New Comics: Wolverine And The X-Men #8 Review/Recap


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New Comics: Wolverine And The X-Men #8 Review


Within the world, the issue begins with wolverine all dressed up and ready for his date with storm. She arrives and their date gets well underway.

Day 7, the happy couple gets interrupted by the local natives. Logan gets shot by a tranquilizer dart and passes out.

Woken up by a native, the confused wolverine demands to know what had happened. Storm arrives in a new outfit and asks logan for his assistance in dethroning a dictator that rose to power.

Day 11, in a gladiatorial arena, wolverine battles the self proclaimed god of the world. Lightning rips through the skies and obliterates the dictator. Storm and wolverine soon after shares a passionate victory kisses.

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Day 30, Logan and storm has been made royalty by the natives of the world. They rule with just and conviction.

Day 50, wolverine chases off a few thieves but accidentally attracts the attention of a mammoth. Standing at the edge of the cliff, he jumps to certain death but fortunately storm arrives in time.

The scene jumps through many more moments that the two share when finally they arrive at their one year mark. Logan apologies to storm that it took so long for him to get over jean. By doing so, he confesses his love to the weather goddess. But storm informs him that their lives are outside of the world, they should return to reality. The two leaves the world to return to the jean grey school. During this time, logan builds a new school in the world. He calls it the james logan howlett school of the world.

Wolverine And The X-Men #8

Whats goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping wolverine and the x-men issue 8. So I saw this cover art a few weeks back and I honestly was NOT looking forward to this issue. But then half way into the issue, I started to really enjoy it. This is a filler issue and nothing important happens unless they choose to pursue the idea that wolverine now has his own school in the world.

So let’s jump back to the first few pages. Take a look at the art. Storm looks fantastic in here. The art is spectacular. But then we jump a few pages and storms new outfit honestly looks ridiculous. I mean this would satisfy the teenage boys out there but for mature readers, storms outfit doesn’t leave much to the imagination. But then the issue redeems itself with storm giving logan a passionate kiss in the background.

So anyway, this filler comic achieves what it set out to do, I feel happy for wolverine. The dude’s got another month left so it’s nice to know that he spent a year being happy.

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Ok so most of you will know what the world is but for those who don’t know, logan and storm are inside of a globe created by the people responsible for creating wolverine by binding adamantium to his skeleton. Right now, fantomex is in possession of this globe and this is what he used to grow kid apocalypse into the teenage EVAN to prove to the world that nurture will overcome nature.

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I love how the natives refer to wolverine as the tenth man. This is obviously alluding to the fact that wolverine is the 10th weapon created; hence he is known as weapon X by many.

So this issue went by pretty quick. Its mainly a collaaage of a years’ worth of time in the world. There is also a few pages dedicated to hisako trying to regain control of her armor. Unfortunately,  I don’t care much for hisako.  Out of all the students in the school, I want more Evan. Unfortunately his rival; quintin quire has left the school. We know that evan and Quintin quire will return for the upcoming event called AXIS so im assuming that they will be saving these 2 students till then.

So ta conclude, this is a feel good issue, a filler. Nothing important happens except logan created a school in the world, which will probably get torn down through time. If a moment in the real world equates to a year in the world, that school aint gunna be up and running by tomorrow. But anyway that’s just my opinion. So this is my question for you, which love interest had better chemistry to contrast the wolverine in your opinion? jean grey or storm? Please let me know in the comments below. For me, i like the 3 way love triangle with Cyclops. So unless Black Panther gets involved, I prefer wolverine with jean grey.

So thank you so much for watching my review of wolverine and the xmen issue 8, and as always, please like, subscribe, and ill see you next time in wolverine and the x-men issue 9.

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