Old Man Logan #5 Comic Book Recap/Review

Old Man Logan #5 Recap/Review – It’s a hell of a town.

Old Man Logan #5 Comic Book Recap

New York City.  As it was so many years ago.  But it doesn’t look right.  It looks… different.  Maybe Logan remembers it wrong.  That’s what old is.  Confusion, aches, and pains.  Maybe he’s so old he doesn’t know where he is.  Maybe he’s just mumbling to himself somewhere in the Arizona, back where this all began, with that damn Ultron head.

He thinks back on everything that happened… on everything… The She-Hulk, Tony, the Thor, Apocalypse… and Emma.  He screams.  Suddenly, an Iron Man helmet crashes beside him.  Once again, Logan sees something impossible, as many heroes he has thought long dead are locked in battle above him.  Wolverine doesn’t understand what is going on, so he begins to explore.  In the streets of the city, he is shocked when Emma Frost and a young Jean Grey approach him.  Both parties are surprised to see one another.  The telepaths don’t understand what they see inside his mind.  And Logan is suspicious that this is all some trick.

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With Logan having been dead in their world, and Emma Frost long gone in his, they are moved to see one another.  She asks if she can hug him without being stabbed, and he lets her do so.  They embrace, and Jean asks what they should do with him.  Emma decides that for all his troubles, they should give Logan what he deserves.  They take him to the rest of the X-Men, who look on, shocked, while Wolverine enjoys a meal in silence.  The telepaths are certain this is really him, but they are disturbed by his memories.  This man was tricked into killing the X-Men of his world, and Logan is still not sure that this isn’t all some elaborate ploy to break his heart once again.

Old Man Logan #5 Recap/Review – It's a hell of a town

Emma then has an idea, and says that there is somebody that Logan needs to meet.  They go to Xavier’s school, and introduce Wolverine to a young man named Jimmy Hudson.  Hailing from the Ultimate universe, this is the son of the Ultimate Wolverine, who has died a long time ago.  Both are shocked to meet alternate versions of their father and son, respectively.  Emma explains that after all Wolverine has been through, it would be good for him to know that Logan’s legacy and name lives on.  That he might have liked to see a little bit of life with his name on it.

Logan takes his son by the shoulder, and it all hits him.  The things and people he’s seen.  The ones he watched die.  His family… long gone.  The man breaks down into tears.

After a moment, he turns his attention to something he doesn’t understand.  Jimmy is a son of a Wolverine.  Not him.  It seems that there was some kind of accident.  The mutants find themselves in two places at once.  Two dimensions poured on top of one another.  And Doom is somehow letting this happen.

This means the unthinkable is true.  Doom is no god, and Logan is walking, talking proof of this.  As the mutants begin to leave, in order to give Logan and Jimmy some time together, Wolverine and Emma begin to talk of this telepathically.  A war is coming.  Doom is a lie, and her and those who figure this out won’t stand for it for very long.  Something big is on the way.  And when the time comes, Logan needs to be at the front and center of it all.  Doom couldn’t control or confine Wolverine.  He is proof that everything they have ever known is a lie.

Perhaps this was fate.  Maybe the universe was training and defining Logan – this Logan, as the man who would save reality when it matters most.  Or maybe it just takes a bastard to beat a bastard.

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Logan asks what happens after this.  What happens when they defy a god?  Emma doesn’t know, but after all that Wolverine has been through, it seems like he deserves a second chance.

Logan wakes up in an ally.  A woman is being mugged.  He tries to stop the thieves, but they rebuff him.  At least until he pops his claws.  They run pretty quickly after that.  Wolverine asks where he is, but he recognizes the smell.  New York City.  Looks like Emma was right – he gets a second chance, after all.

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Old Man Logan #5 Comic Book Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of Old Man Logan #5.

And here we come to the end of yet another Secret Wars tie-in.  What fun this one was.  This was a good issue.  I really didn’t know what to expect out of this one, after all the stuff on our fun little road trip from domain to domain, this one feels a little different from the rest of the series.  The focus feels more on setting up what is to come – a Logan in a brand new, post-Secret Wars world.  Honestly, it’s the sort of thing I might not normally enjoy.  But this was great.

It was a quiet issue without a lot of action, but a good amount of depth to it.  Seeing all that Old Man Logan was, and seeing all that he has become, it’s quite moving, and I’m excited at the sneak peek into what is coming.  The art was great, and the writing was once again remarkably well done.  It was a great issue, and finishes a tie-in that honestly was about as perfect as it comes.

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I like the use of subtlety and ambiguity in this comic as well.  We’re meant to read into what happens here, as much of the story is implied.  For example, we’re rarely told what Logan is thinking throughout the majority of this issue, and instead we have to infer what he is feeling and how he reacts to everyone.  We also have to assume this ending takes place after Secret Wars, although I think we unintentionally got a bit more of a hint of what’s to come due to the delays in the Secret Wars core series.  Seems like a bit of a mistake on the part of Marvel, but oh well.  Old Man Logan was excellent, and you should check out this issue as much as the rest of this series.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below, and don’t forget to like, subscribe, and keep reading comics.

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