Spider-Verse #1 Comic Book Review/Recap

SpiderVerse #1 Review/Recap. Pig In The City. (Secret Wars Tie In)


Spider-Verse #1 Comic Book Recap

In one of the modern kingdoms of battle world lies a sector that is peaceful, but still, no place is without crime. Every kingdom has their problems and this sector is no different. This version of New York called Arachnia, is governed by its mayor Norman Osborn.

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Her mission began on a gloomy night. The rain hammers her spider suit but still, she finds the strange urge to dawn her costume and head out to fight crime. Spider Gwen’s senses led her to a monastery where thieves are well into their night of robbing graves. Spider Gwen makes quick work out of the robbers and webs them up for the authorities to find. She takes a moment and approaches two tombstones. One marked Gwen Stacy, gone too soon. The other reads Captain George stacy.

Elsewhere in the city, another crime is taking place. But a mysterious figure stands watching over the criminal activities. But not long after, he witnesses a Spiderman entering the scene. Spider UK is here to thwart these criminals. Soon after, Anya the spider girl enters the fray to assist her friend. The criminals are rounded up but the man watching the action can see that the fight is not yet over. Oscorp fighter vessels are onroute and a hoarde of heavily armed soldiers emerge from the containers. It is a trap, a trap set for spiders. The man cant stand idly by and thus, he dawns HIS version of the spider suit.

With the help of this new spiderman, Spider UK and Spidergirl comes out victorious. They take a moment to meet this new friend. He introduces himself as pavitr prabhakar, and he tells them about his theory. You see, the spiderman from india has been feeling a déjà vu, a phenomena, a feeling that none of them belong to this world. That they might have all met before. And that nothing is as it seems.

While on her way to work, Gwen Stacy ponders over her life. She once had the great idea of googling herself. But what she finds led her to even more questions. She apparently died on the George Washington Bridge sometime after her father died. Spiderman was there battling with his arch enemy the green goblin. He hasn’t been seen in over a year now. The information was fuzzy but the name Osborn was connected to that incident. But lack of evidence couldn’t tie anything to Norman Osborn who happens to be mayor.

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On her way to work, Gwen passes Norman’s public speech regarding the incidents that happen last night in the cemetery and in the naval yard. He tells the crowd that everything was under control and Oscorp industries is on top of the matter. Amongst the crowd, Osborn recognises Stacy and congratulates her on the fantastic work she has done for his company, even though she is new.

Moments later, Stacy is at work. But you see, Gwen isn’t here to be the next top employee at oscorp. No, she is here because her sense informs her that there is something dark and sinister at play and oscorp is connected to it. After months of work, she found a door that no one else enters except for three. It took a while but Gwen has mapped out the schedules, habits and manners of these three employees. Today will be the day that she will attempt to push her plans to the next level and enter through. She grabs for the key card but is detected. Good thing our Spider heroes always have their back up plan and the man is webbed up and immobilized.

Gwen discovers a file on the sinister six. She also found pictures of other spider heroes and her duel identity is in the mix. There is one more door to enter. The label reads Peter. What she finds inside is nothing she has ever seen before. But the strange feeling is, that seeing this spider hog is like seeing an old friend again. Gwen quickly removes all of the tubing and spider ham begins to regain consciousness. But then a door creeks open and Norman Osborn stands unsurprised that Gwen has found his secret lab.

We now jump back in time, an undetermined amount of time. Spider Ham finds himself swinging through a world that is not his own. A world filled with hairless ape men. This world is strange and Ham finds it difficult to blend in. But then things started going well for our friend as he finds a home with a blind old woman with half of her wits.  Ham would later find a job with the circus. Things are looking good for our spider ham as he acclimates to his new life in a world that is not his own.

Spider-Verse #1 Comic Book Review/Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping the spider-verse issue 1. I have read a few of the other secret wars tie ins and I gotta say first and formost, these tie ins are quite entertaining. Last year, I reviewed all of the spiderverse issues except for 2 so I was super excited when I found out that the spider verse would continue in secret wars. So let’s get into talking about it.

So we are reintroduced to 5 of our favourite spider heroes from spiderverse. Gwen stacy, Spider UK, Anya the spider girl, the spiderman from india, and spider ham. They all find themselves living in a city but they have memories of their past life. Even though we never saw the end of their respective worlds, I love this little nod that confirms that all of their earths are gone but somehow they survived and still have their memories. But of course we have some over lapping, such as Gwen still being alive but her death bleeds into this new kingdom. And she even has a gravestone in her memory. I don’t need any complicated way of explaining how this happened so I loved how we are left to ponder over this reveal.

Spider-Verse 1 comic book review

So in this kingdom, Norman Osborn is the Mayor. As far as I can tell, he is also the Baron. This was one of my minor concerns over the timeline of this new battleworld. Doom is their ruler and they are referred to as Baron’s who has kingdoms to rule. This gives me the feeling of a medieval setting. In Arachnia, the setting feels like modern times and Osborn is referred to as the mayor. This doesn’t feel as natural but it’s just me nit picking.

So at the end, we get a reveal that Norman has been trying to collect the various spider heroes for his own sinister purposes. Newsarama reports that we are still missing spiderman noir, mayday parker and THE spiderman himself. I can’t wait till they show up. Now the question I have is, what do they mean by THE spiderman himself? Parker from the 616? There’s also a peter Parker that will live in the regency so there seems to be a lot of spider heroes running around. But then we got a police force of Thors so this is shaping to be something pretty epic.

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this is one thing I noticed when reading the tie ins. We get to know the barons of the kingdom. There has been Barons that are good, such as she hulk who rules arcadia. But then there are barons that are seeking to usurp dooms throne such as MODOK who lives in the kingdom of killville in sector 34. At the end of secret wars, I predict that doom will gather Barons that will stand by his side to fight the heroes. But im gunna wager that a few Barons will side with the heroes like she hulk. So if Osborn survives till the end of battleworld, I bet he will be a force that doom can count on. Or maybe he will team up with other barons to take dooms throne. Whatever the conclusion will be, I’m super excited and I love getting to know these barons.

So what do you think about the spiderverse issue 1, please let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching and as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe, and I’ll see you next time in another secret wars video.

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