Old Man Logan #3 Comic Recap/Review

Old Man Logan #3 Recap/Review – Everything vs. Wolverine


Old Man Logan #3 Comic Recap

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His name is Apocalypse.  All you see is his.  But the Wolverine who lay before him confuses the baron.  He is… wrong.  When Logan doesn’t answer to the baron’s inquiries, Apocalypse says it doesn’t matter.  He’ll figure Wolverine out posthumously.  But suddenly, the baron is ordered to stop.

The Thor has returned, and demands that Wolverine be handed over to her.  Apocalypse wants an explanation, but the Thor doesn’t feel inclined to give one.  So the baron informs her that Logan has run away from the fight while they were talking.  Frustrated, she demands the X-Men tell her which way the fugitive went.  But Emma Frost knows that Logan is one of them, even if this one is a little different.  She asks that the Thor wants with Wolverine, and in response the Thor declares Emma to be insubordinate.   She attacks the gathered mutants, hitting Apocalypse’s men in the process.

This is too much for Apocalypse.  He does not care who sent her here… she does NOT lay hands on his horsemen.  He orders his Infinites to attack.  In the ensuing chaos, Wolverine finds some cover, only to run into another mutant.  He recognizes her as Tabitha – code name Boom Boom.   Logan asks how things got so bad, but the girl simply says this is how it has always been.  But Wolverine remembers better days from a different domain.  Logan sets out, telling the girl to stay out of trouble.  He moves on, hiding from the Thor as he heads towards another wall.

He is telepathically contacted by Emma Frost, and Logan tells her about Tabitha’s location, asking that she help the mutant.  When Emma warns him that he’s heading the wrong way in the opposite direction from his home, Logan says he needs to keep going until he understands what’s going on.  On top of a building, Wolverine ambushes the Thor and brutally cuts into her.

Furious, she blasts him with lightning and throws him over the wall and into another domain.  Before she can grab him, an explosion occurs in the Domain of Apocalypse, and she leaves to investigate.  Logan falls into a new city and everything goes dark yet again.  This time he wakes up to find two men investigating him.  They are Baron Tony Stark and James Rhodes, another Thor.  Iron Man welcomes Wolverine to Technopolis.

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Old Man Logan #3 Recap/Review – Everything vs. Wolverine

War Machine is highly suspicious of Logan as he knows that Wolverine got in a fight with another Thor before falling over the wall into this domain.  But Tony wants to hear the man out.  However, Logan is practically speechless at seeing Tony Stark alive and well.  When Rhodey starts questioning Wolverine, the mutant gets uncomfortable with this situation and tries to leave, only for Stark to explain how the air isn’t safe here, and you need to wear armour to survive.   War Machine is not so courteous, and says Logan can’t got anywhere even with armour, as he has committed many crimes.  He attacked a Thor, and left a domain without permission.  At these words, the two men have a moment of tension, though Rhody can sense Logan doesn’t seem eager to fight.  Wolverine says he’s come a long way and is tired, trying to excuse his behaviour.  Tony asks if there is something he can do, so Logan asks to meet with Doom.

Rhodey doesn’t see that happening, and asks what Wolverine would say.  Logan seems unwilling to state exactly what he wants out of Doom, and instead asks if Tony remembers him.  When the baron answers that he doesn’t, and seems to have never even heard of mutants, Logan knows there’s no way he’s leaving here peacefully.  He pops his claws, and as a result, is once again blasted with lightning.  As he falls unconscious, he hears Tony ask where Rhody is taking him.  War Machine says that Logan defied god’s will, and Baron Stark knows exactly where people like that go.

Later, Logan wakes up… in the Deadlands.

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Old Man Logan #3 Comic Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap and review of Old Man Logan #3.

So, uh, this was awesome.  There’s really not a lot to add, but let’s see if I can’t elaborate a bit.  Old Man Logan thus far has really impressed me.  It’s a fun story and the best part is how they preserved the road trip aspect of the original story, with Logan hustling from one domain to the next.  It lost the western vibe I got from the original Old Man Logan, and instead is more like an epic and vivid action piece.  But that works, given the ever changing landscape and tone as Wolverine treks across the Battleworld.

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And this is a comic that knows his pacing.  Props to Bendis on this one because we got to have a story taking place in three different domains in this issue alone.  All three look similar due to Andrea Sorrentino’s heavy use of style in her art, yet each feels different through the use of transitions, pacing, and dialogue.  This is very well done.  Just an excellent comic that works perfectly as the mid-point to this tie-in.  I can’t recommend it enough.

So yeah, let me know what you think in the comments section below.  I think and hope that we’ll get to see Logan visit at least a couple more domains before all this is over, so feel free to share what areas you’d like to see him visit within Battleworld.  And finally, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and keep reading comics.

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