Spider-Gwen #4 Comic Review/Recap

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Spider-Gwen #4 Comic Recap

At a construction site, two teenagers are creating some graffiti when they are confronted by Spider-Woman.  They manage to get paint on the hero’s face, but nearly fall off the building in the process.  Gwen saves the two and lectures the teens, but they brush her off.

Giving up, Gwen lets them go and leaves to visit her father, who is currently staying in the Parker home.  She’s reluctant to enter, as she hasn’t been here since Peter died.  Uncle Ben sees her outside and brings her in, welcoming the young girl warmly.  He gives her some coffee in Gwen’s favourite mug, while Gwen looks through a scrapbook.  The book belongs to Aunt May, and collects hundreds of articles surrounding the circumstances of Peter’s death.

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Gwen is distraught at seeing this, until Aunt May sees her.  The young Stacy girl tries to leave, but May stops Gwen.  They sit down, and Aunt May consoles her.  It’s okay.  They can get through this together.  May explains that her scrapbook is a collection not concerning Peter’s death, but Spider-Woman’s role in all of this.

May knew that from the moment this hero showed up, Peter was in love.  Not with Spider-Woman, but the idea of the hero.  Peter loved the idea of the freedom and power that came with being a super hero.  Gwen’s former companion was warm, sweet, and funny.  But he was also bullied and beaten.  He lived in his own head.  May states that he just wasn’t well, and hadn’t been for a long time.  In her grief, Aunt May first blamed Spider-Woman for Peter’s death, but now she isn’t so sure.

spider-gwen #4 comic review/recap

Aunt May saw something different in Spider-Woman’s actions.  She could tell the hero was trying to set things right, to make up for something she’s done.  Gwen is surprised that Aunt May thinks all of this, and asks if she is sure.  May says that she is not.  The only thing she knows for sure, is that Peter is as much as part of us as they were the part of him.  If they want the love they have for him to live on, then it’s up to them to keep on living.

Gwen goes to a concert where she is confronted by her friend Glory.  Although Gwen is still not sure about her place in this world, Glory gives her a set of drumsticks.  As much as the Mary Jane’s need Gwen, it’s pretty clear that Stacy needs them more, so Gwen joins her friends in their band once more.

At the police bureau, Detective DeWolff is surprised at the return of Frank Castle.  He is injured, but by no means is he down for the count.  It’s time for them to get back to work.

Spider-Gwen #4 Comic Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of Spider-Gwen #4.

So this was a cool issue.  It’s nothing Earth-shattering; actually, there’s very little action and thrills in this comic at all.  But I enjoyed the dialogue and story here immensely.  Sometimes a comic will sit back and focus entirely on character development and dialogue, which very much is the case here.  And I really enjoyed it.  This wasn’t a boring or dry comic, and we got to see Gwen moving forward in a lot of important ways.

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I enjoy watching this girl struggle at rebuilding her life.  I can relate to her a lot, and the comic does a great job and showing her struggles in a new and interesting way.  I was worried we were going to get the overdone dynamics of Aunt May hating Spider-Woman just for the sake of dramatic irony, but the picture is actually way more complex than that.  Aunt May seems to be saying here that she doesn’t believe Spider-Woman is responsible for Peter’s death, and even suggests that the Peter of this universe was very much quite different from the mainstream Spider-Man we all know and love.  And the band’s back together!  Yay!

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Oh, and more Frank Castle is on the way, too!  That’s exciting and it should be a great deal of fun.  I also have a lot of love for the artwork in this comic.  It’s all in the detail, and this comic has lots of great little details.  For example, this mug is adorable!  It makes you feel so much for the Parker family.  They are innocent and good people that had something terrible happen to them.  It adds so much to this issue and you can really feel how Gwen is struggling to even be in the Parker home.  The very presence of Ben and May is enough to remind the young girl of everything they have lost, and I found this whole scene so moving because of this.  I also enjoyed the moment where Gwen was sprayed in the face by paint, because her Spider-Sense doesn’t seem to recognize this as a threat.  This story does well in conveying lots of fun and information through the artwork, and it is quite impressive.

So on the whole, I like this comic.   Everything is done so well that I really enjoyed it.  If you don’t mind a comic with very little action but lots of interesting dialogue and a good story, then you should check out Spider-Gwen #4 for yourself.  This series has come a long way from its first issue, which I still view as a rough start.  But I’m increasingly enjoying the story of Gwen Stacy and would recommend you give this series a chance.  It just might impress you, like it has me.

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