Spider-Verse #4 Comic Book Review/Recap

Spider-Verse #4 Review/Recap. Arrival Of Venom.



Spider-Verse #4 Comic Book Recap

Gwen Stacy, the spider woman stands in awe as she comes face to face with Peter Parker, a man she thought dead. Parker admits that she is not the only one drawn to this place. He comes here occasionally as well.  Suddenly, a monstrous creature interrupts their discussion. Venom presents himself and attacks the two spider heroes. Spider Gwen jumps into action and takes Parker out of harm’s way. She knocks down a tree which crashes upon the symbiote. This won’t hold him for long and thus, Gwen and Peter swings off to higher ground.

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Moments later, Gwen and Parker takes a second to collect themselves. We discover that the symbiote was only following Gwen until it saw Peter. This peter parker had been gone for a long time. He now has a wife and family to protect. And he also doesn’t have his spider powers anymore. But suddenly, their conversation gets interrupted again as the symbiote arrives and tackles his new target.

Gwen masks up and prepares for another round with Venom. She hasn’t been doing this for long but she had learnt a few things. First, when fighting someone stronger than you, hit them with something other than your fist. Second, keep your distance. Third, make sure the non-spider powered people are clear.

Venom is taken down again and the heroes make their escape. But as per usual, venom is back at it. Gwen brings parker into an abandoned studio. Luckily for them, some equipment is left behind. Venom crashes through the window but his arrival is anticipated. The volume is turned up to the max and Gwen takes a stroke of her electric guitar. The overpowering sonic vibrations causes the symbiote to abandon its host which gives peter enough time to greet Eddie, followed by a punch to the face. Venom was sent to keep an eye on Gwen, but if the symbiote doesn’t check back in with Osborn, then he will know that something is up. Gwen and peter now have to think of a plan to counter Osborn’s.

Spider-Verse #4 Review/Recap. Arrival Of Venom.

Oscorb, Anya the spider girl sits bored out of her mind watching her friends discuss science and..er..stuff. Ham can see that she doesn’t fit in and invites her to join him at the buffet upstairs. Moments later at the buffet, ham informs anya how he likes it here. No one bothers him or even take notice to him when all he does is sit and eat all day. But when he wants to talk to norman, he would find Mr Osborn on his Caesars chair. When asked about the chair, Ham states that norman also wears a crown and he said something about how he is going to storm the gates of heaven, or something. Anya is shocked and demands to see this Caesar’s chair and crown.

Elsewhere, India Spiderman and Osborn are making greet progress deciphering this quantum web.  But the spider hero receives a picture message meant for Osborn. One look and Osborn loses his composure. Peter Parker has resurfaced. He needs to take care of this quick and quietly. Osborn now shows his goblin face and bluntly demands for results when he returns.  Norman marches out of the room leaving the spider heroes dumfounded. What happened to their generous host? Moments later, Anya peeks her head around the door and tells her friends that she found something.

Osborn found his sinister six. He demands that they suit up and ready themselves for another mission, but this time, the boss is coming too. Osborn will now, finally need his glider.

Moments later, Ham brings the spiders to Norman’s Caesars chair. Spider UK identifies it as the Siege Perilous, a seat reserved for the man who finds the Holy Grail. According to Spider Ham, Osborn would sit on this chair and rant about how he would crush God Doom under his boots.  Suddenly, electricity begins to pour out of the chair. The spider heroes are getting close which is causing this seat to resonate. With hammer in hand, a thor enters the room and states: that is a weapon of considerable power. In the name of the all father, I insist you step away from it, immediately.marvel comics event secret wars reading order checklist

Spider-Verse #4 Comic Book Review

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Whats goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the spider verse issue 4. This has not been the best read for me but there are some redeeming qualities to this issue. Unfortunately there might be a few more negative things that I would say about it though. Ok so let’s go over the bad things first and we can end it on a more happy note.

First bad thing: Cover art shows this guy. Im gunna assume this is the jackal, the guy that cloned spider man. this is very misleading since the jackal doesn’t make an appearance nor does he get a mention in this issue. I really dislike when the writers use cover art that doesn’t properly represent the issue. So the only thing that would make sense is that this creature is the green globin. Norman gets quite a lot of face time in this issue and we are starting to see that he is indeed the antagonist of this secret wars tie in. the story does move forward a bit when we find out that he is like some of the other barons. What I mean by this is the fact that he too wants to dethrone god doom. Well we already get quite a lot of this plot development. There’s MOKOK, Regent, Sinestro, The maestro and a few more barons that I can think of who wants to take Doom’s throne so this new development feels very bland. We have seen it before. We want to see something new.

So on to my next disappointment. We are 4 issues in and I am feeling a bit bored. The story is moving too slow. The biggest reason why I chose to cover this tie in was because I thought I would see Morlun or a few inheritors again. Even though the spider verse had a weak ending, the journey was very entertaining and I thought I would get a bit of that in this secret wars tie in. so now, im just hoping that this story would wrap up and we can move to another issue series for me to cover.

But that’s all the negative things I gotta say. Unfortunately these negatives are pretty big. But lets get into some positives.

I love the fact that peter parker mentioned that he has a family. Parker seems to get a lot of mentions in the entire secret wars tie in. You got the parker from renew your vows where he still has his powers and is married to MJ. Arden is covering that so I recommend you check out his reviews by clicking on the screen. You also got the civil wars tie in where Parker is separated from his wife and child due to Iron Man and captain America having a huge disagreement. I think I should have covered this tie in. ah well.

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