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Marvel Comic Books Scarlet Spiders #3 Recap

His name is Ben Reilly and he’s learned that If you never give up, you will always win. He’s been beaten within an inch of his life, He’s been exhausted and heartsick. But he’s never actually were beaten.  Not really, because ben Reilly is a hero. And heroes always win. But today, in a world not his own, he will battle for the survival of the entire spider-verse. Ben and Kaine stands face to face with the inheritor Jennix. The battle begins with Jennix blinded by webbing and punched through the walls landing in the opposite room. Before he could collect himself, an elevator crashes right on top of him. Kaine’s anger takes over and he kills the inheritor.

But this is not the end and the battle is not yet won. A new clone of Jennix emerges from a tube ready for round 2. Suddenly, a plasma blast from afar takes out Jennix rendering him vaporized and dead as a doorknob.  The black widow has hacked into the security system and is now able to use the defensive turrets to their advantage. But this does not go well with Ben. He demands that she permanently shut down the turrets. They are heroes and heroes do not kill. At this time, a new clone of Jennix emerges from a tube and attacks the scarlet spiders. The situation gets worst as the human torch has now discovered the whereabouts of the black widow. He attacks with a fireball but the widow manages to evade his attacks.

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Meanwhile, Jennix has broken Ben’s arm and knocks Kaine unconscious. Through all this, Ben continues his attack against a foe that he could not hope to defeat on his own. Suddenly, Johnny storms flaming body crashes down beside the fighters giving a moment of rest for Ben Reilly. The black widow has taken out the human torch and now she has her sights on the inheritor.  Unfortunately, she is no match for Jennix as he crashes her body onto the floor. But this much needed diversion gave Reilly enough time to formulate a plan.  After threatening the inheritor that he will blow up this building effectively severing the signals that are responsible for sending the inheritors conscious back for resurrection, he swings off with Jennix desperately chasing.

Marvel Comic Books Scarlet Spiders #3 Cont!

Spider-Verse Scarlet Spiders #3

Ben Reilly Returns in the spiderverse

At the top of the building, Ben arrives preparing to blow up the signal satellite. Jennix is fast approaching giving ben not much time to formulate a safe plan. He does the unthinkable and takes an armed round and throws it at the pile effectively blowing up the building. Jennix narrowly escapes the explosion but Ben is not so lucky. Their mission was a success but at a cost of a brother spider. Kaine’s anger got the best of him and now he is ready to unleash his full rage. He only needs a target. Kaine takes the teleporter away from Black widow and is on a one man army mission to end this war.

Marvel Comic Books Scarlet Spiders #3 Recap

Whats goin on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is Joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the scarlet spiders issue 3. Wow this spider death hit me hard. I know that we were all devastated when cosmic Spider-Man died but the thing is, did we really bond with cosmic Spider-Man? He had a few lines but we really got to know Ben Reilly the scarlet spider. The only good news is that I knew not to get attached to any Spider-Man so I had some emotional cushioning when he died. But what death was more devastating: Cosmic Spider-Man’s death or ben Reilly’s death? The big thing about cosmic’s death was the shock factor but the honest truth is that we didn’t get to know him too well. but then we got to know Ben so much more. We see him getting recruited into the spider army back in the spider verse team up issue 1. And then we see him throughout this event helping out the army, but if he had to die in the spider verse than this was the perfect way to go out.  Because of Ben Reilly, the inheritors now only have to die once. This is huge for the overall story arc. His sacrifice is dramatically helped the spider totem’s cause.

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Spider-Verse Scarlet Spiders #3

Ben Reilly the scarlet spider makes the ultimate sacrifice

Ok so now let’s take a look at Kaine. He is now so pissed off. If I had to guess, I would imagine that these 3 spider heroes created such a strong bond and now that Ben is dead, Kaine felt like he just lost a brother. I love this bit of dialog when Ben says his fair wells and tells Kaine to crack a joke every once in a while and that the good guys always win.

Even though this is not an amazing Spider-Man issue, I love what they did with the scarlet spiders. I hope they bring back Ben in some way and I want to see more of these 3 spidermen in future stories. Even though its pretty obvious that Ben is dead, we never saw his body. So who knows, maybe he survived somehow and will be back later on. I highly doubt this but its always fun to imagine.

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