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Marvel Comic Books: Wolverine And The X-Men #7 Recap


San Francisco, the issue begins with dare devil thwarting an assassination attempt by the ninja group the hand.

Meanwhile, at the jean grey school, logan is reluctant to prepare for another day in the life of a professor. Broo and kid gladiator returns from their field trip in space. Met by Evan, they notice that they are the only 3 students left in class.

Later that day, outside the jean grey school, with the help of Krackoa, broo finds a friend he holds close to his heart. Idie begins to talk but is interrupted by storm. We discover that Idie is still shaken from her trip into the future where she learns that she will one day be Apocalypse herald, DEATH. No matter how she is today, her future appears to be set in stone and she will continue to hurt people. The conversation ends with her running away into the woods.

Later day day, Matt Murdock confronts Ms. Gardner with a cease and desist form. The two argues over their ideals but Murdock stays adamant on his position.

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San Francisco, the scene jumps to wolverine and dare devil in heated battle against the Hand. With doop’s help, they stand victorious but their comrade apparently went down with their enemy.

Dare devil urges wolverine to be careful but logan states that he knows what he is doing. But things are different now for the man that is the best at what he does. Without his healing factor, death can be just around any corner. Moments later, doop rises up and appears to be in full control.

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Jean grey school fantomex shares a drink with storm. They discuss the topic at hand. Fantomex states that either friend or foe, everyone fears wolverine. But without his healing factor, who will they fear now?

San Fran. After the battle, wolverine drinks alone in a bar. He finally decides to call storm….for a date.

Marvel Comic Books: Wolverine And The X-Men #7 Review

Whats goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping wolverine and the xmen issue 7. So the first thing i noticed about this issue is the bad expression on the characters face. As you guys may know, one of my biggest pet peeve is bad facial expressions. And unfortunately this issue had a lot of that. I don’t mind anything else but PLEASE give me good facial expressions.

So with the art being the way it is, i felt disconnected from all the characters. Take a look at idie. Damn i just wanna face palm myself.

Speaking about idie, i know she plays the role of self pity and she fears her future. But wow in this issue, she becomes so annoying. A little dose here and there was great but now she is a big pity party fiesta fest. Ya that’s right, that is now a word.

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So aside from idies pity party and the bad facial expression, i thought this issue was ok. I enjoy the dare devil cameo and I always love doop. We get treated with doop im such small doses which makes us look forward to another cameo. I love how they keep doop’s language a total blur and apparently only wolverine can understand the guy.

So the main focus of this issue was essentially on wolverine.

This issue leads up to his death in a month from now. Im really confused on how this issue series relates to his other series titled wolverine. Right now, he is still head master while wearing is classic or modern uniform but in his own series, he left the school, broke ties with everybody and went undercover as a villain while wearing his armor. I honestly cant understand where he is most of the time.

Aright guys, so logan has a month to die and I have received quite a lot of requests to review his death so im gunna be following his self titled wolverine series and see where it goes from there after his death.

So I have a question for you. Who will kill wolverine? Please let me know what you think in the comments below. I would like to call out Cyclops to be his killer. That would be friggin awesome. Divide the 2 xmen factions even more.

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