Spider-Man Comics Online Issue 5 Review/Recap

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Spider-Man Comics Online Issue 5 Recap

The lower east side, the issue begins in a secret gambling parlor. Black cat and electro crashes the party and takes the mob boss captive. Hours later, in an abandoned warehouse, the goblin king and negative man await for one more guest to begin their meeting. Suddenly the mob boss crashes through the roof and destroys the meeting table.

After showing her might, the black cat offers a truce to smash the spider and break the man.

The upper west side, spiderman and silk are still in a heated making out session. Silk calls spiderman by his human name. After doing so, spiderman regains his composure and states that she might be right about morluns return. The two still cannot understand their attraction towards each other.

The fact channel, j jonah jameson is ready for his debut but the editors have bumped him back for a discussion with sajani, peter’s right hand scientist. But unfortunately for them, sajani is held captive by electro.

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Later that night, anna maria returns to the apartment of peter and anna. She discovers that peter is making out with a stranger on her roof. Peter attempts to explain but anna is un-amused. She tells him that he is needed at the fact channel for the show since sajani could not be found.

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The scene jumps to the fact studios and peter is getting ready for the show with cindy moon watching on in the background. The show begins but it doesn’t take long before cindy feels the spider sense tingling. Soon after peter feels it too. Electro and black cat manages to get past security and attacks peter in the hopes of drawing out spiderman. Unbeknownst to them, parker has a super hero ally in the crowd. Silk , all suited up, comes between the villain and their prize.

Peter manages to sneak away during the confusion and suits up as spiderman to join silk in the brawl. Jameson takes this opportunity and puts everything on live camera for all to see.

Because of her heightened sense, silk dodges all of electro’s attacks. But spiderman isn’t so lucky after the cat redirects an electric fireball at him. Paralyzed, spiderman is at the cat’s mercy as she begins to unmask him while Jameson announces to the world of spidermans secret identity.

Spider-Man Comics Online Issue 5 Review

Whats goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the amazing spiderman issue 5. Alright I was super pumped for this issue series since last week; we were treated to the superior spiderman issue 32. And i gotta say, this issue did NOT disappoint. A lot of gears are in motion and the black cat is acting as the puppet master right now. I love how she is gathering a small criminal army to attack spiderman. She says it herself, she plans on breaking the spider AND the man. So she now has goblin king and negative man as her trump card but her main enforcer is Electro.


I love how this is all shaping up but unfortunately this is just forplay since we know that the spiderman story will climax when Morlun returns. That being said, foreplay is never a bad thing ahha.

im quite glad to see that silk is not a villain and i love how she stays by peter’s side while she acclimates back into society.

I honestly feel so bad for anna maria. Its one thing hearing that your boyfriend broke up with you because he had a mind swap, but its a whole new mess when u catch him making out with another super hero woman on your roof. That must really suck for anna. Poor girl!

So I never put the dots together and thought of Jameson and parker are step brothers. But obviously taht makes alot of sense since aunt may and Jameson senior are married. These two has gone soo far from back in the day when Jameson was still editor in chief at the daily bugle and parker was still a photographer. I love this evolution of the characters and I’m still voting for Jameson as president of the United States one day.

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Alright so my final thoughts on this issue. It made me laugh while still kept my very much enthralled on the story. I love the cliff hanger ending. Having said that, this kinda ending makes me wanna be the first in line for when the comic store opens so I can pick up issue 6 to find out what happens next.

Allright guys so what did you think about this issue. please let me know in the comments below. And as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe and ill see you next time in the amazing spiderman issue 6.


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