Old Man Logan #14 Comic Book Review/Recap

Old Man Logan #14 – The Monstrous Howling Commandos!

Old Man Logan #14 Comic Book Recap (Script)

In Limbo, Logan is approached by a Sentinel with news – an X-Men is missing.  The elder Wolverine is not interested – he’s off duty, at the moment.  However, the machine insists and thinks that Logan will want to be personally involved with this one.  After all, it’s not just any mutant that has disappeared … it’s Jubilee.

Logan travels to Brooklyn and finds the young woman’s son, alone.  He gives the boy to the Sentinel and orders it to take care of him while he finds Jubilee.  The machine wants to bring the child back to X-Haven and then help find the missing mutant, but Logan insists on going solo and threatens to turn the Sentinel into a toaster if it disagrees.  Reluctantly, it complies and teleports Wolverine to Romania, Jubilee’s last known location.

Old Man Logan #14 – jubilee

Logan wonders what his friend was doing here, and thinks there’s a connection he’s just not putting together at the moment.  He smells blood.  Not Jubilee’s… not even human.  As a handful of beasts attack, one of them recognize him and call things off – they’re on the same side, here.  The strangers introduce themselves as the latest iteration of The Howling Commandos, part of SHEILD’s paranomal division, STAKE.  They say they are here for the same reason as Logan – they’re looking for a missing team member – a woman known as Vampire by Night.  There’s a lot of hostiles in the area – it turns out, they’re at war with Dracula and an army of vampires.

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That explains things pretty quickly for Logan.  Jubilee is a vampire.  She’s been able to fight this in the past.  Something must be different this time.  Logan comes up with a plan – the Commandos will attack head on, creating a distraction while Wolverine goes in covertly and do the real work. As the monsters mount an attack on Dracula’s castle, Vampire by Night appears, and orders her former teammates to be killed.

Meanwhile, Logan makes his way inside through a tunnel.  He finds Jubilee, who asks for his help.  As he gets close, she says Logan came… just like her master said he would.  Dracula asks if the little Canadian really thought he could slip by him… and attacks.

Old Man Logan #14 Comic Book Review

Well this was fun!  It’s been a while since I reviewed an Old Man Logan comic, but with a new story arc starting and all the recent excitement over Old Man Logan in general, I thought I’d check in on things with the lovable little rascal!

And it was a pretty great issue overall.  I always like when Marvel and DC have paranormal themed super teams like what we got with this version of the Howling Commandos – cute use of that name, by the way, and though we didn’t see a lot of them, it’s a nice little world building addition for the series and something that writer Jeff Lemire is great at.

The whole thing with Jubilee and vampires is pretty interesting.  I know there’s a lot of people out there that don’t like that plot point, but it’s never really bothered me, personally.  Of course part of that might be I have never been a huge fan of Jubilee to begin with, so… whatever.  It’s fine and she’s a fine character when used right.  Whether or not she will be here, well, right now, she’s just the character that needs to be rescued, so we’ll have to see going forward if her existence in this story serves any other purpose.

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The art is alright.  There are a few great panels and I love this comic’s cover, but some of the character’s proportions seem funny to me, and something about this Sentinel just doesn’t look right.  Regardless, it’s a pretty good comic overall.  It’s not the best, and that might be the worst thing counting against it.  Remember that Old Man Logan as a character is still relatively new.  There’s the original story, the Secret Wars tie-in, and this series.  And considering how great those first two are, the bar is set pretty high on this character.  So while it’s kind of cool to have an ongoing series like this, there is that drawback – even comics that are good but not great do lower the average quality of stories headlining this particular version of Logan.

Which is perfectly fine, as it happens to characters over time, but it doesn’t exactly leave me feeling excited about the whole thing.  I recommend this in that I found it a fun read, but I will state that I’m not overly impressed by it, either.

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