Origin Of Batman The Red Death. Dark Nights Tie In One Shot Review

If you are just joining us on DC’s epic event for 2017, let’s give you a bit of a run-down how this all came about. Be warned guys, there will be spoilers for the previous issues of Dark Knights metal. Ok let’s continue:

The league returns home from a battle with Mongul on War World. They find a huge mountain erected from the center of Gotham. In an attempt to understand the new threat, they meet the Black Hawks and their leader Kendra Saunders. You may know her as Hawk Girl from pre new 52. The Black Hawks explains that there is a coming darkness but it needs a human host to open the doorway. This human would have been exposed to 5 divine metals off the periodic table. This host was chosen millennia ago to hail from the house of Wayne. This host is prophesized to be non-other than our dark knight Batman. Batman was already exposed to 4 metals in past stories and there is only 1 more metal to go before Batman turns into a door way to the dark universe.

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With this info, Batman separates himself from the Black Hawks and the justice league to attempt to stop the coming darkness by himself. But in doing so, he released the final divine metal, Batmantium. Batman turns into a door way releasing the Dark Nights. And this is where we get the first glimpse of the Batmen, all with malice filled intentions and the followers of an unknown villain called Barbados.

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Then in Dark nights Batman the Red Death, after this world’s Batman stole the powers of the Flash, he kills all the villains left in his earth. Then he gets told that his world is ending and that he has a chance to save it. All he has to do is go to earth 0 where our main heroes reside. This is when he is recruited by who I assume is the leader of these evil Batmen.

After they arrive on our earth, these evil Batmen went their separate way and we follow Batman the Red Death to central city, Barry Allen’s home town. The two engage in battle but the flash loses only to be saved by Dr Fate. It ends with Batman the Red Death swearing that he will turn central city to his Gotham. That is a twisted way to think but it gives life to just another awesome new villain that could have been wall paper. And this also means that we are gunna get at least one tie in explaining the origins of all of these other evil batmen.

Dark Nights Batman The Red Death Review

So back to the actual review of Dark Nights Batman the red death. The art is amazing and the Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns homage hits home run for me. We got the return of the Bat tank and we even see those future rebels from the dark nights return story line.

The dialog and the writing are second to none. Every word has weight and I caught myself reading slowly to feel the impact. Then the idea behind this Batman losing everything causing him to come off his wheels is just nuts. Remember the killing joke where the joker caused huge problems for batman? His main mantra for that graphic novel is: ‘All it takes is one bad day’.

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This world’s batman had that one bad day and he just lost it killing his friend Barry Allen in the process. FYI, the Barry Allen of his world isn’t actually dead. His body may be gone or it might have been amalgamated with Batman’s but his voice is embedded in Batman the red death’s mind. He continues to try to persuade his friend to do the right thing so there might be a chance that Batman the red death can have some sort of road to redemption when the story comes to a close.

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Alrighty guys so I think I’ve rambled on enough. What do you think about Batman the Red Death? What do you think about Dark Nights Metal so far? Love it or hate it please met me know.

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