Old Man Logan #1 Comic Book Recap/Review

Old Man Logan #1 Recap/Review – Berserker.

Old Man Logan #1 Comic Book Recap

He remembers a white light… and then, this.  It’s just wrong.  It should all be gone.  All these people should be dead… he’s confused.  He doesn’t know who he is.   Scotty?  Is that his name?  No, that’s not quite right.  Police approach the man, and on instinct, Logan fights back.  They tase him, but it just makes him mad.  They shoot him, and then… he remembers everything.

The world isn’t like this anymore.  It moved on, and so did he.  The villains got their act together.  Butchered everyone.  And Banner… Banner was worse than anyone.  Logan did horrible things, too, but he survived.  Like an animal.

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The police look an, awed.  This can’t be who they think he is, the man is too old.  He runs past them and escapes easily.  It takes him a while but he’s eventually able to sniff out an apartment he is sure is empty.  Inside, he learns it is the year 2015, a few years before everything went bad.  He figures he is back in time…. before… <FLASH FAMILY>  Logan wonders how all this is possible, he can barely even think straight, until he sees a hat that reminds him of his son, Scotty…

Old Man Logan #1 Recap/Review – Berserker

In the wasteland, father and son once went to get their tractor repaired.  They visited a downed SHIELD helicarrier, run on behalf of the Hulks by a villain named the Black Butcher.  Logan wanted to trade some of his wife’s jam for some spare parts to repair the tractor, but the Butcher demanded that he also get Scotty’s hat.  When Logan refused, <SLAP> the man hit his boy.  This was almost enough to get Logan to fight back, but instead, he stood down and left.  On their way back home, Scotty asked why Logan let them get pushed around like that.  His father explained how it would only have led to retaliation from the Hulk Gang.  Besides, he’s just one man.  He can’t change the world.

What happened, happened.  Except it hasn’t happened.  Not yet.  And then it hits him.  There has to have been a reason for all of this.  This is a chance to make things right.  And he knows just where to start.

It doesn’t take long for the muscles to come back.  He spent a lot of time in this city.  Even after all these years, he still knows where to go.  <CRASH>  It isn’t too hard to ask the right questions, and find what he is looking for.  And, in no time at all, he finds him.  The Black Butcher.  Not yet a Hulk, but definitely the right guy.  The Butcher is armed with an electronic weapon strapped to his arm, but Logan cuts the limb off without hesitation.

The gangster begs for mercy.  He claims he hasn’t done anything wrong, to which Logan replies that the Butcher is supervillain scum.  He hit Scotty.  The man panics, and says he never met him or his son before.  And Logan says now, he never will.  <SNIKT>  His body hits the floor, and everything feels… right.  He knows peace he hasn’t felt in a very long time.  This is why he’s here.  To hunt.  The Butcher was small game.  A warm up.  If he’s really going to stop… everything, he’s going to have to tackle targets a whole lot… bigger…

Old Man Logan #1 Comic Book Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of Old Man Logan #1.

Yep, Old Man Logan is back, and it’s more Old Man Loganier than ever!  So I wasn’t really sure what to make of this new series before it came out this week.  We had enough fun with the Secret Wars tie-in, and I thought it was neat Marvel was going in this direction with the character rather than just bringing back plain old Logan again.  We also have a new writer in the mix, and while personally I did enjoy Brian Micheal Bendis’ run with Old Man Logan, the story now is in the seemingly capable hands of Jeff Lemire, who did a really good job with this issue.

Unsurprisingly, whether or not you will like this comic is largely contingent on whether or not you like Old Man Logan in general.  I did enjoy that story myself, so this new plot involving Logan trying to undo his own future works for me and is pretty cool.  Once again, Andrea Sorrentino does a really good job with his art and it’s a major selling point of this comic.  Yes, one could argue that this comic seems stuck in the past, that is to say, stuck in the future, I suppose, as Logan seems mostly occupied with preventing the original story from happening so the focus seems to largely be on looking back towards Mark Millar’s original story.

I’m okay with that pretty much exclusively because of Logan’s character.  He would be haunted by these things, and, given this opportunity, focused on stopping his future from coming to pass.  I like stories with a clearly defined outline like the one we got here.  Logan’s got a hit list, and it’s a doozy.  First off we have Banner, who is largely responsible for the death of Logan’s family.  Then we have Mysterio, who is tricked Logan into murdering the X-Men.  And finally there’s the Red Skull, the man who ruined the world.

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These are some pretty substantial targets, and they bring a lot of interesting questions to the table.  Is Logan’s future even valid after all the stuff that happened with Battleworld and the universe?  The apparent absence of Banner might suggest no, and sure enough, next issues preview features Logan encountering the new Hulk, Amadeus Cho, instead of Banner.  Meanwhile, the Red Skull’s status is also currently up in the air.  Last time we saw him was at the end of AXIS in Doom’s custody.  But Doom’s been through a lot since then, and has lost power in Latveria.  So I’m really, really curious to see what happens next in this comic.  I liked and recommend you check it out for yourself.  Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below, and don’t forget to like, subscribe, and keep reading comics.

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