Secret Wars #7 Comic Book Recap/Review

Secret Wars #7 Recap/Review – The King of the Dead

Secret Wars #7 Comic Book Summary

The prophet appeared from nothing, emerging from the great waste.  A cause fully formed.  An idea given shape.  That Doom is no God.  The prophet spoke of liberty and freedom.  It sparked a fire.  Monuments were toppled, and the people raised their arms.  They marched on Castle Doom to cast out god himself.  But who was this great catalyst?  His name was Maximus.  He led these people to certain doom.  And at the very end… things are going to be so much… fun.

As Doom watches over the battle from his castle, Black Swan suggests that she join the fray.  Victor refuses this offer, as he fears she will lose herself to her anger, much like how Doom would lose control if he fought against the rebels.  Sue Storm asks Victor not to take things personally, as this is what free people do when confronted by authority.  She is confident this will end no differently than it has before, but Valeria disagrees.  This is different… something more is going on here.  Victor agrees with his daughter, and summons the Thors.

Secret Wars #7 Recap/Review – The King of the Dead

In the battlefield, Maximus cheers on his charges, but is soon overwhelmed by Madeline Pryor’s Goblin Army.  This is observed by Mister Sinister and Captain Marvel, who decide it is time to act.  They turn on the Goblins and while they are able to beat Madeline down, Sinister suddenly finds himself decapitated by Holocaust, son of Apocalypse.

Doomgard, citadel of the Thors, then appears above the battlefield, but the Thors have broken out into civil war over the words of Jane Foster.  Lady Thor calls upon some select members to strike out against Doom, and they charge, devastating Apocalypse’s army.  Victor watches this, and realizes he has been betrayed… again.  Apocalypse fights these traitors, frustrated over all of this.  If he must bow before Doom, than traitors can be given no quarter.  However, this is not the last betrayal of the day.  A helicarrier appears in the sky, with the Maestro attacking.  He orders an army of Hulks to go, and break the world.

Meanwhile, Reed Richards, the Maker, and Star-Lord are preparing their end of the plan.  While Maximus has created a distraction, they will sneak by Doom undetected to steal the most valuable thing in the multiverse.  The Maker says that Maximus will not last long against Doom, and it’s time for them to unleash their secret plans.  Reed contacts T’Challa, and tells him to begin his attack.  With Namor beside him, the Black Panther creates a hole in the wall, unleashing the Marvel Zombies.  The undead are confused.  Their skin itches, and they feel compelled to kneel before T’Challa.  It turns out the mantle of the King of the Dead isn’t just a name, and Black Panther is able to order them to march.  Reluctantly, the zombies vow to seek glory and honor, and prepare to strike.

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Secret Wars #7 Comic Book Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of Secret Wars #7.

Wow, so here we are.  After all the stuff with Time Runs Out, after all the business with Secret Wars and the tie-ins, we’re finally near the end.  Joey will be handling the big finale issue, so yeah, this is pretty much my last foray with the main plot of Secret Wars.  And what do I get?  Well, an issue of practically nothing

<SIGH>  As this series has been ridiculously delayed, I’ve found things have really started to fall apart.  By now, the tie-ins are done and finished.  We’ve started getting so many post-Secret Wars comics.  Marvel has moved on, while the core series is, at this point, months behind schedule.

That’s a problem, already.  And then while we do get a big battle, not much significant really goes down, there’s a bunch of talking and… that’s about it.  Nothing I’d really consider big or epic, and a whole lot of stuff that doesn’t make sense.  Isn’t the wall gone?  I thought it went down last issue?  Also, the presence of characters like Maestro or Apocalypse does not seem to fit in with their respective tie-ins.  So nothing makes sense or happens that really matters.

At least the art looks nice, but after all of this, I kind of hoped for more.  Now we have this big set-up for the finale, and while that’s exciting, I seriously doubt anything that happened here is all that significant in the grand scheme of things.  We know everything is more or less going to go back to normal.  We know that Doom, one way or another, is going to lose his power.  Everything about this issue can be skipped, and at the end of the day, I can’t see any reason to recommend you bother with this comic.

Secret Wars was fun while it lasted.  But I’m over it.  At this point, it is more fun to just enjoy what’s ahead of us, the comics going forward, and to hope that maybe, just maybe, we can tone down some of this hype driven nonsense that Marvel has come to rely on.  Until then, let me know what you guys think in the comments section below, and don’t forget to like, subscribe, and keep reading comics.
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