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The Home world of Jennix, within the Baxter building, Johnny storm begins to question the iron man imposter regarding the capture of a spiderman. The pressure begins to be too much and Kaine turns on his invisibility and attacks the human torch. But Johnny can take a few blows and is ready to fight. What he was not ready for was a sucker punch from the imposter iron man.

Johny Storm’s vitals begins to fluctuate which alerts the rest of the guard. They arrive but Kaine makes quick work out of them. The two scarlet spiders have been detected. They radio in with black widow who relays them as much information as she can gather. Luckily for the spiders, they bump into a scientist civilian. Fearing for his life, the scientist escorts the spiders to the cloning chamber of the inheritors. We discovered that there are thousands of inheritor clones in status sleep. Each row represents each member of the inheritor family.

Meanwhile, Jennix is interrupted by one of his scientist. The lap coat informs the inheritor that there are intruders in the building causing chaos and disrupting their work. But jennix offers the spiders a dare. He states: let them think they can hurt me. If they make it all the way to special projects, I’ll deal with them personally.

marvel comic books scarlet spiders #2

Kaine The Scarlet Spider

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Back at the cloning facility, Black widow radio’s in to inform the spider heroes that they could deactivate the power to the building which would allow the inheritor cloned bodies to die naturally. Unfortunately the power generator is on the other side of the building and getting there might be difficult. Kaine welcomes the challenge and beats the guards senseless. But the guards were easy to take out with his invisibility. Unfortunately, the plasma rifle wielding robot CAN see through Kaine’s cloaking suit. A battle ensues but evidently, the robot is no match for the scarlet spider, Kaine. After the coast is clear, Kaine returns to the cloning facility and interrupts Ben Reily’s fascinations.

The Hostage scientist is escorted to another room which houses all of Jennix’s failed experiments. Suddenly, Jennix appears on screen. We discover that Jennix perceives his family to be savages whose hunger would one day deplete their food source. Being the clever one in the family, he intends to grow his own supply of spider totems. But so far, he has failed. Jennix can clone their bodies and their minds but their essence, the one thing that his inheritor family feeds on, has eluded him. Luckily for Jennix, 3 clones of spider totems from the multiverse with the essence intact have made their way into his home.

New Comics Scarlet Spiders #2 Cont!

The scientist begins to fear for his life but suddenly, Jennix snaps his heck. Jennix makes his appearance felt. He states, another disappointment. Im certain you two will prove much more interesting.

Marvel Comic Books Scarlet Spiders #2 Review

What’s goin on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the scarlet spiders issue 2. so I noticed this one theme that has been going on ever since last issue. In scarlet spiders issue 1, the dialog boxes did a good job on showcasing us who the black widow is and what drives her. This was super helpful since I don’t know much about the ultimate universe hence I don’t know much about her. Not in this issue, Kaine Parker is in the spotlight. I have read a few issues on Kaine and I think I got the main jest on what drives him. Kaine is a brutal savage and acts like the enforcer of the group. In this issue, he gets his 15 minutes of fame by being the guy dishing out all of the damage, except for the cheap shot by ben reily when he punches out the human torch of course.

marvel comic books scarlet spiders #2

Morlun in cryo sleep

So in this issue, we discover that once the inheritor dies, somehow their subconscious gets downloaded into a new body which is housed in the baxter building of this world. I would imagine that Jennix is a very important member to his family. At first, I thought that the inheritors came back from the dead in a more supersticious way. But they manage to elude death because of science? I don’t know if Im a fan of this. Obviously the mission now is to destroy the facility so the spider army only has to kill the inheritors once. But jennix isn’t all brains. We gotta remember that jennix is probably as strong as Morlun; maybe not as strong as Daemos. This just seems very intimidating.  So how are the scarlet spider’s gunna defending themselves against Jennix? I’m hoping for this planet to have a resistance army lead by former super heroes. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the leader of the resistance is the spiderman of this earth? Of course this is all speculations.

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Btw I find it strange that they didn’t give a name to jennix’s world. I don’t know if they would reveal the earth number or if it’s even important. It’s just something small I noticed.

Ok so the most interesting thing I picked up from this issue is the fact that Jennix is trying to grow his own food source. This reminds me of one of the blade movies starring westley snipes. It’s been so long since I watched it but I remember that there was a vampire that had a factory which housed a lot of human bodies kept alive and slowly drained of blood. That’s just creepy to think of it but it seems like the inheritor jennix is trying to do the same thing. So now, jennix has found 3 spider clones that still has their essence in them. The 3 spider heroes are also in his home. O boy this doesn’t look good for these spider heroes.

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