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History Of New Green Lantern Jessica Cruz. Her Story

Jessica Cruz was traumatized by witnessing the death of her friends by the hands of mobsters on a hunting trip. She locked herself away for 3 years but one day, after the death of Hal Jordan from earth 3, the power ring sought out Jessica for she harbours great fear.

This ring of Volthoom fed on her deepest and darkest fears and when she succumbs to its power, Volthoom takes over. The justice league offers their help where we see Hal Jordan Green Lantern guiding Jessica to master her will power and to overcome her fear.

She stayed with the League and tutored under Jordan but then the dark amazon Grail came. She defeated the Justice League and used Jessica’s ring to open a doorway to earth three, where her Master, the Anti-Monitor patiently awaits.

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The Darkseid war began which overwhealmed the heroes. Jessica, with the aid of Mr Miracle sought the help of a team that knows the anti-montior, the crime syndicate. But Valthoom, the spirit inside the ring, grows in power until he finally took over. With power ring’s help, the Crime Syndicate was reformed. Alongside the justice league, the team went up against the anti-monitor and his follower Grail. Volthoom kept Jessica locked up inside the mind, but, with the help of Cyborg, Jessica found a way to reclaim her body with just enough time to throw it in front of the flash, protecting Barry from the black racer’s touch of death. We all thought that Jessica sacrificed her life to protect her friend, but the power ring crumbles revealing that it was not Jessica who died, it was Volthoom. Seconds later, a Green Lantern ring fell from the sky. Its 9th owner is dead so the ring sought out Jessica for her ability to overcome great fear. Jessica Cruz became the first female member from earth and joins the other earth lanterns as members of the inter-galactic police force known as the Green Lanterns.

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With her mentor Hal Jordan away protecting the Galaxy, Jessica is forced to partner with another rooky green lantern Simon Baz. Together, they will protect sector 2814 as long as they can stand eachother.

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As Power Ring, Volthoom draws its power from its owner. The power ring is considered to be the opposite of the ring of the Green Lanterns. Instead of drawing from its host’s will power, the ring feeds off of fear.  As a Green Lantern, Jessica Cruz has access every power a green lantern has. Jessica relies on the short training she had with Hal Jordan and luckily for her, she missed out on Boot-camp with Kilowog. But this could be her downfall because she is still learning how to be a green lantern without Hal there to teach her and she is stuck with a partner that was only inducted into the corp a few weeks ahead of her.

Our Thoughts On Green Lantern/Power Ring Jessica Cruz

history origins of jessica cruz green lantern power ring

Whats going on guys welcome to comic island, my name is joey and thank you so much for watching our origins and bio of Green Lantern Jessica Cruz. This hero is pretty new and she is sharing the spotlight with another new comer Simon Baz so I thought I would give you guys a bit of a backstory if you are interested in the Green Lanterns comic series. I didn’t know how much of a spotlight Jessica would get but because she is now a green lantern, I would assume that DC will be giving her a more center focus role. As of right now, Hal Jordan left earth for lantern duties and left the training of Jessica and Simon in the hands of the justice league. I guess these two are unofficial members at the moment.

I really enjoyed Jessica’s road from a woman suffering from anxiety to getting mixed up with the supers as the villain power ring, to finally becoming a true green lantern. It was done really well so I hope DC gives her more things to do. I fear that Jessica will become another cookie cutter second rate super hero that would fall into the shadows of other prominent female heroines such as wonder woman or batgirl. But she is the only female green lantern right now. The other lanterns aren’t getting much spotlight except for Jordan and of course Simon Baz. Oh, one thing I forgot to point out is that Jordan combined their Lanterns so they need eachother if they wanna continue their lantern careers.

So now I wanna hear from you. What do you think of Jessica Cruz the 6th green lantern of earth? Please let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching and as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe and I’ll see you next time in another comic island video.

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