Spider-Man Comics Online: Edge Of Spider-Verse #3 Review/Recap


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Spider-Man Comicbooks: Edge Of Spider-Verse #3 Recap

The issue begins with the introduction of this universe’s Spider-Man. His name is Dr Aaron Aikman. A molecular biologist that underwent a self inflicted treatment using insect venoms. Aikman didn’t just survive his own experiment, but would find himself empowered with superhuman abilities. He became a hero for the city. He became the Spider-Man.

As Spider-Man, he has fought many villains including a mysterious foe who people call naamurah, a dangerous kidnapper that he has failed to apprehend.  We are introduced to dr kaori ikegami, his boss whom he has been romantically involved with.  7 years ago, ikegami would lose her 10 year old daughter Hannah, to a car accident.

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Hannah survived but she suffered irreversible brain damage and will remain in a persistent vegetative state for the rest of her life. Ikegami would dedicate most of her time to caring for her daughter. The roller-coaster relationship between Aaron and xaori would eventually break them apart. With plenty of time on his hands after the breakup, Spider-Man would find a pattern to the kidnappings by naamurah. He is now ready to end the city’s lost person’s nightmare.

Spider-Man would find his prey red handed. He engages naamurah and eventually subdues the villain. Unmasked, naamurah is exposed to be someone else.

Instead of apprehending a villain, Spider-Man has apprehended one of the kidnapped victim.

After careful analysis of the body, Spider-Man uncovers a technology that leads him back to his ex-girlfriend. He confronts kaori and discovers the truth behind the villain naamurah. We discover that many years ago, kaori was successful in bringing her daughter back to life via cybernetic implants. But what she brought back was not her daughter. Blinded by love, kaori did whatever naamurah told her to do. So she did.

More walking machines were built for the sole purposes of kidnapping. Thus a small army is out there kidnapping more victims to build their army for the next wave. Deducing that Hannah is long dead and naamurah is from another dimension, Spider-Man races to save his city, possibly the world, from certain destruction. But just before he hits the exit doors, morlun stands waiting for him. Spider-Man states, which you are. Morlun states, the end of your story.

Spider-Man Comic books: Edge Of Spider-Verse #3 Review

Whats goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the edge of Spider-Verse issue 3. So I honestly have no clue where to start first. Let me start by saying I love this issue. Spider-Verse 1 and 2 were really good but I dare say that I think I enjoyed this the most.

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Spiderman Comic Books Spider-Verse Issue 3 Cont.

This issue had the feel of thriller And horror instead of just the standard superhero vibe.

Imagine a cybernetic creature that kidnaps people in the night and he was never detected until people around the victim’s immediate radius started having the same nightmare. Such a clever and suddle concept and I love it.

I enjoyed the beginning when we are introduced to a new Spider-Man but then the middle felt like it dragged on a bit.

I didn’t care much for the girlfriend or the daughter story arc and I was struggling to care for this new Spider-Man.  But then the ending was just superb. In a couple pages, I now care so much for this Spider-Man and his girlfriend and I also love the twist at the end of Hannah being the villain naamurah.

Normally I would criticize the change in art style but for a story where we jump from one universe to another, I think this is an excellent approach. Noir Spider-Man has a dark gritty feel to it whereas gwen stacy spiderwoman has a girly punk feel.

This issue with Aaron Aikman has more of a standard superhero feel mixed in with the thriller and horror aspect. Having said that, I honestly can’t wait for the next issue of the edge of Spider-Verse. So why wait, lets take a look at the upcoming Spider-Verse issue 4. I assume this is a young peter parker. There isn’t much dialog in these pages but we do see how he gains his powers. We even get a page where I assume he discovers his web powers for the first time by engulfing his poor cat in spider’s web. Just by these preview images, I would assume that this universe Spider-Man might not be a good guy but more like a juvenile delinquent.

so my concern is that the bar is now raised really high and the next issues won’t be as good as issues 1,2 and 3. But if done right, this could be a series that would forever go down as the best Spider-Man story arc ever told. But that’s just my opinion, what did you think about the edge of Spider-Verse issue 3? Please let me know in the comments below. And as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe, and ill see you next time in the edge of Spider-Verse issue 4.

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