Old Man Logan #3 Comic Book Recap/Review

Old Man Logan #3 Recap/Review – Old Man Logan vs. Hawkeye!


Old Man Logan #3 Comic Book Recap

With an arrow pointed at his head, Logan is greeted by Hawkeye.  He recognizes her as the other Hawkeye, who says her name is Kate Bishop, and that Clint Barton is away on a mission.  He explains to her that he is from the future, which Kate easily accepts.  She’s used to this sort of thing by now.  So he tells her everything – about what happens to the heroes, about his kill list, and even that she is eventually going to die.  He tells her that Clint lives but he will be blinded by a villain named Avalanche, before he moves to leave, thanking her for her… hospitality.  But as he gets up, he passes out.

Logan remembers a day he spent with his family visiting a beach in the Wasteland.  He and his children were having fun in the water, when his daughter Jade cried out, saying she saw a monster in the ocean.  Logan dived in to the deep to investigate and found… bones.  The remains of those who died from the battle of Atlantis.  Logan knew it took place somewhere around here and comments that he should have known better.  He apologized to his daughter, but reassured her that they are all dead.  He promises her nothing’s ever going to hurt her.  No matter what.

Logan wakes up 33 hours later, commenting that his healing factor isn’t what it used to be.  Kate makes coffee for him, and Wolverine is feeling much better.  While Logan was out, Kate had been investigating Logan’s kill list.  She has no idea where Banner is these days, but she was able to find Mysterio’s last known location.  Logan says he and Mysterio have a big score to settle, and Kate replies they can go find him right now.

Old Man Logan #3 Recap/Review – Old Man Logan vs. Hawkeye!

Logan is surprised that she wants to help, but Bishop says she is bored, and hasn’t had a mission in weeks.  Wolverine refuses her offer, saying that he works alone, but Kate is not going to accept this and insists on coming along.  As they travel, Kate asks about the future.  She asks if he knows who the female Thor is, which confuses Logan.  He has no memory of a female Thor, but brushes off this lapse in knowledge.  Costumes are always changing, but Kate suddenly has some doubts about all of this.  The female Thor has been around for several weeks now and is unlikely a thing Logan might of forgotten.  And though Avalanche is supposed to blind Clint in the future, the villain is already dead.

Again, Logan dismisses all of this.  He might have not noticed Thor changing and it could have been a different person calling himself Avalanche, but Kate is still worried and wants to take some time and figure this out.  Logan isn’t interested in this.  He’s had nothing but time.

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<DOOR> The heroes find two men playing some cards.  Logan leaps into action, demanding to know where Mysterio is.  Though they claim ignorance, Logan charges one of the men, cutting his arm clean off!  Kate orders Logan to calm down, pointing out this is crazy and observing that these people clearly don’t know anything about Mysterio.  She threatens to take him down if Logan doesn’t relent, so Wolverine cuts her bow in half.  Outraged, Kate punches Logan in the face, before he pins her against the wall, claws out.  Logan says he’s trying to save everyone, but Kate is not impressed.  They’re all still alive.  They can help him now.  He’s not alone anymore.

Logan ruefully states he’ll always be alone, and leaves.  In a dark alleyway, Logan smells something familiar.  He is knocked over by the lid of a trash can, which his attacker catches in midair.  Logan hears a voice.  “You need to stand down, soldier… that’s an order.”

Old Man Logan #3 Comic Book Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of Old Man Logan #3.

Well, here we are with another interesting comic from Old Man Logan.  If you’ve been following things, I’ve been really digging this new iteration of this series ever since the Secret Wars tie-ins.  These comics are similar but the All-New, All-Different Old Man Logan really seems to be bringing something special to the table.

At it’s most basic premise, this and the Secret Wars tie-in are basically going for the same tone as the original Old Man Logan story – it’s a road trip of sorts.  In every Old Man Logan issue thus far, our hero goes from point to point in his story, meeting cool characters, doing exciting things, and well, just trying to say alive.  But where the first Old Man Logan took place in an alternate future, the second on Battleworld, this third series seems to be shaping up like a journey through the present day, prime Marvel Universe.

And that’s very interesting to see.  Logan seems like a fish out of water, baffled and confused by a world that doesn’t seem to quite be his past.  He doesn’t remember the new Hulk or the new Thor, and his enemies seem to either be missing entirely or not on the trajectory towards his future.  It’s mysterious and I find it very cool to explore these ideas.  The big question is whether or not Logan’s future is even valid anymore.  I’m not sure what direction this story is going, but I’m eager to find out and I really like that they are exploring this idea.

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I’d even go so far as to say that I think so far the writer of this comic, Jeff Lemire is doing a better job than Bendis did with the Old Man Logan Secret Wars tie-ins.  Now I liked those tie-ins, and both comics are benefiting well from Andrea Sorrentino’s artwork, but in the All-New, All-Different Old Man Logan, I’m getting a much better impression of Logan as a character.  This feels fitting as a sequel to the original Old Man Logan, and I like that it seems as if Logan is still getting over the death of his family, which, from his perspective, has still happened relatively recently.  That’s reflected well in his flashbacks, but Logan’s past is also defining himself in the presence.

Twice now Wolverine has been offered help and twice he has bruskly refused it, going so far as to run away when offered assistance by both Amadeus Cho and Kate Bishop.  Meanwhile, when confronted with the opportunity to catch Mysterio this issue, the man who tricked Logan into murdering the X-Men, Logan went nuts.  He chopped that guy’s arm off and would have done way worse if Bishop wasn’t there to stop him.  This connective tissue to the past is really informing Logan’s character, and I think Lemire is doing a better job at tying this series to Logan’s own history than Bendis did with the Secret Wars tie-in.  So I find myself engrossed in his character more and eager to see what happens next.

We’re probably going to get more awesome things as the previews for issue four are advertising a match-up of sorts between Old Man Logan and Old Man Rogers, and I’m really looking forward to this.  Yes, Rogers is still aged from when his super soldier serum was rendered inert, and my guess is he’s been called in to deal with this crazy time-travelling Wolverine that’s been running around killing people.  It should be quite fun.  I’m very excited for it.  So stay tuned for that and don’t forget to like, subscribe, and keep reading comics.

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