Planet Hulk #2 Recap/Review

Planet Hulk #2 Recap/Review – Let’s go swimming!


Steve Rogers wakes up next to his comrade Devil Dinosaur.  The Captain is surprised that the Hulk he encountered earlier is not hostile.  The Hulk can tell his new companion is a Steve Rogers, he can see it in the man’s eyes.  He goes on to say that he is an adventurer, a soldier of fortune, and a scholar.  He is also The Captain’s guide to the mud kingdom and the Red King.  And he goes by the name of Doc Green.

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Hearing this, The Captain calms down, remembering this is the only way to save Bucky.  He asks what Doc Green was doing, and until Rogers realizes he was torturing a monster.  Steve puts the creature out of his misery, so the Hulk threatens the Captain.  This is a land saturated with Gamma, and surviving here does not work through virtue.  The only way he’s going to save Bucky is with Doc Green’s guidance.

Hearing this, the Captain remembers a war from long ago in a forgotten domain.  Bucky was nearly killed by a shell, but narrowly survives.  As they flee the area, Rogers wishes he could fight back.  Bucky suggest they enlist in the Super Soldier Program, but Steve dismisses the idea as a pipe dream.  So his friend asks doesn’t want to fight?  Shouldn’t they do their part?

In the present, the unlikely trio are travelling through a jungle by a river.  They are heading on a route around the Gamma Mountains, away from the Barrens and the Tribal Hulks until they get to the Mud Kingdom.  The Hulk asks what The Captain plans to do after he saves Bucky.  Steve seems surprised at the question, and says that the three of them will fight for what justice they can against Doom, which the Hulk finds hilarious.  Suddenly, a pair of Bull Hulks charge out of the jungle.

Planet Hulk #2 Recap/Review – Let's go swimming!

Devil Dinosaur is able to bite one of them in the neck and pin it to the ground.  The other bull chases The Captain and Dock Green through the jungle and out into the river.  They escape the bull, but the current takes them straight over a waterfall.  They survive the fall, and Steve calls out to Devil.  He doesn’t answer, and Doc Green warns the Captain that they aren’t alone in this river.  A tentacle suddenly pulls Steve underwater, and a massive beast emerges before the Hulk, who is ready to play.

Planet Hulk #2 Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden and this is my recap, and review of Planet Hulk #2.

So this one was pretty… disappointing, actually.  So they have this really great premise going on.  Three characters I like seeing together, and really, I just want to see Captain America team-up with   a T-rex.  But this comic had very little of this, and instead felt like… well, it felt very unsubstantial and pointless.  They walk through a river, get separated, and run into a giant monster.  That’s it.  So while I’m sure more interesting things are coming in the next few issues, there isn’t much point to issue number two.  Not much of the dialogue is worthwhile, and there isn’t a real story other than moving the plot from point A to B.  The only good thing about this issue, a real great thing, really, is that the art for this comic was fantastic.  I really love the art style and excellent quality overall.  I just wish the artist was allowed to do something more interesting.  Most of these panels are just of boring talks in the jungle, or a river, or the ruins of an bombed out city.  They’re all well drawn, but this comic should be more exciting than that.  I mean, you’ve got Captain America and a T-Rex!  How can you be screwing this up?!

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You could skip issue 2 and easily keep going with #3 and not miss much of importance, so, no, I really don’t recommend you buy this comic.  Far better things came out this week, and this one would be easy to ignore entirely.  Let me know what you think in the comments section below, and, as always, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and keep reading comics.

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