Nightwing #1 Comic Book Review/Recap

Nightwing #1: Better than Batman

Nightwing #1 Comic Book Recap

In Italy, Grayson saves a diplomat from an attacker. Before he leaves, he has a message for the dignitary – the Parliament of Owls sends their regards.  It’s been weird working for them, even if it is just to take the villainous organization down from the inside.  He meets with a woman, who calls the Parliament into session.  They are not pleased with Grayson’s work, as he stubbornly still refuses to kill or steal.  They tell him he is to go to Moscow and complete a mission.  After that will join with a thief named Raptor.  There’s a lot for Grayson to learn from him, but Dick decides to make something clear.  They can blackmail him into joining their little club, but they won’t turn him into them.  He’s not one of their Talons.  He’s going to do things his way.

Reflecting on this later, Grayson chastises himself, knowing he should be careful with how he acts around the Parliament.  If he overplays his hand, they might not realize that Robin is any longer actually in danger… returning to Wayne Manor, Grayson looks over Batman and Damien training.  It’s funny… some things might change, but the more they do, the more some things stay exactly the same. Dick throws out some advice to the young Robin, and Damien is able to score a solid hit on his father.  The blow is so strong Bruce needs a few minutes to clear his head, so he tells his son to take a break.

Grayson updates his mentor on things and asks for Bruce’s advice on what he should do.  Batman declines to give any guidance, though.  He’s happy to bankroll Grayson’s missions and supply him with anything the young man might need, but this is not Batman, Incorporated.  This is Grayson’s mission.  He’s made it very clear he’s doing it his way, and Batman has enough faith in Dick’s experience that he thinks Grayson can handle things on his own.

Reluctantly accepting this, Grayson moves to leave, as he has to meet with Barbara before he leaves for Russia.  Damien teases Grayson that he’s going on a date, which Dick quickly denies.  Later, he is shocked to learn it actually isn’t a date, or at least that’s what Barbara thought, having assumed this was a superhero gig.  It’s okay, though, Grayson has to leave soon anyways.  Though Barbara is surprised and worried that Nightwing is leaving town so quickly, she picks up something on the police radio.  Before they go to help out, Grayson promises he will bring Barbara back a souvenir, and Gordon points out that means Dick has to come back home.  But that’s Nightwing for you.  He always swings back.

In Moscow, Grayson completes his mission with ease before taking a moment alone to reflect on things.  He got Barbara a gift too, as promised.  However, his moment of peace is interrupted by Raptor, who chastises the young hero.  The second Nightwing was done the mission, he let his guard down.  That’s cocky…  and arrogant.

Nightwing #1: dick grayson

Dick brushes off Raptor, saying he’s had all the training he would ever need from the very best. But Raptor isn’t so easily impressed.  He sees somebody distracted – an impotent virgin that can’t stop thinking about this “Barbara.”  Raptor’s gauntlet is able to read his opponent and unleash the perfect cure for what ails them. And what Grayson needs now, more than ever is to sit, down, shut up and listen.  It’s time he gets a new partner, a better mentor.  Because everything Batman taught him is wrong.

Nightwing #1 Comic Book Review

Hello, and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of Nightwing #1!

Alright well, this was a solid start for the Nightwing series.  I admit it starts on some shaky ground.  At first, I could detect a small but noticeable dip in quality compared to the rebirth comic.  But a lot of that is the fact that this issue is setting up a lot and is still introducing things for those that didn’t read Nightwing Rebirth #1.

rebirth nightwing

On those grounds, and by the time I got through the comic, I was pretty sold on the whole thing.  It’s got great art and I think this is a really interesting direction for this series.  I’m not sure what to make of this Raptor but I like the ideas being floated here – that there may be more to Dick’s training and future than what Bruce taught him.  This should be an interesting route to explore and I’m curious what this mean’s for Grayson’s character.

We’ll have to see when we get there, but for now, I do recommend this comic.  It’s got some great moments with the characters while also setting up a pretty exciting story by the looks of things.
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