New Comics: The Death Of Wolverine #1 Review/Recap

New Comics: The Death Of Wolverine #1 Review/Recap On Youtube

Marvel Comic Books: The Death Of Wolverine #1 Recap


Somewhere in British Columbia Canada, after what appears to be a victorious battle, wolverine stumbles into a local bar. After a drink, logan tells the bar owner that there will be people looking for him and they will start with this place.

The bar owner asks if they are his friends. Logan replies, probably not.

Days later, in the same bar, a few mercenaries make their way into the bar. They are prepared to muscle information from the owner but instead, he gives them a map that wolverine had left behind. This map shows the location of the wolverine and dares anyone who would try and pursue such a foolish task.

Hours later, the mercenaries arrive via their vessel. The leader sends out his subordinates to investigate a suspicious boat. This attempt fails and 1 merc is now dead.

The boat begins to rumble and thus the 3 remaining mercs jump ship and swims to shore. The 2nd merc gets pulled under and drowns. Seconds later, the 3rd merc drowns. the leader of the group finally arrives on shore only to be greeted by a plethora of bodies.

Wolverine emerges from behind and a battle ensues. Logan stands victorious at the end while he demands to know who sent the mercs. We discover that the price on his head is only claimable only if he is brought in alive. And we also discover that the person that placed a hit on logan is madam hydra.

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Marvel Comic Books: The Death Of Wolverine #1 Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to comic island my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the death of wolverine issue 1. Ok so i came into this issue with very low expectations since the last few wolverine issues were a huge let down. But i got to say, i was quite impressed. The dialog was kept to a minimum and there were plenty of wolverine doing what he does best, walking away with a bloody body.  Look at that. I got to say that the art is excellent. This is what a wolverine comic should be like.  Unlike his Hugh Jackson movie version, blood is not in short supply.

My favorite scene is the action. Unlike the last battle wolverine had with sabretooth, this time logan fights a bunch a no name mercs and it was awesome. We get a vantage point from the leader which demonstrates how skilled wolverine is in doing what he does best. He can swim well lol I’m just joking guys. This goes back to my earlier point: wolverine is a badass and he should be portrayed like this more often.

So my favorite page is where we see a dozen or so dead bodies of mercenaries who all failed at taking down wolverine. So i can identify the hand ninjas and the AIM scientists but who are the rest of the dead bodies? If you can recognize them then please let me know in the comments comics, wolverines claw

Alright guys so i skipped a part of the series. it is a flashback of the event after wolverine lost his healing factor and went to reed Richards of the fantastic four for help. This flashback lets us know that wolverine isn’t well liked by everyone but Mr. Fantastic has a ton of respect for the guy and knows that wolverine will play a heroic role for the superhero community.

Wolverine Comics Cont!

Reed also goes on and states how wolverine still has his strength and speed. Without this, the weight of his adamantium laced skeleton would crush him. This makes so much sense and i love it when the real world meets the comic world.

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So mr fantastic is confident that he can give wolverine his healing factor back but he needs time. He also needs wolverine to stop bringing out his claws since the bacteria that he contracts every time he retracts his claws could kill him. Think about it, wolverine would stab and jab anything and then he would retract his claws into his body. I never thought about it but damn that’s discussing.

So i wanna show you the cover for next issue of the death of wolverine. Simple picture, he’s just posing his badass pose so we won’t know if there will be anymore guest stars. But if next issue is as good as this issue, then i will be looking forward to reviewing it for you guys.

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