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Spider-Gwen #3 Recap/Review: Spider-Woman vs. The Punisher!

“Every night, my dad rides the train home to Forest Hills.  Pressed elbow to elbow.  Face-to-face – with the people he protects.  The people he serves.  Look someone in the eye and you’ll see more than who they really are – you’ll learn who you are.  It’s the way dad lives.  It’s the way he taught me to live.  So at times I can’t help but wonder – what does he think when he looks at me?”

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Gwen stands before her father at her home.  This is the first time they have seen each other since George Stacey discovered his daughter’s double life as Spider-Woman.  The police officer panics at his child’s presence and chastises her for being in uniform at their household, but Gwen is certain that she wasn’t followed.  As Gwen takes off her costume, the older Stacey explains that he is off the case investigating her and can not protect her from the rest of the NYPD.  He begs her to stop being a superhero and that she doesn’t have to do this.  But the young woman is certain that this he is wrong about this.  Thinking back to how Peter Parker died in her arms, the girl is consumed by guilt.  She doesn’t want to be Spider-Woman, but  this is something she has to do to stop other people from getting hurt.

Suddenly, Gwen’s spider-sense activates, and the Vulture bursts into the room.  The villain knows that George Stacey is hiding something about Spider-Woman, and has come for information.  In the confusion, Gwen is able to slip back into costume, and begins using household items to knock the Vulture around.  But Adrian Toomes is far from defenceless, and is releasing a nerve gas in the home. Gwen begins to feel it’s effects and nearly collapses, while the Vulture rants about his superior prowess, until he is shot in the arm by George.  Toomes flees, and though her father begs her not to go, Gwen follows in close pursuit.

In the city streets, Adrian has surrounded himself with gas and taken a police car as his flight gear has been damaged.  Spider-Woman arrives, and attacks the Vulture, but the gas is distorting her vision and fighting technique.  In spite of this, the girl is able to overpower her enemy and knock him out.  She stumbles away and tries to escape the gas, but the substance is making her weak.

Spider-gwen #3 review recap

As she wanders through the toxic cloud, a silhouette emerges, and Frank Castle appears before her, geared up and ready for combat.  In spite of her vastly superior strength, Castle manages to electrocute the girl and knock her down.  As he gets ready to kill her, he says he wants to look into her her eyes, and unmasks Spider-Woman.  When he sees that Gwen is just a young girl, he stops, shocked a person so young could be working with the Kingpin.  Stacey manages to use this opportunity to escape, leaving the Vulture for the police, and reprimanding herself for stupid and sloppy work.

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Back at the Stacy home, George is woken up by his neighbour, Ben Parker, who rescues the police officer from the toxic fumes.  He reassures the neighbour that everything will be okay, and takes him to the Parker home, while they are covertly observed by Gwen.  As Ben reassures George that everything will be alright, the girl enters Peter’s old room, looking at her boyfriend’s former things as she sits in despair.

Spider-Gwen #3 Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of Spider-Gwen #3!

So this is a great comic!  I wasn’t totally happy with the first couple of issues of this series, so it’s so great to see that.  Sometimes a series just needs a few issues for things to get rolling, and that seems to be the case with Spider-Gwen.

Now that I’ve gotten used to the art style, it really works well with the frantic nature of this story.  The desperate situation in the gas cloud really works with the almost surreal drawings in this comic, and what’s even better is this story feels much more polished than what I’ve seen so far.  I like the vivid nature of this comic, and the Punisher has such a great appearance here.  Look at him just emerge from this gas cloud, standing over Gwen.  This scene was so good I feel it could  and should be in a movie.

From a story perspective, not a lot happens in this comic.  The entire issue boils down to a quick conversation followed by two fight scenes.  But the dialogue, art, and style of this comic was so well polished, that it really doesn’t bother me how little story actually happens in this issue.  There’s no need for major changes in the ongoing story if the quality of the book is outstanding, and I really feel that this issue of Spider-Gwen is the best one yet.

Whatever concerns I had with the first couple issues of this series are rapidly giving way to a much more promising future for this version of Gwen Stacy.  I recommend you check out Spider-Gwen #3 for yourself, as to me it’s the first comic that shows how great this series can be and would definitely be worth your time.

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Spider-Gwen #3 Issue Description

Arden recaps and reviews Spider-Gwen #3. Featuring 100% more Howard the Duck variant covers than last issue.


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Spider-Gwen #3
by Jason Latour (Author), Robbi Rodriguez (Illustrator), and Marvel Comics (Publisher)
Police Lieutenant Frank Castle is not a man to be trifled with. His new assignment? GET SPIDER-GWEN. ‘Nuff said.

Rated T+, Published April 1, 2015; List Price: $3.99


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