Rebirth – Justice League #1Review/Recap

Justice League #1. Extinction Machine Part 1.

Justice League #1 Recap

Russia, men’s lust for war has caught the attention from Diana Prince. Wonder Woman stands upon bigots and racists separated by their political differences. She gave them the opportunity to play fair, but now, the god of war is angry and she will show these men what war is really like.

An enormous earthquake devastates the area. This wasn’t Diana’s doing. The news broadcast announces a global catastrophe. Earthquakes have littered the world and the death toll is rising to an unimaginable number. Fortunately, eye witnesses have placed the Justice League all around the globe helping out where they can.

Beijing, Rookie Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz have stabilized the skyscrapers following the earthquakes. Their next mission is to handle the devastations in Hong Kong.

New York, Cyborg stops an out of control train from crashing into civilians. His tech informs him that there are two hundred kids trapped in a collapsing school. That’s where he will be heading next.

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San Francisco, Barry Allen did what he could but there is a daughter mission somewhere in the wreckage. He calls to the speed force for power. The speed force answers the call giving Barry an enormous amount adrenaline coursing through his veins. In a matter of seconds, before a mother’s water bottle falls to the ground, her daughter is saved by the fastest man alive.

Deep under the sea, Aquaman is tied up saving his people from a watery grave. The whole oceanic crust has moved causing these powerful earthquakes. Arthur can tend to his people because he knows that his teammates are doing their job, and they do it well.

Hong Kong, the lanterns have successfully stopped a raging tsunami from destroying the city. But Jessica notices the civilians acting very strange. Their rings begin to drain of its power and they fall towards the tsunami.

But in San Francisco, Barry Allen loses his speed while attempting to save a civilian. Cyborg saved the school but he lost communication with the League. Fortunately, Batman returns the call. The quakes are minimal in Gotham so the dark knight is en route to where he is needed. Batman then asks, what is HE doing.

Cyborg informs the dark knight that the doppelganger has been spotted all around the world performing miracles. Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, and heck he just saved the president.

If earthquakes weren’t enough on Batman’s plate, he now stands before something unusual. Then the usual happens: The latch opens up and a swarm of creatures emerge attacking the civilians.

Atlantis, Aquaman finally has a grasp on the situation at hand. But the phenomenon has reached the bottom of the sea. His people no longer control their minds and they no longer follow his commands. They attack the king of Atlantis while the city crumbles around them.

Justice League #1. Extinction Machine Part 1. Aquaman Arthur curry

Eastern Europe, the mindless has risen and they converge upon the Amazonian Princess. They say that the awakening is starting and the kindred are coming. Well she is Diana, Wonder Woman, an Amazonian warrior, the new god of war. And she has only one message for her foe: I have friends, and we are coming for you.

Justice League #1 Review

What’s going on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and thank you for watching my review and recap of the justice league issue 1. Ok so we are officially done with new 52 justice league and now we are starting with issue 1 following the rebirth one shot. I’m hoping that I can continue covering the justice league till it ends but I have my doubts when Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok left the JL books and now we have Bryan Hitch as its new writer. So let’s see how this issue stacks up and lets go over a few things that stood out.

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So the moment I feasted my eye on the first page, I was already impressed. I knew Bryan Hitch is writing Justice League issue 1 but the art is now in the hands of Tony S. Daniel and I could not be happier. But I need two things to make a comic book great: awesome storytelling and awesome art. As of right now, the art improved a ton compared to last issue but It’s always the drawing of the face that sells it for me.

Another one thing that I didn’t like is how quickly we are given the quote ‘unquote’ climax in the form of a world ending event, much like last issue. Where is the build up? Where is the mystery?

But let’s compare last issue and this issue a bit more. We got a world ending catastrophe and more mind control. We don’t know what are controlling these people except for a few clues but what are we missing? A swarm of creatures attacking civilians?

Last issue we got a big bug creature and this issue, granted the creature or ship isn’t as big, its still very similar. And the final comparison is wonder woman’s big closing line. Last issue, the comic ends with Diana saying ‘we’re the justice league. Run’. Umm…the creature flew away from earth, not run. Ok im being a bit picky there but what made me cringe this issue is that we got wonder woman performing the final lines again and its very bland. She goes: well, hear me now, I have friends, and we are coming for you. It’s almost as bad as last issue. Sure we got better art but where is the intrigue? If I find out that this kindred threat is somehow in cahoots with last issues Reaper creature then I think I will be done with Justice League and Bryan Hitch all together.

Oh BTW guys, Justice League rebirth shows us wonder woman using a new power she calls the bolt of zeus. I didn’t know she had this power so, I went to the inter webs and did some researching. This isn’t a new ability she gained in the new 52 but rather, it’s from Bryan Hitch’s justice league of America run in issue 7. In this issue, we see Aquaman and Wonder Woman in the ruins of Olympus. All of the Greek Gods are gone but they left behind their weapon in the armory. And this is where we see Wonder woman hoarding some of the most powerful weapons of the gods to go up against RAO. This is also where we see Diana picking up the Zeus bolt, the same zeus bolt we see in justice league rebirth issue 1. Or at least this is my guess.

Now let’s discuss what worked for me in this issue. I love it how Clark White, aka Superman, is left out of the team and is seen more like a cameo. I really enjoy this rocky relationship between the League and Clark. Last issue, batman says he wants Clark to join the League. Obviously batman has no reason to trust Clark and I assume Clark knows this. He probably still has reservations on joining the league. The story is building up to when Clark finally joins the justice league but with most stories, I wanna enjoy the ride before getting to my final destination. And as you guys may know, sometimes, the final destination isn’t as great as the hype. So I rely on the enjoyable ride, just in case the destination stinks.

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