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New Comics: Scarlet Spiders #1 Recap

In an unknown earth, The 3 spider clones arrive at a very unfamiliar facility. Kaine utilizes his stealth suit to grab some change of clothing for his comrades. Unfortunately the only thing he could find were hospital patient robes.  Deducing that they are in a hospital, they wander the halls only to find an inheritor named Jennix on every monitor they passed. Shortly after, a herd of clone’s shuffles through the hallway like zombies. The three continue their investigation but soon after, they are spotted by a civilian. Kaine thinks fast and webs him up but unfortunately, the spider heroes have been detected. Crashing out of the side of the building, the spider heroes are welcomed by a swarm of robots armed with plasma rifles.

The spiders manage to come out on top but suddenly, Iron man arrives on scene. Believing the iron man to be a friend, Ben Reily lets his guard down which, ultimately lead to a blast to the chest courtesy of this world’s tony stark. Thankfully, the paranoid and ready for action, Kaine sucker punches the iron man from behind, knocking him out of consciousness.

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Hours later, Ben Reily wakes up to discover that Jessica drew had already tied up iron man and removed all of his armour. We discover that the Inheritor Jennix is currently at the baxter building, aka a very heavily fortified place with a very dangerous inheritor inside.

New Comics Scarlet Spiders #1

Ben Reily And Jessica Drew

Luckily, the intelligent one out of their group as a plan: Ben Reily, dressed up in Iron Man’s Armour walks right through the front doors pretending to escort 2 escaped clones. The plan is to walk right past the robots and straight in to see Jennix. Suddenly, Jessica breaks out of her cuffs and begins to cause chaos which offers enough diversion for Ben Reily and Kaine to slip past the occupied robots and straight in to see Jennix.

Suddenly, a familiar voice states, hey iron man, hold up for a second, that’s peter parker, I know that face anywhere. The two turns around and discovers this world’s incarnation of Johny Storm. He states: what the hell’s going on here?

Marvel Comics Online: Scarlet Spiders #1 Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping the scarlet spider’s issue 1. Spinning right out of the spider-verse event, we got 3 clones of peter parker going on their own adventure to track down inheritor clones. I originally thought that this issue series has a lot of promise and oh ’boy did it delivered. I enjoyed this spider verse issue so much more than the last issue which was Spiderman 2099 issue 6. So let’s go over what made the scarlet spiders issue 1 work for me. The art is fantastic. I always take a look at facial expressions first and foremost and this issue delivered.  Take a look at tony stark’s facial expression. This is stark being surprised, this is stark not giving a crap. And this is stark being overly arrogant. I know this might be a small factor for others but for me, proper facial expression is so important to connecting the reader to the emotions that the writers are trying to portray.

New Comics: Scarlet Spiders #6 Cont!

Alright so the next thing I liked about this was the unknowing. Last issue, all we knew was that the 3 spider clones left the main team to hunt down the origins of the dead Daemos body. We had no clue what kind of world that they would discover. So now, even though we only see a bit, we discover that the inheritors have whole worlds that they control. And even better yet, they have some A list heroes doing their bidding for them. I would assume that when the inheritors came and claimed this planet, any heroes who objected their rule would be killed and the ones that chose to bend the knee got a high ranking position for the sole purpose to serve the inheritors. In a previous issue, we saw the inheritor home world where everything appears very depressing. But this world seems more technologically advanced. I guess the inheritor Jennix owns this world. We got to know Daemos as being a savage brute and now I’m sensing that Jennix is more of a scientific villain.

Ok so the final fact that made this issue works so well for me is the personalities of the 3 spider heroes. This ben Reily is a new character coming from an unknown world. I love how he is more of a talker than a fighter. In spider verse team up, we learn that Ben Reily is a very optimistic type of guy because he always wins at the end and the good always prevail over evil. So I would love to see an issue where he has to do immoral things for the betterment of the spider army.

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And then we got Kaine the savage scarlet spider. This guy would run into battle, guns and swords swinging. No plans, just pure brutal rage at his command to complete missions. But of course he is a good guy at heart and so far, he is a team player. This guy would get along so well with dock ock’s superior Spiderman.

New Comics Scarlet Spiders #1

Ben Reily, Kaine, And Jessica Drew

So last, we got Jessica drew, another clone of peter parker but from the ultimate universe. This one I don’t know too much about but the dialog boxes did a great job at giving us some information on her. One thing I remember was that when Jessica Drew was cloned, she still had parker’s subconscious inside of her. So imagine that, waking up in some cloning tank thinking you lived your whole life as a dude and then you notice you got girl parts on you lol. I don’t know if they ever addressed her sexual position or anything but that’s irrelevant. Jessica Drew the black widow of the ultimate universe is a BA and I’m really enjoying the chemistry between all of these guys. We got the Brains of the team in Jessica drew, the comic relief and optimist in Ben Reily, and the muscle of the team in Kaine.

So at the end, we see a guy who I assume is Johnny storm of the fantastic four. This was not much of a cliff-hanger for me but I still appreciate what the writers are doing. We already met evil tony start. Now we meet a member of the fantastic four. The 3 spider heroes will probably fight more evil doppelgangers before everything is said and done but what I want to know is what happened to this universe peter parker?

So that is my question for you. What do you think happened to this worlds peter parker? And if you assume that he isn’t dead then what do you think he is up to? Please let me know in the comments below. And if you are joining us for the first time and is a bit lost on the story, well you’re in luck. The full spider verse reading order checklist is on comic The link will be in the description.

So thank you so much for watching my review of the scarlet spiders issue 1 and as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe and I’ll see you next time in another spider verse video.


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