Spider Verse #3 Comic Review/Recap

Spider Verse #3 Review/Recap. Spider Ham Jumps Sides?


Spider Verse #3 Comic Recap

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The sinister 6 stands before our heroes and are ready for a battle. Spider UK can see that they are battle hardened and they know each other’s strength and weaknesses. But he has only battled with Anya the spider girl. The others, he doesn’t know, and today is not such a good day to learn. The two groups engage each other in battle. They choose their opponents and the spider heroes do their best. But Doc Ock and electro teams up to unleash a devastating jolt of electricity which renders spider Gwen and UK unconscious.

Spiderman India and Noir teams up against the scorpion and the sandman but these two heroes barely know each other whereas the villains have been together for a very long time. Scorpion offers a distraction while the sandman subdues and immobilizes the two heroes.  Anya can see that they are losing so she takes the fight to higher ground but what she doesn’t see is that the vulture had beat her to the punch. He tackles her to the ground and just like that, the fight is over and the sinister 6 stands victorious.

Hours later and the heroes are released and are in conversation with the man who hired the sinister 6. Norman Osborne apologises for the acts of his hired muscle. He tells the spider heroes that he needed enforcers because Hammer Head and Carnage were on location and those two aren’t known for their diplomatic nature. Rest assured, those two are not in jail. When asked how he knew about their encounter at the docks, Osborne says that he got a phone call from the pig. Spider Ham walks into the room and tells his spider friends that Norman is his friend and had been trying to help him contact his home for months now.

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osborne continues to tell the heroes that they all resonate a morphogenetic field which binds them. They are all somehow in sync with one another.  From his research with Ham, Osborne believes he can find out where they came from.

The heroes are lead into a room where they can see into 5th dimensional space. And using ham’s resonance as a key, Osborne has unravelled a broken web structure of the universe. with everything going on, Gwen kindly requests that they have some privacy.

Elsewhere, Gwen is frustrated and demands that they leave this compound immediately. We can’t trust Osborne, she states. But the other heroes see the logic within Norman and decide to stay to see it through. Gwen berates her teammates for trusting in Osborne but worst of all she can’t believe she saved the hams only to have him betray her like that.

Gwen returns to meet with Norman. She kindly tells him that she will not be staying because he is crazy and o ya, she wont be coming back to work either. Heck she won’t be coming back at all, unless he hurts her people. Well, then she will come back to burn this place to the ground.

Gwen swings off in anger and heads toward a place where she can find peace. Along the way, she focuses her anger on rounding up muggers and saving an old lady from being hit by a car. Gwen arrives at a place she calls home, a place where she can feel peace. It’s been a confusing day and Gwen just wants to relax. But a voice states, weirdly peaceful right? No spider sense warning. Gwen turns around to see a very familiar face. He tells her that his name is peter parker, and he used to be Spiderman.

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Spider Verse #3 Comic Review

What’s going on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the spiderverse issue 3, another secret wars tie in. So this was a pretty interesting book. There are quite a few things I want to go over regarding battle world as a whole but right now, let’s discuss this issue. I loved how the sinister 6 worked so well as a team. We don’t see this happen much. They aren’t arguing over each other and they manage to take down 5 spider men.

I did not see that coming. It is no surprise that Norman Osborne is their boss but what is surprising is that I’m starting to think that Osborne is a good guy. He has some very good points on why he did what he did and I believed it. He even let Gwen go. Maybe this incarnation of Norman is actually a good guy? I highly doubt it but this issue did a good job making me think that he just wants the best for the spider heroes.

Spider Verse #3 Review/Recap. Spider Ham Jumps Sides? (Secret Wars Tie In)

So this scene is quite interesting. As far as we know, there is no universe that surrounds battleworld and yet Osborne created a structure that shows the universe. this is a bit confusing so I’m going to skip it but what’s interesting is that Osborne used the word universe. Is there a universe that battleworld is situated in? So far, we know that the human torch acts as the sun and a head of a celestial acts as a moon. I was reading the Korvac Saga issue 1 and we learn that there arnt any stars. So when any citizen looks up at night, they aren’t supposed to see anything. Im assuming that certain people in battleworld are starting to see what’s really going on and Norman Osborne is close to this truth. I assume the hobo Loki from Thors issue 1 already know.

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Ok so at the end, Gwen goes back to the cemetery only to find a peter parker hanging around. Well besides the creepy factor, I think this is a nice cliff hanger. It was a whole lot better than introducing the sinister 6 at the end of issue 2. Peter Parker says that he used to be spiderman. Could this guy be the peter parker that we read about in renew your vows? If you haven’t done so yet, I recommend checking out Arden’s review by clicking on the link in the screen.

Alrighty guys so this is my question for you: do you think that there is currently a universe with other stars and galaxies and such right now? Or is there only battleworld and this patchwork planet is the only planet in existence? Please let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching and as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe and I’ll see you next time in another secret wars tie in.

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