Spider Verse #2 Review/Recap.

Spider Verse #2 Review/Recap. Spider Man Noir


Spider Verse #2 Comic Book Recap

The Multiverse was destroyed and all the remains is battle world, a massive patchwork planet composed of the fragments of worlds that no longer exists, maintained by the iron will of its god and master, victor von doom. Each region is a domain unto itself. In one such domain, a ragtag band of web slinging spider heroes have found them unsure of where they fit in.

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Gwen Stacy is shocked at her current predicament. She doesn’t know what surprises her more. Her boss,  Norman Osborne, having a secret facility with a databank on other spider heroes like her, or a humanoid pig that can speak English.

But she came for answers and binds Osborne in hopes to make a  quick getaway with her new pig friend. The doors slam open and the Oscorp security has arrived with rifle in hand. With their stun settings on, they take aim and shoots. Unfortunately, Peter Porker gets hit in the cross fire. Gwen cant escape with Osborne and the pig so she makes a decision.

Gwen chose a heroes route and swings off with the amazing peter porker. But then again, worst case scenario, a talking pig could probably make her famous at lease.

Across town, Porker and Gwen manages to catch their breaths. With her life flipped upside down, she is frantic and exhausted. Gwen believes that she knew Spider Ham as if he was an old friend. Porker shares the same feeling. They are connected in some way and Osborn knows more than he’s letting on. Then arrives the rest of our spider heroes: Anya the spider girl, Spider UK and the spiderman from India.

The group reconvenes at India Spiderman’s safe house. They each share their experience of how they got their powers. Most have stated that they got bitten by a radioactive spider while Anya was granted her powers by a spider worshiping mage.

Porker states that he was a spider bitten by a radioactive pig.

A signal activates and the group is alerted to their next destination.

Spider Verse #2 Review/Recap. Spider Man Noir

Meanwhile, Spiderman Noir has tracked down Tombstone and Carnage to the docks. He carefully watches on in the shadows but the rest of the spider gang as arrived. Our heroes do not know of these villains but it is clear that they are about to torture their prisoners. The glass shatters and the spider army jumps straight in to battle. Noir is unimpressed that his operation is now ruined by a bunch of inexperienced hero wannabes. But watching on, he sees that these spider costumes vigilantes can hold their own. Noir jumps into the chaos and blasts Carnage with his sonic weapon.  The spider heroes manages to subdue tombstone and the battle is over.

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Noir wastes little time and takes out his pistol and plants two bullets into carnage’s chest. When confronted, he states that it will take more than two bullets to kill the carnage, but it will keep the symbiote busy while it repairs its host body.

We discover that Noir has been spying on all of the spider heroes for months now. He stole tech from India Spiderman and re-engineered it to create a cloaking device from being detected. But his device ran out of battery while he was on this stake out. This alerted the spider heroes to the docks. Noir is anxious to leave before he is detected by another group, but it is too late, the sinister six has arrived, ready to take on our costumed heroes.

Spider Verse #2 Comic Book Review

What’s goin on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping the spider verse issue 2.

So this was a pretty good issue. I felt a very nice nostalgia feeling that I didn’t feel back in issue 1. The spider army is back. Well not really. All we need is dock ock and the 616 Spiderman and then the spider army is back together. But the addition of Spiderman noir was really cool. I love how he plays it cool while he has been watching them for months now. The web slingers are probably piecing things together and they work well as a group considering their circumstance, but I think noir knows more than he is willing to share. We, as readers, know whats goin on in this planet but the district of arachnia has like 6 or 7 different universes in one. There’s a bunch of spider heroes running around, all belonging to their respective universes, all cramped into 1 city. We know its been months now that noir has been investigating the spider heroes and we also found out in issue 3 that battleworld is 8 years old after the final incursion event.

So this raises a lot more questions than answers. So this is how I choose to simplify things in arachnia: Each spider hero was mysteriously dropped into this domain and their memories are just mysteriously amalgamated with those around them, even though it doesn’t make sense, like spider Gwen being placed here while she has already died and has a tombstone in her memory. I know it’s a bit confusing but that’s how I make sense of this. So maybe more spider heroes will appear out of thin air.

So the one thing that stood out in this issue for me is spider ham’s humour. I love the joke when he says that he was a spider bitten by a radioactive pig. That was very entertaining.

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So at the end, the final cliff hanger shows us another version of the sinister six. At this point, im honestly quite bored of these guys. It feels like they are the go-to villain group whenever a spider hero needs a team to beat up. It also ruins future partnership between any one member of these groups because we know that Spiderman, or in this case, the spider heroes, have beaten all 6 of them. This is like my complaint before when black cat teamed up with electro. I don’t buy it anymore.

But that’s just my opinion, what do you think about the sinister 6? Do they even present a real threat anymore? Please let me know in the comments below.

Thank you so much for watching my review of the spider verse issue 2. And as always, fi you enjoyed this video, pleaes like subscribe and I’ll see you next time an another secret wars tie in.


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