Spider-Gwen #5 Recap/Review

Spider-Gwen #5 Recap/Review – The series finale?


Spider-Gwen #5 Comic Book Recap

At Fisk Tower, there has been a robbery.  The theft was carried out with no evidence left behind, save for one envelope with tickets to a concert in it.  Only one person would dare to mock the Kingpin in such a way, and Matt Murdock knows exactly who is responsible for this… le Chat Noir.

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Elsewhere, Gwen Stacy and her band look on dismayed at an ad for Felicia Hardy’s new band.  They are furious at the woman, but Hardy offered them a gig as her opening act.  They can’t turn this opportunity down, but nobody is happy with this situation.  As the Mary Janes set up, Felicia looks on, and is pleased to see that Matt Murdock is also in the audience.  Everything is ready, for le Vengeance du Chat Noir!

Flashing back, Felicia thinks of her father, who taught her everything about being a thief.  He did well as a criminal, until he stole the first dollar that Kingpin earned.  The villain had Matt Murdock take care of this by murdering Felicia’s father.  In the present, the Black Cat interrupts the Mary Janes.  She greets New York City and introduces her Black Cats.  Hardy begins her performance by burning the Kingpin’s first dollar, so Matt Murdock summons a group of Hand ninjas.  They attack Felcia’s band, until Gwen Stacy is able to slip away, and reemerge as Spider-Woman.

Gwen saves her band mates and battles the ninjas, while Felicia squares off against Murdock.  Gwen tries to stop the Black Cat, but Felicia only cares about revenge, so Spider-Woman is forced to knock Hardy unconscious.  Matt is impressed and compliments Gwen on a job well done, but Spider-Woman knows that Murdock works for the Kingpin.  Matt is unmoved by her accusation, and he sicks the ninjas on her, while he taunts Gwen for caring too much about what others think of her.  Eventually, Murdock has the ninjas disappear.  As the police arrive, Spider-Woman flees, while Matt promises he will see her later.

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Back at the Stacy home, George is putting the place back together as it is still badly damaged by the Vulture’s earlier attack.  Jean DeWolff comes by.  She knows he is somehow connected to Spider-Woman.  Thinking back on their time together as younger police officers, she states that this visit isn’t so she can put him on trial or harass the officer – she knows he is a good cop, and only offers him a warning to watch his back.

Spider-Gwen #5 Comic Book Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of Spider-Gwen #5.

Alright, so here we have another comic from a series that I on the whole enjoyed.  Actually, this is the finale of Spider-Gwen’s series, according to the letter by the creative team at the end of the story.  That was a bit of a surprise to find out, actually, as with only five issues end, this leaves a lot of loose threads for this series.  Now hopefully, it’s just ending for Secret Wars.  Gwen is still around, and will be featured in the Spider-Verse tie-in for Secret Wars.

With luck, this series will resume in some form or another post-Secret Wars, but Marvel is being deliberately quiet on what exactly they will be publishing after this big event.  I hope they follow up on this stuff, because it was quite interesting and there is a lot of stuff still up in the air for this version of Gwen Stacy.

Spider-Gwen #5 Recap/Review – The series finale?

That being said, this series doesn’t feel like much of a cohesive whole.  There isn’t a big, unifying story here, it’s mostly all about setting up the Spider-Gwen storyline and plot points.  Still, this is a very stylistic series, with each issue offering something different and unique.  From that perspective, I quite enjoyed issue number five.  We got a lot of content that was clearly inspired by those old French films and this comic skates by nicely with some pretty cool visuals and ideas.  My favourite moment has to be the flashback, where we get to see Matt in an early Daredevil costume killing Felcia’s dad in an all-too familiar pose.  That was very nifty in my eyes and a decent little nod to some classic Daredevil comics.

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It wasn’t the world’s most profound issue, but it did the job, and was fun enough to read.  To me, that’s good enough.  I’ll leave it to you as to whether or not you think this comic would be right for you.  If you’ve been enjoying the Spider-Gwen series so far, you will likely have fun with issue 5 as well.  If you haven’t, well, this comic is unlikely to change your mind.  And that’s all for now.  Let me know what you think of Spider-Gwen #5 in the comments section below.  And, as always, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and keep reading comics.

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