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New Comics: Spider-Verse Team Up #2 Recap

The daily bugle, Jameson screams for Parker and once he arrives, JJ throws a flurry of orders to have Parker take pictures of two Spider-Men that he believes to be the criminal Spider-Man’s new gang members. The parker of this universe suits up and not before long, he stands face to face with 2 members of the spider army. The spider heroes declare their case and to their surprise, peter parker believes them. Suddenly, the vulture, Electro, green goblin, and the scorpion ambushes the 3 spider heroes leaving them paralyzed on the floor. But instead of taking their kill, the villains squabble amongst themselves which offers enough time for the spider heroes to recover from their paralysis.

The heroes depart but not before wrapping up the villains for the police officers to find, courtesy of their friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man and friends. This world’s peter Parker refuses to leave until he has informed his friends and family that he will be away and unreachable for a period of time. Once this is done, the new spider army consisting of 3 Spider-Men are ready to travel the multiverse to recruit more Spider-Men to their army.

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new comics spider verse team up

Retro Spiderman with Miles Morales and young parker

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Earth 21205, Spider Gwen, chases down the hobgoblin who is revealed to be this universe’s peter parker. The inheritor Verna and her hounds are hot on their trails but the confused Hobgoblin refuses to listen to Gwen, until she reveals her identity. Parker breaks down in tears as he reminisce the loss of the first love of his life. We discover that in this universe, after Gwen Stacy’s death, parker made sure that the green goblin shares the same fate. But it didn’t stop there.  Parker killed the Spider-Man identity and took on the hobgoblin persona. Before spider Gwen could depart with parker goblin, a pissed off Verna and her hounds arrive. Parker goblin takes Verna head on but that would prove to be a foolish task. With no way out, parker goblin sets off a goblin bomb sacrificing his life while attempting to kill Verna. but this would also prove futile as Verna is barely hurt while parker lays dyeing on his own pool of blood. Gwen’s mission is a failure and she departs, but not before swearing vengeance against Verna the inheritor.

New Comics: Spider-Verse Team Up #2 Review

Whtas goin on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping the spider verse team up issue 2. Ok so similar to the spider verse team up issue 1, we also got 2 different story lines in play here. In the first story line, we go way back to, what I believe to be, the very first Spider-Man animated TV show. I never watched this version before but I am familiar with the show and how cheesy it is. So for the readers that have watched this animated TV show, this is like a trip down memory lane, pure nostalgia. But what I really enjoyed was the comedic timing of the young Spider-Man, who is taken right out of his tv show ultimate Spider-Man. This show, I do watch from time to time. It’s funny how the show is currently going through their own version of the Spider-Verse with this young peter parker being the main leader. If you’re enjoying the Spider-Verse and haven’t watched this TV show yet, I highly recommend checking out the Spider-Verse story arc in the ultimate Spider-Man TV show. Instead of Morlun and the inheritors, we got Norman Osborne as the green goblin traveling the multiverse with the help of electro.

new comics spider verse team up

Peter Parker As The Hob Goblin

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Ok so the second story was very interesting. We got a peter parker that took on the hobgoblin identity after his Gwen Stacy dies. We know parker to be such a boy scout so it’s just very entertaining when we see him turn to the dark side and starts killing people. This incarnation shows us what would happen to parker if he killed green goblin and left his Spider-Man identity behind. I actually started to really like this guy but then Verna got to him. Damn you damn slot. You giveth and then you taketh away.

Ok this was a short issue that doesn’t have an everlasting impact on the Spider-Verse story. I kind of had an idea of what I was getting myself into so having said that, I really enjoyed this issue. But I want to know what you think about the spider verse team up issue 2. And so this is my question for you. How long do you think the 80’s Spider-Man would last in the Spider-Verse? Would he be quick meat for the inheritors or could he be the breakout star? Please let me know in the comments below.

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