Spider-Man/Deadpool #6 Comic Book Review/Recap

Spider-Man/Deadpool #6. Going Hollywood!

Spider-Man/Deadpool #6 Recap

While wandering around the city, Deadpool overhears an emergency broadcast that a super villain is terrorizing Midtown.  Springing into action, our hero moves to intercept.  He finds to culprit – who calls himself the Salmon Stuntman.   But he’s not a super-villain, he was just flying around to get Deadpool’s attention.  It seems they are making a movie about Deadpool, and the stunt man wants the real guy to help him perform stunts for the film.  The stunt man even offers to pay Wade on scale.  The merc eagerly accepts, and an hour later, he finds Spider-Man.

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Knowing the web-head is more familiar with Hollywood than anyone, Deadpool wants his help becoming a household name that can be taken seriously. It’s important to him.  Spidey is reluctant, until Deadpool agrees to make him a producer.  The two heroes travel to Hollywood where the meet the man who will be playing Deadpool, Donald Dryans.  The actor is upset because he wants to show his butt more in the movie.  The director accepts this, and everyone goes back to filming.

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Deadpool works well as a stunt man, until the Salmon begins attacking him for real. Revealing he really is a villain, the two heroes spring into action and chase him through several studios, until the stunt man is trapped by an animatronic T-Rex.  Unmasking the villain, the two are shocked to find out it was none other than Donald Dryans, who was trying to make sure Deadpool wouldn’t ruin the movie with his fourth-wall-breaking witticisms.  As he is taken away, the studio head confronts the two heroes, complaining his movie is now without a lead actor.  They suggest casting Ryan Reynolds instead, thinking the actor is a much better fit for Deadpool anyway.   They also say the movie can be fun instead of dramatic and broody.

The studio head understands what they are saying, and thinks it is a great idea. The heroes are disappointed by the end result, but at least Wade got a paycheck so that’s… oh… scale pay is very low…

Spider-Man/Deadpool #6 Recap

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review of Spider-Man/Deadpool #6!

So when I heard Scott Aukerman was guest writing for this series I knew I wanted to check this issue out.  I’m a big fan of this guy, and his show and podcast, both named Comedy Bang Bang, are really funny and worth checking out.  This is a funny writer and comedian who has done a few small writing jobs for Marvel before, so I figured his comic would be a lot of fun to cover.

And the end result is… well, I have mixed feelings.  I really wanted to like this thing, but at the end of the day, not enough of this comic was all that funny.  There were good parts, to be sure.  I like how this guy refers to himself as an anachronistic stereotype, I like this little exchange between Daredevil and Cap: “Interesting thing about me… I can read my lines by feeling the impressions of the ink on my fingertips…” “Hail HYDRA!” “Er… okay…,” and I like how this story is one big callback to the way Spider-Man actually met the Green Goblin way back in Amazing Spider-Man #14.

That being said, not all of the jokes and references hit home for me.  Some of the stuff like having Deadpool randomly talking like Miss Piggy for a panel, then commenting on how silly it is to talk like Miss Piggy, or making fun of the Walking Dead for calling zombies walkers felt really, really stale.  These are the sort of jokes that other writers have been making for a long time now so some of the humor comes across as outdated.  Even stuff I kind of found funny like the Scooby-Doo style reveal of the villain – that joke was amusing but let’s be real, it’s kind of been done to death.  Luckily, this comic largely gets by on its own charm and mostly good humor.  This is helped in no small way by Reilly Brown’s art, which nicely compliments the laid back nature of this issue.

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So by no means is this comic bad, yet still, I was, on some level, disappointed by it.  Maybe it is because I was expecting something hilarious from someone as talented as Scott Aukerman and instead I got something that was only kind of funny.  It was funny.  It was mostly enjoyable.  I’m not angry that I read it or felt like my time was being wasted.  But I am a bit disappointed, and at the end of the day, I just can’t recommend it for this reason.  There are way funnier Deadpool comics than this, and the Spider-Man/Deadpool series on the whole has offered more in the preceding issues.  I do hope Scott goes on to write more comics though.  He’s talented and funny, Comedy Bang Bang is too good for this not to be the case, I just think some of the jokes and references in this comic needed to be reworked a little bit.

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