Secret Wars #4 Review/Recap.

Secret Wars #4 Review/Recap. Power Of The Phoenix Force


Secret Wars 2015 #4 Comic Recap

The hidden Island of Agamotto, the remaining heroes of the 2 earths are educated on the ways of this new world by Sheriff Strange. He tells them that their assumptions were correct, that there was something or someone behind the incursions. Unfortunately, no one could stop the perfect annihilations plan that the beyonders had put in motion. Even Dr Strange turn and ran when he looked into the dark abyss that was the omnipotence. Doom did not. Doom saved all that was left to save and they killed their foe and took their powers for themselves.

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Doubt him if you want. Defy him. Curse his very existence. It matters not. Doom Reigns supreme. Long may he wear his crown! Cyclops with the entire powers of the phoenix force stands ready to challenge Doom’s reign, but strange objects then suddenly, a hammer of a thor begins to glow. Strange now sees that their attention is needed elsewhere.

The kingdom of Utopolis, A battle rages on as the Thor Corp takes on the Cabal. Two thors or heavily wounded and the Corp knows that they are losing. A thor, using his hammer, signals the alarm for help but this unnatural melee requires more than their army of Thors. This requires the attention of Doom himself. The thors strikes lightning and one thor vanishes from the fight only to reappear in front of Doom himself. He informs his God and creator that they are losing to unknown heretics that would threaten Doom’s Reign. But the All Father does not take information lightly. He marches towards the chamber of the allseeing. From here, Doom can watch his world in the comfort of his own home.

The chaotic battle displays right in front of him: Thor versus Cabal. But when Valeria asks her father what he sees, God Doom says that he see mortals fighting mortals, gnats that do not concern him. But valeria points out that fact that multiple versions of this heretic are known to the court. But none of them shows the fearful amount of power that this one displays. Even Susan Storm points out that her force fields cannot withstand more than a few blows from a mjolir. But these rebels are standing strong as their fields repel the weapon of the gods. As the court watches the battle unfold, a portal opens up which causes the cabal and the thors to halt their battle for a brief moment. Sheriff strange has arrived WITH COMPANY.

The heroes engage the cabal and still, the court watches on. Valeria has researched these familiar heroes many times before and she has concluded that the analogs all share something familiar and constant. But these fighters are somehow different. At this time, even Doom notices something familiar about these heroes. But then one person catches the all fathers eye. Doom has spent some time scouring each kingdom looking for a version of this man but to no avail. Reed Richards doesn’t exist in any of the kingdoms. But here he is. In a flash of light, Doom appears in the epicenter of chaos. Everybody stands in awe as a new player enters the battlefield. Doom has arrived and he has words for his old foe.

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Richards, he screams. Mr fantastic berates his old enemy at what he did. But Doom will not be scolded by anyone. He saved the un-saveable in the face of total annihilation. Their conversation gets interrupted by another alpha dog. Thanos approaches and accuses Doom of being a false god. If one plays at being a god, one would not shy away from saying it. Doom only has one reply. I AM GOD!


Doom attacks with his fury and the ground opens up to swallow anything in its path.  After showing his might, he informs his old rivals that he is god in this new world and god is merciful. Readjust your old ways of thinking, then you will bend your knee and bow your head at my feet, he states. But an overwhelming heat force shakes him to the bones. All he can do is defending while a voice states; I do not need your mercy. Things change, they evolve. The future cannot be denied.

Secret Wars #4 Review/Recap. Power Of The Phoenix Force

Cyclops, with the fury of the phoenix stands tall. In the end, you are just a man. I am mutant. I am the fure in the present, and all worlds, even yours belongs to us. This planet is MI.

Before summers could finish his sentence, Doom grabs the x-men by the neck in his hands and snaps it. Cyclops lifeless body falls to the floor but only 1 man stands in the audience. During the battle between god and the phoenix force, Sheriff strange had sent the cabal and the surviving heroes to the wind. He knows that none of them will bend the knee which is a death sentence. Strange will not be a part of that. Some of those heroes, strange had spent a lifetime with. Some, he calls friend. Doom demands for the heroes to be sent back, but strange stands firm on his decision. You will not test me, doom states. But strange now sees something he never saw before. He now sees that doom is still scared of his old foe, Reed Richards. Even with all of his mighty powers, Doom is still scared. He states, well you know what, old friend, I think you should be.


The all father doom will not stand any form of insubordination, not even from his second in command. From a man he calls, friend.

Secret Wars 2015 #4 Comic Review

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Whats goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and finally, secret wars issue 4 has arrived. After a few delays, we finally got this issue and o man was it good. The story is picking up so much steam and I don’t even know if popular characters from the tie ins would even get into the core series. there’s just so many characters already.

So lets go over a few things that stood out to me in this issue. in the previous issue, we got a very weird relationship between Susan storm and Doom. They seem to be in a relationship. But some have speculated that Susan can’t really be in love with Doom but rather, she is the leader of the rebels that victor says are residing in manhattan. I don’t know what to think of this but it gets even weirder now that valeria, reed and Susan’s daughter in the 616, is referring to doom as father. That’s very strange. I would say that valeria’s allegiance IS towards Doom, her “father”. I do like the fact that their council knows about all of the hero and villain analogs in the different kingdoms.

But I wonder how much do they know and how did doom find them to begin with. He says that there aren’t any analogs of reed Richards in any of the kingdoms so where did Susan and valeria come from? And where is Franklin Richards? This guy has so many untapped potentials so if he shows up; I bet he can rock the boat. Oh and I almost forgot, we also have 1 version of the Thing in one of the kingdom. He is currently rebelling against the maestro right now so I don’t think he will get his 15 minutes of fame in the core series.

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Ok now lets talk about the good stuff, Cyclops is dead. But before that, I love how he was so confident but the things he said made him seem so evil. He is truly starting to sound like Magneto back in the days where he was evil and did anything and everything for mutant superiority. But then Cyclops got taken out by having his neck snapped? Can he heal himself? This was such a big letdown.  I was so excited when Cyclops emerged with the phoenix force during the final battle between 616 and ultimate earth. I was hoping that he would really shake up the battlefield. But then he did his evil monologue and got killed by a snapped neck? Sigh!

Thanos was uninteresting in this issue. Hopefully he can be more impactful in the next issue. But the final cliff hanger shows us that Dr Strange blatantly defy Doom’s wishes and scatters the cabal and the heroes to different kingdoms in battle world.

And then Doom kills the one man that he can actually call friend. The one guy that was there ever since day 1. And the final image shows doom looking like he is determined to round up the heroes and sentence them to death. This is the same Dr Strange that we have been reading about since the 1960s. So this is huge. We don’t know if Doom has the powers of resurrection but we do know that strange will get his own series after secret wars so Im gunna assume that Strange will be revived, but I hope he gets revived before the conclusion. I can’t say the same thing for Cyclops though. I can’t find anything that can confirm Cyclops’s resurrection after secret wars. His series, the uncanny x-men is over so I don’t know if Cyclops is coming back.

But I wanna know what you think. How do you think Jonathan hickman will handle strange and Cyclops death and resurrection? Do you think Cyclops will stay dead for a while? Do you think he should just stay dead period? Please let me know in the comments below. thank you so much for watching my review of secret wars issue4 and as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like subscribe and I’ll see you next time in another comic island video.

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