Secret Wars #8 Comic Book Review/Recap

Secret Wars #8 Review/Recap – Doom’s Last Stand


Secret Wars #8 Recap

Doomgard, the battle rages on between Doom’s forces and the insurgents. Quil, Reed Richards, and his doppelganger from a parallel earth are on their way to join the fight, but a hulk appears out of nowhere and takes out the engines.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, the maestro and his army of hulks have laid waste doom’s front lawn. Maestro looks upon doom’s throne and is ready to take it for himself.

But Ben Grim, the thing appears behind the future hulk. Grim is on his way towards Doomgard to settle old scores.


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And it appears that something was in his way.

Explosions echo throughout Doom’s land but that loud burst caught the attention of the black swan. The rebels have reached the castle. Doom commands his loyal swan to take care of it. He now returns his focus towards the battle front.

Terrax, the servant of the world eater finally found his master. But this isn’t the Galactus he knew and worshipped. This is Doom’s watch dog. The watch dog takes his mighty boot and CRUSHES the terrax, herald of Galactus. He now turns his attention towards a more worthy foe. We discover that franklin storm is the puppet master and his puppet is the world eater. He taunts Ben Grimm to challenge his mount. Ben obliges.


Susan is distraught. Her friend Ben has left the wall and is in heated combat with her son, franklin. She begs Doom to do something, anything. Stop this war, put an end to this. But Doom does not move a muscle. Grimm was the Shield, and if the shield has fallen…..


Far towards the south, an enormous dust cloud heralds the annihilation Horde, with Thanos the mad titan riding into battle.

This is it, this is the signal doom had anticipated. He is now ready to join the war. God is here, god doom, Franklin’s father is ready and he isn’t in a good mood. Franklin harbours the same anger and he blasts Ben Grimm in the shoulders.

Grimm pauses for a brief second. He now understands that franklin is doom’s son. That can only mean that Franklin is Susan’s kid. Ben lets his guard down. He will not strike the boy and he tells the son of god to do what he gotta do.


Susan is devastated by the destruction of her home and her friend ben. But her daughter valeria doesn’t share the same feelings. It’s some show, Valeria states, the spectacle of it. like theatre. The daughter turns towards the mother. Do you love me more than anything? No matter what?

Susan says what any mother would say…..yes, of course she does.

Then come with me, the daughter states.

Secret Wars #8 Review/Recap - Doom's Last Stand

Elsewhere, Peter quill is hard at work trying to get his ship to be functional again. But the black swan makes her appearance. Quill’s idle threats do not sway her as the black swan destroys the floor forcing the starlord to plummet towards the floor below.

Quill’s spleen is broken and he is probably bleeding internally. But he covets a toothpick he brought from the 616. Quil continues to threaten the swan, but this time, his pick is his weapon of choice.

Fool, the swan states, you are bleeding on my god’s throne little man: time to die.

Say hellow to my little friend.



Wait for it, wait for it.



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Valeria and Susan ran from their crumbling home. Their world tree just gained sentience and is now walking away. Valeria explains to her mother that they have been lied to. Doom isn’t a god. She takes Susan towards the source of doom’s power only to find that someone else is already there. Valeria, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Reed states. Hello Susan.

Doom stands between his land and a raging horde of annihilation. Thanos presents himself. The two tyrannical gods stands face to face. Doom begins with offering a large piece of land and appointing thanos as one of his new barons. But thanos declines. The mad titan was once a god as well when he wielded the infinity gauntlet. Doom is a weak god, a pretender. Doom should bow before thanos.

And do you have an infinity gauntlet now? Doom states.

God himself reaches deep and pulls out the bones of the mad titan. God made judgement and another foe has been judged.

God now turns towards annihilus. With thanos gone, annihilus bends the knee. Doom is owed penance for this indulgence and now, he demands for his renewed servant to turn the annihilation wave towards those who would seek to usurp doom’s throne.

Elsewhere in the battlefield, the war rages on and bodies are starting to pile. But suddenly, a doorway opens and even God doom is shocked. The zombies have arrived at last with their new leader.

VICTOR. Your reign is over, and it ends with US.

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Secret Wars #8 Review

Whats going on guys welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping secret wars issue 8. Now I got a bunch of great things to say about this issue but no comic is without sin so there are bad things. Let’s get into some of that. Wholly cow this issue started off sprinting till it hit the finish line. I loved it. but then again, it’s a couple months too late. As of right now, we are well into 3rd or 4th issues in the new universe after battle world so I feel like I’m reading something in the past. Secret wars did such a great job building up momentum.

I enjoyed every issue but then once the new comics rolled out telling the stories on how the world is 8 months later, I lost a bit of interest. Ok I gotta be serious I lost a lot of interest. And lest we forget, this series was supposed to be 8 issues long. It’s now 9 issues. So when the 9th issue rolls out, will I still be interested? I probably will but then we get a sneak peek at marvel’s 2016 event civil wars 2 and apocalypse wars for you xmen fans.

Marvel is stuffing a lot of information down our throats so it’s hard to stay focus on 1 single event. So as of right now, i am still enjoying the ride but I think it’s about time the ride ended so we can move on to more epic stories.

Ok, that’s enough venting out of me. Let’s get into a few things that stood out in this issue. We finally get to see franklin take on a more action packed role. I loved how they scaled it up a huge amount by pitting an oversized ben grimm against the world eater himself. it’s like the power rangers all over again.

There’s this game of thrones and lord of the rings theme to the entire battle world so it’s no surprise we get more armies coming to the battle. first we got the entire annihilation wave and thanos is leading them. I love how we get a panel of all dust and the rumbling signals that the annihilation wave has arrived. And then to top that off, we get Black Panther and namor leading an ocean of zombies. Oh my god, that is an epic last page to such an action packed issue. I loved it.

Ok lets backtrack a bit. I loved this scene where thanos and doom are having a testosterone battle. and then doom kills the mad titan. Now this is where I felt it went south. I don’t know how I truly feel about thanos’s death. terrax got squished by galactus and that’s fine because I don’t think terrax is coming back. Ben grimm got blown up but we already know that he will survive battle world. We know he goes on to travel with the guardians of the galaxy. And this brings me back to Cyclops and dr strange. Strange is alive after battleworld which we still don’t know why or how. But Cyclops gets the short end of the stick. He is still dead. But how he died is still a mystery. None of the comics I read pointed to battle world but in the extraordinary xmen, we find out that cyclops somehow got revived after secret wars, he attacks the inhumans, and he got killed doing so.

So this brings me back to thanos’s death. This doesn’t mean anything. For such a high profile villain, this just means that he is off the battle world chest game and he will return to give problems to starlord and his guardians.

So the best part of this issue for me is peter quill. He finally got his 15 minutes of fame. I loved scenes like this where the villain is clearly winning and the hero takes out a hidden trump card to win the fight. but in this scenario, quill’s toothpick is groot and he creates a gigantic mega groot to fight for the good guys. I think I can die happy now lol.

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But that’s just my opinion, now I wanna hear from you. What do you think about secret wars issue 8? Please let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching and as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe, and I’ll see you next time in another comic island video.

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