Old Man Logan #4 Comic Book Recap/Review

Old Man Logan #4 Recap/Review – Left for Dead


Old Man Logan #4 Comic Book Recap

Wolverine doesn’t know how long he has been here.  There is no sun or moon, no day or night.  Has it been hours?  Days?  His arms were tired a long time ago, and he’s well past that now.  He passes the time trying to convince himself this is a heroic death.  It is not.  He tries to tell himself this is a test from god.  It isn’t.  God abandoned Wolverine a long time ago, just like the Deadlands.

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He flees the zombie horde, and finds a cave.  It reeks of death here, but at least it will hide him from the undead.  Logan knows he never should have left the Wasteland.  He never should have abandoned the baby.  But the world is wrong.  Something has happened.  Wolverine knows this.  He can feel it.

Old Man Logan #4 Recap/Review – Left for Dead

Maybe he’s gone insane.  Maybe he never left the desert.  Maybe he never even left Weapon X.  Perhaps he is dead and this is hell.  Maybe he was never married.  Or perhaps Banner killed him.  Perhaps he’s really alone… or not at all.

Before him stands a She-Hulk, one who is alive and well.  Logan is shocked, but she isn’t aggressive, and the two heroes do recognize each other, though they have never met.  Jennifer is starving and has been in this cave for a very long time.  She was sent here by Doom, and can’t jump over the wall.  It always seems to be miles out of reach.  Still, she’s happy to have somebody to talk to.  Logan wants to escape, and plans on climbing the wall, but She-Hulk knows that will be impossible.  So he has a different idea… perhaps the Fastball Special will work.  But Jennifer doubts it.  If she can’t jump over the wall, how could she throw a man over it?

However, their conversation is interrupted when they are discovered by a zombified Venom.  The two heroes make short work of him, but it is too late.  They are surrounded.  What follows is nothing but chaos and rage.  As Wolverine is overwhelmed, he again remembers that he never should have left his home.  He is then pulled up into the air by She-Hulk, who begins to leap… higher and higher.  She tries the fastball manoeuvre, and knows that it’s going to hurt Logan, but no more than the pain of living here.  As she does this, she asks for one thing – if he sees any Hulks out there, he should be nice to them.  Jennifer then hurls Logan up and over the wall, while she is pulled back down to the ground by a zombified Sauron.

He flies through the air and blacks out, shattering several buildings as he lands in a new domain.  Eventually, Logan emerges with his body healed.  All he has to do now is figure out where he landed.  As he surveys the city around him, Wolverine looks around this, and sees another version of the city is very close by.

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Old Man Logan #4 Comic Book Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review of Old Man Logan #4.

Well, at this point I can’t really say I was shocked that I enjoyed Old Man Logan #4.  But I was certainly impressed, as not only is this comic good, but I’d say this tie-in has maintained a consistent level of quality that’s really admirable.  This is some of Brian Micheal Bendis’ best writing, and mostly because it’s so minimal.  He’s just moving the story forward and letting the art speak for itself.  That’s so good from what is normally a dialogue heavy writer, and this entire Old Man Logan run is that much better for it.  Really, I can’t praise him enough for the work he is doing here, because I know this writer very well, and he’s done a lot of stuff for Marvel in the past, including some of my favourite comics of all time.  Yet he still absolutely nails Old Man Logan, to the extent I’d consider it some of his best work to date.

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What else can I say?  It’s so good.  It’s the best depiction of the Deadlands so far, and that’s including at least three or four other tie ins that exclusively take place in this region.  It’s… brilliant, vivid, and fun.  It blows my mind that this comic can be so well done and so well drawn, but even these extended fight scenes where Wolverine is just fighting an endless horde of zombies feels so vivid and perfect.  It sits with you in a way that creates a feeling of dread and conveys the mood of Wolverine and his current state in a way other stories could only dream of achieving.  Yes, I recommend this comic.  You don’t want to be missing out on this one.  And I’m really, really eager for what comes next.  See, a lot of promotional material I’ve seen come out of Marvel suggests that this Wolverine might be sticking around post-Secret Wars, and so this final issue of Old Man Logan to close out the tie-in with issue 5 should be very cool indeed.

The fact that he lands in the 616 Manhattan is likely related to this.  You can tell it’s there because the Ultimate New York City is right across the bay from this one.  See?  It’s the Triskelon… Triskelion… eh, whatever it’s called, it’s here, in the Kingdom of Manhattan.  Issue five is going to be fun, and I have a feeling some big surprises are on our way, including something that will secure this character as active post Secret Wars.  What that is, in other words, what’s going to happen in issue number five, is a mystery to me.  I honestly don’t know what to expect or where things are going, and that’s very exciting.
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