Spider-Man #9 Comic Book Review/Recap

Spider-Man #9 – Where in the world is Miles Morales?

Spider-Man #9 Comic Book Recap (Script)

Jefferson comes home, only to hear some unfamiliar voices.  Nova and Ms. Marvel have broken in, and are surprised at his presence.  They apologize, saying that they came here because Miles is missing.  They ask if he knows about the Inhuman that can see the future, and Jefferson says that Miles told him all about it.  Ms. Marvel thinks it’s nice that these two have the sort of relationship where they can share that with each – wait – focus… focus.  The Inhuman saw a vision of Miles killing somebody, and, worse still, it makes you experience the vision as if you were there.
Meanwhile, Goldballs and Bombshell are outside looking for Miles.  They haven’t met before, and things get kind of awkward between them.  They have little luck in finding their friend, too.

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Elsewhere, Ganke seeks out a young woman named Danika Hart.  She’s an internet celebrity who is famous for her uncanny ability to keep track of Spider-Man’s comings and goings.  Refusing to say who he is, Ganke just tells her he is Spider-Man’s friend and that he thinks the hero is in trouble.  Danika agrees to send out a broadcast explaining what happened.  She begs everyone to contact her if they see him.  No jokes, no trolling.  This needs to be done, and fast.  Because he would do the same for them.

Jefferson goes out to a barber shop, and asks for a Kevin Costner.  The barber asks if he’s sure about this, and Jefferson says yes.  SHIELD greets their agent, but he’s in no mood for pleasantries.  He demands to speak to Maria Hill.  The commander greets Jefferson and demands to know where Miles is, but his father was about to ask her the same question.  Maria promises they just want to protect the boy, but Jefferson has a feeling their protection will closely resemble a prison cell.

Spider-Man #9 – Where in the world is Miles Morales?

They had a deal – that Jefferson was supposed to keep SHIELD informed in exchange for their protection of the young hero, but Miles went to help Tony, and now, he’s in the wind.  She gives a simple order to their agent – bring him in.  Jefferson pauses, and admits he has no idea where his son is.  Maria disconnects the call, leaving a furious Jefferson to stew in silence.

With the broadcast out in the world, Danika takes Ganke out to the roof.  She can tell Ganke is having a hard time coping with all of this, and says this is where she comes to relax, hoping this can make Ganke feel better, too.  Danika says she finds something fascinating about the superheroes, and the great thing about New York is there’s always one passing by.  Sure enough, the two spot the Human Torch flying off in the distance.  After they talk a bit, Danika begins getting messages.  Multiple sightings, that soon Jefferson, Ms. Marvel, and Bombshell get notification of two.  They’ve found him.  Miles Morales is in Washington, DC.

             War Machine flies right by Danika and Ganke in the direction of the nation’s capital, and Ganke has a horrible realization.  They’re going to kill him.

Spider-Man #9 Comic Book Review

So this was a great comic.  Really, this is kind of Bendis at his best.  Dialogue, a bit of humour, and character growth are him at his best, and this issue is that, completely unfiltered.  It’s interesting, Miles barely even shows up in this issue and has no dialogue, yet it’s a great comic about the people in his life and has some really cool moments.  Jefferson showing some muscle as a SHIELD agent, that was cool, and the various pairing of other young heroes worked well.  A lot of these characters talk in a certain jokey kind of way, but the comic strikes a decent balance with all these figures, and the serious adults show Bendis isn’t having all the characters speaking the same sort of dialogue.

My favourite part has to be with Nova and Ms. Marvel.  Someone else in the comments section of another video pointed out how great these two and Miles are together, and yeah, I agree.  These three and the newest batch of heroes in general are really fun together, and their dynamic is so great that I really think they can work as another generation of Avengers.  Like how X-Men has the original crew and subsequent generations, these heroes are so fun together I really think they can reach the same iconic status as the core Avengers have achieved.  If Marvel stopped messing around and just had these guys as heroes, going on adventures and such, they’d really have something here.

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I wish we got more of this Brian Micheal Bendis.  Right now it seems exclusive to this series, as the Iron Men comics and Civil War II just don’t seem to have the same heart behind them as what I keep seeing in these Spider-Man comics.  I really think it would be best if they only had him on series that seem to hold his attention and creative drive like this one, because it’s amazing how much better this comic feels over some of his other recent work.

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