Old Man Logan #4 Comic Book Recap/Review

Old Man Logan #4 Recap/Review – Old Man Rogers vs. Old Man Logan!


Old Man Logan #4 Comic Book Recap

This isn’t right.  This is some kind of trick.  It’s him, but it just… it just can’t be.  Rogers.

Kate Bishop arrives on the scene, and warns Captain America that Logan is unstable.  But the hero orders Hawkeye to stand down.  He has this under control.  Everything will be okay.

However, Logan disagrees.  This man cannot be Steve Rogers.  He has no memory of the hero ever going old like this.  Rogers finds this amusing, saying Wolverine should not be pointing fingers over being too old.  He asks his friend to take a breath, and promises they can figure things out.

<SHINK> They’re not taking him anywhere!  <ARROW> <SLAM>

Logan dreams of his daughter Jade.  He asks if everything is okay, but it’s not.  He let her die.  He let them all die. <DISTORTION>

Logan wakes up tied to a post.  Rogers apologizes, but the mutant left them no choice.  Smelling the air around him, Logan is surprised to find himself in Alberta.  Rogers explains this was his home, decades ago.  The X-Men thought it was a fitting place for it… the thing that Logan was brought here to see.  Rogers wants to take off Logan’s restraints, but asks for his word that the mutant behave.  Logan assents, and is freed, but he still doesn’t believe a thing.  He is certain this is the work of Mysterio, and that he is still in New York.  He’ll never fall for that trick again.  <SHINK>

Rogers is disappointed in this.  <CLANG>  The Wolverine he knew was an honorable man.  But where Logan comes from, <ARROWS; ARROWS CUT> honor is gone.  Just like everything else.  Kate is outraged when Logan shatters yet another of her bows, <WOOD SMASH> but Rogers still tries to hold back.  He’s a friend, not a foe.  They want to help.  Logan quietly mutters about how he needs to fix things.  How he is from the future.  How everyone is dead.  Rogers glances at his shield, and demands Logan follow him.  There’s something he must see.

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He wanted to break the news to Logan easily, but the old man is just too stubborn.  Inside a seemingly rustic cabin, Rogers flips a switch, and the heroes descend underground.  There… Logan sees it… himself… or what’s left of him.  His body, still encased in adamantium.  This is not Logan’s past.  The Wolverine of this world died.  The future this man lived is not the future of this world.

Old Man Logan #4 Recap/Review – Old Man Rogers vs. Old Man Logan

Logan admits he has no idea how he got here, and mentions how his family died.  How he came from the worst kind of future… a nightmare.  Logan’s seen enough, and moves to leave.  Rogers wants to help the man, but Logan says if he wants to help, he needs leave him alone.  There’s no place for him here.  Wolverine is dead.  Let him stay that way.

Rogers can see in the man’s eyes it was over.  There is nothing left of the friend he once knew.  Logan begins to travel across the country, now without any purpose, or anything to fight for.  Days turn into weeks, and soon, Logan realizes he has nothing left.  His dream of stopping a future that doesn’t exist is pointless.  He finds himself wandering… waiting, but for what, he doesn’t know.  Until one day, he finds just what he has been looking for.


Logan is surprised to encounter a Sentinel, but is all too happy to pick a fight with a familiar enemy.

“No, please!  Don’t hurt me!”

<CRUNCH>  These words surprise Wolverine, and he hears a familiar voice.  He turns around… and sees them.  Storm and Iceman.  It should be like seeing ghosts.  But instead of feeling grief at their presence, it fills him with purpose.  Spend too long worrying about the past or the future, and you forget the present.  The past is gone.  And tomorrow may very well bring what he fears more than anything else… but today… today it just feels good to be alive.

Old Man Logan #4 Comic Book Recap

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of Old Man Logan #4.

Um… so yeah, have I mentioned recently how much I’m loving this right now?  How great this series is?  Oh, what?  I went on a big rant about this last issue?  Well, yeah.  That’s because this series is amazing!  There’s so much to like here.  From the excellent art, to the remarkably well written comic that pulls off excellent dialogue and pointed moments of storytelling, this, to me, is about as perfect as a comic gets.

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I loved every, single panel of this thing.  Logan encountering the Prime Wolverine’s body.  Logan reuniting with the X-Men.  Logan fighting with Rogers, and Rogers, being Rogers, showing tremendous patience and understanding over all of this.  These moments are monumentally well done and this comic is just so good because of it.  And, to top everything off, we basically got a confirmation for something I’ve been saying since issue one.  The future Logan came from is not the future in place.  This is new territory, and Logan has as much of an idea of what is to come as the rest of us.

I love it, and the way the comic takes us to the conclusion Logan makes about all of this is great, as the appearance of the X-Men really tells you where his character is going.  Him seeing his old friends is just so heart-warming.  You can tell the moment he sees them, his mind clears.  A fog is lifted… his life has direction once more.  After everything that happened, he finally has a chance to really help the X-Men, and maybe even get some closure over what happened to them at the hands of Mysterio.  It’s a very moving moment, and an incredible feeling of pay-off for those of us who are familiar with this character.

I really have to credit Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino for conveying this so well while doing so little.  They don’t hit you over the head with this point, they just leave you with this impression through a scant amount of narration and a couple of shots of Logan’s face.  That’s remarkably good storytelling and I cannot express just how impressed I am with this comic.  Yes, I do recommend this.  This is great.  Old Man Logan is rapidly firming itself as one of the best ongoing series I am reviewing right now, and this issue might very well be one of the best single issues of a comic I have ever reviewed for Comic Island.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.  So thank you for watching, and don’t forget to like, subscribe, and keep reading comics.

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