Planet Hulk #4 Comic Book Recap/Review

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Planet Hulk #4 Recap/Review – The Tribal Hulks


Planet Hulk #4 Comic Book Recap

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The Captain is taken by the Tribal Hulks and they begin to build a fire.  But Doc Green appears shortly after, saying that this puny human belongs to him, and rescuing the one time gladiator.  The Captain thinks of his time serving in the Killeseum at the side of Bucky, before the Hulk brings him out of these memories.  They have finally arrived at the Red King’s keep, but Doc Green warns his companion that this won’t be like the time Steve and Bucky stole pies from their grandmother’s windowsil.

Planet Hulk #4 Recap/Review – The Tribal Hulks

Rogers is shocked at these words, and demands to know how this man could possibly know about Bucky’s grandma.  Doc Green’s only reply is that we are all Hulk.  The gamma scrubs us of all pretension, and reveals our true selves.  Suddenly, a large crash is heard, and Devil Dinosaur returns!  The T-Rex ramages past the tribal hulks and together, the gladiatorial brothers manage to break through to the Red Keep and the Captain leaps through a window.  Inside, The Captain hears a voice.

The Red King is insulted, and asks when Doom will send him a real opponent.  The Captain only replies with a demand – release Bucky Barnes.  At this, the Baron of Greenland laughs.  Doom lied to the Captain.  He sent the head of Bucky to Doomsgard a month ago.  Barnes is not a prisoner here… he’s a trophy.

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Planet Hulk #4 Comic Book Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review of Planet Hulk #4.

Well, if you’ve been watching our videos, you know how I feel about this series.  All I expected were a series of hijinks with a dinosaur and a gladiator, an idea I really thought had a lot of potiential and could have been a lot of fun.  Instead, I feel like this tie-in has largely been an awkward road trip of pretentious dialogue and a stale, repetitive story.  Sadly most of this remains consistent with issue four.  The art is still fantastic to the point that it almost feels wasted on what seems to be a pretty bland tie-in.

There is one thing of note though, and could be kind of interesting, but it won’t be.  The whole thing with Doc Green knowing about Bucky could have been this really cool twist, where like, it turns out Doc Green is Bucky or something like that.  But it’s not… at all.  We know Barnes was given a similar task by Doom, so Doc Green was probably Bucky’s guide and found out about that stuff before he died.  Which is, well, boring and not at all exciting.  So that’s of course what’s coming.  I’m almost completely sure that’s what we’ll get in issue five.

So I recommend this comic?  Well, no, not at all.  And as the final piece of my argument, look at these Hulks running away from a dinosaur.  That’s just ridiculous.  “Oh no!  What could we, a tribe of Hulks, possibly do against one dinosaur!  Run away!”   I try not to be nit picky but I just can’t overlook something like that.  It’s just so… lazy?  I don’t even know…  it just bums me out.

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If you can’t tell, I am getting a little bored with this comic so I can’t say I was overly motivated to spend a lot of time on it, so yeah, it’s a short video.  But this week it was a lot more fun talking about Secret Wars and Batman compared to this, and I think that summarizes everything I need to say about this comic.  If you are looking to buy something this week, you could do better than this, dear viewer.  Oh, so much better…

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