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Marvel Comic Books Spider-Man 2099 #7 Recap

The year is 2099 and is held captive in an electromagnetic field. The more force the prisoner uses, the stronger the field becomes. Exerting too much force will kill whoever is trapped inside. Miguel and the lady spider manage to convince Tyler stone to allow them the use of his facilities. Miguel reverse engineers a piece of tech gained from another Spider-Man 2099. Meanwhile, offers the two spider heroes a deal, release the inheritor from the electromagnetic prison and he will promise that the two spider heroes will live long and die of old age. Being the heroes that they are, they refuse his offer. He now promises to murder every one of their family members and will come for them at the end.

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marvel comic books spiderman 2099 7

the safe zone is not safe anymore

Miguel departs to find a cure for the inheritors hunger in another lab, leaving the lady spider baby the caged inheritor. But not before long, begins to act up. He will be released from his imprisonment, even if it kills him.  warns the spider heroes that once he dies, another clone of him will show up and finish the job. Evidently, has exerted too much energy and dies from the electromagnetic field.

Miguel did not take his threats lightly. He rushes to finish the mission with the thought that  now knowing where they are and is coming to finish off his kill. But luckily for Miguel, he has contacted a friend to watch their backs.

Meanwhile, on a hover bike, races towards the Alchemex building preparing to kill spidy 2099 and the lady spider, is struck down by plasma cannon. His attacker is revealed to be the punisher of 2099. The two engage and the punisher manage to slow down by blasting him on fire and breaking the floor beneath him. Punisher advises the two spider heroes to find a safe place and depart. Miguel has figured out how to use the tech he received from another Spider-Man 2099 and departs to the safe zone. The good news is that the tech works like a charm. The bad news is that he is too late to the battlefield and he witnesses the cosmic Spider-Man’s lifeless body on the ground.

Marvel Comic Books Spider-Man 2099 #7 Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping Spider-Man 2099 issue 7. I remembered to tune down my expectations since this issue is a tie in. I didn’t expect anything crazy to happen and unfortunately, nothing really happens. Take a look at the previous issue, we lost the 6 armed Spider-Man. This issue moved forward a bit but we didn’t learn anything new. I was hoping that we would discover something new from the body. But that was all cut short when the live breaks free from the electromagnetic field.

And this brings me to my other concern. If you are reading the entire tie INS then that scene would make a lot of sense. But if you are not, then you are left wondering how there’s another clone coming to kill Miguel and the spider lady. Obviously we knew what happen after the events in the scarlet spiders. So it feels like we got to be on the ball with the entire tie INS to be in the know.

But besides that, the issue was done pretty well. I keep on forgetting this little fact. Tyler stone is Ohara’s father. We know that Tyler is the main antagonist to Spider-Man 2099 but the complication of Tyler being Miguel’s father makes things pretty interesting. Obviously Tyler stone doesn’t know who Spider-Man is under the mask.

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So let’s go over a few more things I wanna point out in this issue. We meet punisher from 2099. This is honestly my first time seeing this character. I know there are a venom, hobgoblin, and doctor strange from 2099 but that’s as much as I know. I’m not entirely educated on the 2099 story arc so it’s a nice treat to meet another hero such as the punisher. Now the fight scene was a bit ridiculous. I imagine to be extremely strong and deadly. This guy probably killed tons of super powered spider totems. And yet, punisher can take a few blows? And then punisher wins the battle temporarily as well. I don’t buy this battle. It doesn’t make much sense. But that’s just my opinion, what do you think? Please let me know in the comments below.


Marvel Comic Books Spider-Man 2099 #7 Cont!

So another thing I wanted in this issue was to get to know the lady spider better. Last issue shows us that she isn’t even a spider totem. So what is she doing in this war? We never got an issue showing the spider arm recruiting her. So how did she join and if she’s not a spider to

marvel comic books spiderman 2099 7

Spiderman 2099 with Daemos on the operation table.

tem, what’s she still doing here? I know it’s probably because she is being heroic and wants to do the right thing but this plot development seems very weak in my opinion.

Last but not lease is the final cliff-hanger, which is not much of a cliff hanger at all since we knew what happened in the safe zone. Not so safe anymore aye? I am huge on details and this little part bugged me more than it should. Take a look at cosmic Spider-Man. After he died, he pretty much turned into overcooked bbq. But in this page, he still has his uniform and his body doesn’t appear deformed at all. I know I’m nitpicking but things like this bring me out of the story for a split second and that’s never a good thing.

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