Spider-Man holds his deceased aunt may. Suddenly, his aunt states: peter, join us. Spider-Man wakes up from his dream and tells MJ that he needs to return to the spider clan and go to his brother venom. The scene jumps to Spider-Man climbing the snowy mountain top only to be met by venom. His brother demands that he turns around. Spider-Man didn’t come here for nothing thus a fight ensues. While in battle, venom states, for the sake of us all, you cannot enter the temple. Venom with the upper hand prepares to deal the death blow to end his brother’s life. Suddenly, venoms attack stops. Peter looks up at about a dozen spider heroes telling him to join them.

Earth 803, 1985, New York City, at a party gathering, lord Osborne asks May Reilly for a dance. Suddenly Electro appears and kidnaps the city’s mayor. May Reilly takes her leave and switches costume to her alter ego the spider lady. She takes down electro easy enough but his team arrives to finish the job. The spider lady releases a water tank which takes out kraven, dock ock, the goblin and the vulture. Suddenly, the leader of the six men of sinestry arrives. Mysterio collects his team and departs but not before swearing vengeance against this spider hero. The mayor quickly thanks the lady spider as she swings off to change her costume in order to head back to the ball.

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In an unknown universe, Spider-Man with a grocery bag in one hand and a bouquet of flowers in another hand races back home for a date with MJ. Without notice, the walls shake violently, which is enough for peter to lose his footing and fall to the pavement. Morlun stands waiting for his next meal. Moments later, the inheritor finishes his meal and prepares to jump onto another universe to continue his spider totem hunt.

Earth 11, while at a science fair, Penelope parker gets bitten by a radioactive spider. Left separated from her group, she struggles with her new spider powers. But Penelope parker manages to get outside to join her group. She witnesses Flash Thompson attempting a foolish task which results in him dangling high on a sculpture clinging for dear life. Penelope does not want to be any weirder than she already is so she gathers a change of clothing and a bag to cover her face in order to save Thompson’s life. Later that night, penny informs her aunt may of the accident and her new found powers. Aunt may urges her on in becoming more than just a student. She states, the world needs more heroes like you penny. Think about it. And thus, penny parker gets to work on designing herself a super hero costume.

new comics spiderverse #1

In another unknown earth, morlun disrupts peter and Mj’s picnic session to have a meal of his own. But just as he is about to attack, he notices something strange in this universe. Morlun calls for the master weaver to explain this anomaly. We discover that this universe is chronally unstable. Morlun is offered a doorway to another universe but he declines stating that he had enough dimensional jumping for one day. As morlun departs, the master weaver states, this shall be one of my only acts of rebellion: To take this pure, innocent world and place it aside in its own pocket reality: Forever safe from the dangers of the spider verse.

Spider-Man Comics Online: Spider-Verse #1 Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing spider verse issue 1. Now before I jump into reviewing this issue, I got a small announcement to make. I have been working on a website for this channel. The domain is but more on that a bit later. let’s jump into the review.

So the edge of spider verse has concluded and we are now on the footsteps of this incredibly awesome Spider-Man story arc. So this issue splits into 4 different stories. We got a ninja Spider-Man, steampunk spider girl who calls herself lady spider, Penelope parker, and the black and white Spider-Man. If you consider the ’late for a date’ Spider-Man then we got 5 stories in total. So the issue begins with this mysterious master weaver whom we know is enslaved by the inheritors. He shows us a few visions from the multiverse. the first thing I saw was this image; Morlun crushing Spider-Man’s head with MJ’s tombstone. Ya this set the tone of the issue for me.

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I was ready for a very dark and heavy issue. But obviously I didn’t get that. Instead I got a very cartoony Spider-Man that has venom for a brother. From what I understand, this Spider-Man is from a Japanese cartoon show and If I’m correct, this is not the first time we have seen this Spider-Man. I really enjoyed this first story arc and how he was recruited by the main spider army.

Spider-Man comics online, Spider-Verse #1 Cont!

So I am able to recognise all of these spider men except for this guy on top of spider Gwen. I assume this guy in the back is spider knight. I wonder if the Spider-Man in the center is the 616 Spider-Man. If so then that would be cool. Peter parker has embraced his role and is now leading the charge in recruiting spider heroes. But im just speculating. What do you guys think? Please let me know in the comments below.

Alright the next story with the steampunk spider girl was really cool. I love the costume design on lady spider. And then they brought out the sinister six who calls themselves the six men of sinestry. It’s so lame that its charming. I love it. This story arc is left unfinished so I’m hoping we see more of lady spider soon but remember guys, rule number 1 of spider verse, do not get attached to any of the Spider-Man unless they are 616 Spider-Man, spider 2099, and spider Gwen. I honestly don’t even know if kaine the scarlet spider will survive this event. I sure hope so but we’ll have to wait and see. By the way, where’s Aaron Aikman? If I don’t see him in the next issue, im just gunna assume that morlun got to him. Damn I really liked him.

new comics spiderverse #1

Oh ya, did you notice the costume design on mysterio? He always had a hard time as the guy with a fish bowl for a head and now he has a deep-sea diver helmet. This guys costume design is just so comedic. But at lease he is the leader of the sinister six whereas most other incarnations depict doc ock as leader. Go steampunk mysterio. We’ll probably never see you again but hey, GJ.

Alrighty so they next few stories didn’t have much that stood out about them except the extreme change in art style which I quite enjoyed. I do want to point out that Penelope parker has super hearing. I don’t think our 616 Spider-Man has super hearing, does he?

So the last thing I wanna touch on is this master weaver character. We see him fighting young Karn, killing his mother. And then he is enslaved by the inheritors forced to open doorways into different dimensions for morlun and his family to go hunting for spider totems. And now he is able to hide dimensions in a pocket universe sparing their fate from the interitors. This master weaver has risen up to the top of my list of most intriguing and mysterious figure in the spider verse. I wanna know more about this guy and I hope at the end, the spider army can free him from the interitors.


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