New Comics: The Death Of Wolverine #3 Review/Recap


New Comics: The Death Of Wolverine #3 Review/Recap On Youtube

New Comics: The Death Of Wolverine #3 Review


Madripoor, the issue begins with kitty pride threatening to kill lady Deathstrike with her phasing powers unless the villain leaves. Deathstrike calls her bluff stating that kitty will not kill. Kitty blocks a strike and uses her phasing powers to crush Deathstrikes hand. Kitty states: you don’t know who I am. Now go or I will kill you. With those words, Deathstrike departs the scene.

After the brutal fight, wolverine falls to the floor and begins to bleed out. Kitty injects Logan with a regeneration serum. Logan informs kitty that lord Ogan, wolverine’s former master, is behind all of this. They depart to japan to locate him.

1 day later, Tokyo japan, Logan and kitty relax by the riverside. He tells her how his loss of healing factor could be a gift. He can now go someplace; hide from the world, find true love, and one day die like any mortal. The confused wolverine receives a passionate kiss from kitty. With that, lord Ogan reveals himself to have possessed the shadow cat a while ago. How else would kitty pride have access to regen serums. The two engage in battle. But this battle, wolverine could not win by brute force because his friend’s body is at risk. The fight rages on but Logan notices that Ogan is fading. Kitty pride is fighting back to reclaim her body. At the end, fighting kitty and Logan is too much for lord Ogan and he releases her body back to her.

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As wolverine checks on the wellbeing of kitty, she tells him that while Ogan was in her body, she discovers the name of a person that is behind Logans assassination contract. Abraham Cornelius. Shocked, wolverine heads out to find Ogan. By now, he has probably possessed a new body.

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Marvel’s Wolverine Comics Cont!

Logan eventually tracks the host body of lord Ogan down to an abandoned factory. Ogan appears in front of cybers body. We discover that Cornelius is killing thousands and is seeking adamantium. But Logan is to be brought in alive. Lord Ogan offers a deal to wolverine. Logan must leave this place or else Ogan will kill his innocent host body. Lord Ogan will also sweeten the deal by offering more regen serums. Wolverine refuses the offer and offers a message to Cornelius. The wolverine is coming.

New Comics: The Death Of Wolverine #3 Recap

Whats goin on guys welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the death of wolverine issue 3. So only a few more issues to go and we are still getting introduced to more characters. Lord Ogan is not behind everything, he is only working on behalf of Abraham Cornelius. Alright I gotta be honest. I have no clue who this guys is. So I got some wiki’ing to do right after this video. But whoever he is, he played a very important role in wolverines past. Just look at how surprised Logan was when he heard that name.

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Alright so similar to the 2 past issues, death of wolverine number 3 has an awesome fight scene. We get an awesome sword fight between kitty and Logan. We even get to see him wear his iconic samurai suit as well. I was hoping to see more violence after kitty shattered Deathstrikes hand but o well, im enjoying this issue a bit too much to focus on that. But I do hope we get some more rated R violence in the next few issues.

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I love the consistency in art. Beautiful facial expression and beautiful scenic background as well. For such an important event in wolverine’s life, he had to come back to japan just to take us on a little walk down memory lane and I loved this.

Ok so with the introduction of Abraham Cornelius at the end, we discover that he is killing thousands just to get more adamantium. So this is what Deathstrike meant when she said Logan and people like him are being hunted. But why does Cornelius want wolverine a live? I hope it’s not like another spidy dock ock situation where wolverine would die and some villain goes into his body for a year or two. When he dies, I would want him to stay dead for at least 2 years. That would make his return that much more epic and meaningful. I think Spiderman died only for a year and he then regained his body. But even during the superior spiderman’s run, peter parker didn’t totally die and his subconscious is left with his body. So If wolverine dies, please let him just be dead. No ghost of wolverine, no clone no subconscious. Just be dead for at least 2 years.

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