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Earth 30847, Spider-Man is interrupted by a new foe, a foe that he has never seen before. Spider-Man attacks with Web ball, spider sting, and maximum spider. But his efforts prove futile. Morlun unleashes his Inheritor fist and Knocks out the Spider-Man. Game over, the dumfounded arcade player is left very confused.

Elsewhere in the multiverse, Anansi, the spider totem of this earth is being chased by a tree like creature whose angered that anansi did a bad job at taking care of his herd of sheep.  Suddenly, shango, a godlike tornado appears making Anansi’s life a bit more difficult. Spider UK appears to recruit this world’s spider totem to join the war efforts. But Anansi tricks spider UK to impersonate a sheep causing a tiger to attack. night falls and spider UK finally breaks his cover amongst the herd of sheep. Since Spider Uk played along with Anansi’s plans, he now decides to help the Spider UK.

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Elsewhere in the multiverse, when teenage Hobbie Brown is bitten by a radioactive spider created by illegal waste dumping, he becomes the anarchic Spider-Man. In this earth, Norman Osborne is president and anyone who does not share his vision is kept in the slums and is looked down as lower classed citizens. Well Spider-Man had enough and rounds up a nice amount of civilians who are tired of Osborne’s presidential rain.  He meets the president and his army of cops in the streets of the city. Suddenly, Osborne begins to be engulfed in the venom symbiote. The rest of his army follows suit and now a large battalion of venom engulfed cops are ready for war. They charge at the civilians but the people of the city stands calm. At the very last moment, Spider Punk strokes his electric guitar unleashing 15,000 watts of punk rock music at the rampaging venom’s.

This was the day they beat the cops, this was the day they beat the president. This was the day they took America back from the ones who would crush them under their boots.

Marvel Comic Event Spider-Verse #2 Cont!

Marvel Comic book Spider-Verse #2

Mexico. Um, two guys eating pizza. Oh look there’s Spider-Man. Um…guns…action. Oh look, Spider-Man is pulling a Christian bale batman move. Um. Spider-Man’s daytime job as a Mexican wrestler, o damn, he got hurt. Who’s this kid? Ohhh the kid is Spider-Man. Spider-Man punching more bad guys and saving a girl. Don’t read Spanish? Download the free digital version for the story in English? WTFFFF

Loomworld, behind enemy lines, The entire spider army engages the inheritor family. Unfortunately, Spider-Man and a black suit Spider-Man runs out of webbing. They remove themselves from the battle to reload. During this time, they discuss their experience with different incarnations of themselves that they have met in the last few months. Spider-Man admits that he saw a spider totem that looks like the guy from seabuscuit. Black suit Spider-Man admits that he saw a Spider-Man looking like the guy from the social network.  They continue to ponder how they are different besides the obvious spider suit. But at this time, they can’t figure out what makes them different. Their web shooters are reloaded and they swing back into the war against the inheritors.


Whats goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the spiderverse issue 2. Omg what an awesome issue. There weren’t any crazy action or spider deaths but the pure fan service was ridiculous. On the very first page, we meet a Spider-Man from the arcade game that I use to play. I never even considered that they would use spider men from the games but they chose to go with a selectable hero that I loved. I remember when I was like 15 and all I wanted to do after school was run to the closest corner store with this arcade game in it and omg I spent a good summer of my youth playing this game. I was grinning cheek to cheek after reading it.

But then we jump into anansi the Spider-Man from Africa? There’s zebras so im gunna assume its somewhere in Africa. I had never heard about this Spider-Man before so I just wanted to skip over it and jump to the next spider story. But then you guys probably knew what’s next: A whole story in Spanish. Um….. ok next story. This final mini story was just awesome. As you may know, Sony owns the cinematic rights to Spider-Man, which means we would not be seeing toby McGuire or Andrew Garfield anytime soon in the spider verse but this issue did it. I totally geeked out when these two spider men made reference to the actors.

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Marvel Comic book Spider-Verse #2

Spider Gwen preparing to fight the inheritors

O wait, I forgot about spiderpunk lol. I love the art in his story. I also loved the message that they are trying to portray. fight back against oppression with music. If he isn’t called spiderpunk, I would probably nick name him hippy Spider-Man lol.

Alright so what do you think about this issue, please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.  and btw, have you guys noticed that the dialog boxes have been whited out in the last few videos? Well me and Arden are starting to do this to all of our videos just to stay on top of copyright infringement purposes. We want to continue to bring you reviews/recaps, origins and bios and top 10s for as long as possible so we don’t want to anger the giant comic books companies.


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