Renew Your Vows #4 Comic Book Recap/Review

Renew Your Vows #4 Recap/Review – Daddy has to go away for a while…



Renew Your Vows #4 Comic Book Recap

For the first few years of her life, Annie always thought her middle name was no.  Whenever she did what came naturally, her parents went crazy.  Even when she was using her gifts for the right reason, her parents were always there, freaking out.  Just once, she’d like for her mom or dad to say it was okay to use her powers…

In the present day, Annie and MJ are being dragged away.  They are taken through a portal, and are brought to SHIELD headquarters.  Meanwhile, Spider-Man finishes off the Sinister Six, incapacitating his foes, when the Sandman appears behind the web warrior.  Peter assumes that Marko is a part of the Regency, and before his old enemy can explain himself, a storm appears out of nowhere.

It’s too late.  The Regent is here.  With ease, the Baron captures both Spider-Man and Sandman.  Fights are never fair when you go toe-to-toe with a god.  Over at SHIELD headquarters, the family’s captors introduce themselves as Mockingbird and the Prowler, and they explain how they were able to escape thanks to the Spot, one of Peter’s old enemies.  Hawkeye reveals himself as head of SHIELD, and explains that the Spot was injured by the Regent.  Now, whenever the former villain uses his powers, he uses up a little bit of himself each time.  Hawkeye is frustrated because the portal was supposed to rescue the entire Parker family, and Spot’s powers are not to be used unless absolutely necessary.

Renew Your Vows #4 Recap/Review – Daddy has to go away for a while...

Knowing Annie won’t want to hear the rest of the conversation, Jarvis offers to take the young girl to go play with the Powers children.  MJ then asks why they can’t save Peter, and Hawkeye replies they won’t risks their lives to help somebody that abandoned the Avengers all those years ago.  This frustrates Mary Jane, and she tries to punch Clint, only to be stopped by Ben Urich.  The former reporter explains how he has been covering for Peter for years, even before the Regency, and that Hawkeye knows that Peter was just busy saving his family.  MJ says her family has been doing fine thanks to the inhibitor chips Peter made, so Hawkeye demands to see Annie’s inhibitor.

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Over at the Regent’s headquarters, the Baron compliments Spider-Man on his impressive stamina, and says he will be sure to enjoy it.  They pass a doctor who is dissecting D-Man, and Peter is filled with guilt at the sight of this.  Regent uses one of his many absorbed telepathic powers to learn of Spider-Man’s identity and taunts the hero over this information.  However, the Baron mentions that he can only use powers so many times before he loses them, which is why the underground resistance is so frustrating to him.  As a result, he begins to interrogate the Sandman.  By badly injuring the former villain, the Regent learns of the resistance’s location.

Over at SHIELD, the heroes have successfully adapted the inhibitor into an arrow, one that could depower the Regent once and for all.  The only thing they need is a sample of the Baron’s DNA.  Suddenly, Annie appears above them, sporting a new costume courtesy of the Powers family.  MJ isn’t pleased at this, but Jarvis says the young girl is just letting off some steam.

However, the fun ends abruptly, when the Regent’s forces arrive at SHIELD and begin an attack.  Back at the Regent’s base, the baron explains how he is a good man.  The heroes were a necessary sacrifice for a greater purpose.  The Regent knows that he must do battle with a mad god, and the only way he stands a chance against Doom is through the use of Peter’s Spider-Sense.  Peter calls his captor insane, but it is too late for Spider-Man, who is imprisoned with the others.  Sandman asks what is going to happen to him, and the Regent dismisses the villain as useless and leaves.

But Marko corrects the Baron.  There is something inside of him… a black void, courtesy of the Spot.  He may be dying, but he accomplished his mission, and a back door to the Regency has been opened.  At SHIELD headquarters, the Powers children are successfully evacuated, but Annie refuses to go, while the Spot is badly injured by the strain of creating yet another portal.  She begins to attack the Sinister Six, using her powers to fight dirty and defeat her father’s old foes, thoroughly impressing SHIELD and Mary Jane.  The girl declares that she is Annie May Parker… and she is a Menace.

A new portal then opens up, and the Sandman sends a message explaining what happened.  Realizing they finally have a way in, SHEILD moves in to defeat the Regency.  When Mary Jane and Annie see that Peter is also at the Regency, Mary Jane says that they can save him together, and the two set out to save the day.

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Renew Your Vows #4 Comic Book Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of the Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #4!

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Alright, that was great.  No need to repeat myself too much, as I’ve talked a lot about why I like this series by now.  The art and writing convey a fun story, that starts off in this issue as practically a children’s book about Annie thinking her middle name is no all the way to a big, climatic battle where the Parker family is practically becoming an entire team of superheroes.

I absolutely love Annie’s time in this comic as a hero.  Her fight scene was a lot of fun, and the name Menace was  a nice little nod to Lily Hollister, who goes by that codename back in the 616 universe.

It’s cool, and I’m enjoying myself.  We only got one more issue left, but on the whole, Renew Your Vows has been a blast.  I highly recommend you check out this tie-in for yourself.  I’m also very curious how this comic is going to end, and I look forward to issue number five, which will close out this tie-in and should prove to be quite exciting once all the dust settles.  I thought this tie-in was destined for a sad ending, but now I’m not sure what is going to happen, and am pretty excited for the final issue.

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