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Marvel Comic Books: Spider Woman #1 Recap

In an unknown dimension, silk, spider woman and spider noir rides on lizard-like horses heading to the next closest city seeking refuge from the elements and keeping a safe distance from the dimension hopping inheritors. Arriving in a local market place, spider woman instructs noir and silk to keep a low profile while she finds them some clothing to fit in with the locals. Silk and noir watches on as injustice takes place. Against spider woman’s instructions, silk and noir attacks the bandits.

New Comics Spider Woman #1 Cont!

Spider woman is alerted to all of the commotion. While cursing her teammates, she jumps into battle to aid them. Shortly after the battle ends, a dimensional portal opens and in comes the inheritor twins. Spider noi quickly jumps in to shield silk and pre-emptively strike the inheritors but to no avail. Spider-Man noir takes a brutal beating, but silk manages to take him out of battle and spider woman crashes her hover bike onto the twins. With a moment to spare, they quickly teleport away to safety.

Earth 90214, Spider-Man Noirs home world, the trio arrives at Felicia hardy’s establishment. Spider-Man noir is in critical condition and is brought home to rest under the care of his loved ones in his own world. Silk disagrees with the decision to leave noir behind calling spider woman cold and heartless. But Jessica’s main objective is to keep silk safe. They are currently in a war and there will be casualties. Suddenly, a loud crashing sound signals the arrival of their pursuers. Silk, spider woman and Felicia hardy will take the inheritors head on but as they arrive on location, they discover Spider-Man, spider girl and spider Gwen, not so gracefully arriving in this dimension.

We discover that Spider-Man came to take spider woman out of the protection business so she can play a more important role in the grand scheme of things. Silks new protectors are the spider girl and spider Gwen. This is heavily criticized by the spider woman. She berates silk as being too immature and will cause the deaths of her protectors. But her job is assigned and against what she believed to be right, she gives her blessing to the mission and warns the two spider girls to be careful and NEVER let silk out of their sights. Unbeknownst to the spider heroes, silk heard everything.

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new comics spider-verse spiderwoman 1

the inheritor twins arrive to kill silk

Spider-Man and spider woman departs and the two spider girls return to Felicia’s hideout. Gwen asks, where is silk? Felicia states: I thought she was with you, outside? New York City, earth 981, silk has taken the teleporter and is now out on her own cursing spider woman having no confidence in her abilities. Suddenly, a gigantic clawed monster rampaging through the city now has silk in his crosshairs. Looking over the action from a few buildings away are the inheritor twins, ready for another spider totem hunt.

Marvel Comic Books Spider Woman #1 Review

What’s goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing spider woman issue 1 a Spider-Verse tie in. so last issue in the amazing Spider-Man issue 10 shows us that silk foolishly took the teleporter and running off so she can keep her friends safe. And then spider woman and spider noir followed her to be her protectors. Well this follows what happens to them. I never really got an idea of silk’s personality until this issue. I mean the biggest thing about her before was that she kept herself imprisoned because she wanted to keep morlun away. That was very honourable of her to do so. But in last issue, after the firm instructions from the spider army, she still followed them to war which caused Ezekiel’s death. And I believe the cyborg Spider-Man died as well. So now in this issue, she foolishly goes off on her own AGAIN.

And of course she attracts the inheritor twins. I’m seriously face palming me right now. Well we know she will survive the multiverse because she will be getting her own title after the Spider-Verse concludes but I got to wonder how many more spider heroes will be injured or dead because of her actions? Spider-Man noir is now in critical condition trying to save her life. And if he stays bed ridden in his dimension then ya, silk has a point, the inheritors will come and that fight would be like taking candy from a baby. So this issue splits from the main story arc giving spider woman another run at her own series. I honestly don’t know too much about her and found her to be more like a background character for the avengers. But I did really enjoy learning about her and the experiences she went through hunting super Skrulls and fighting in space wars.

new comics spider-verse spiderwoman 1

spiderman and the two spider girls making a mess out of felicia hardy’ bar

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That being said let’s take a look at all of the new spinoffs from the Spider-Verse. Spider Gwen will get her own issue series which I think has a lot of promise. i love her edge of spider-verse issue and I actually wanted to see Gwen and the 616 peter having a moment during last issue. But they rushed through that so fast. I do hope that when the war ends, peter and Gwen will have a moment. so silk is getting her own series as well. As of right now, marvel is making her out to be the trouble maker. But that doesn’t mean that she will be like this in her own series.

She is very young so In my opinion, her self-titled series also has promise if we see her on the road to discovering herself and finding out the rights and wrongs of being a hero. Ok so the two scarlet spiders along with Jessica drew from the ultimate universe are going to go off on their own adventures to find out why Daemos died and another Daemos came and killed the old man spider.

Its quite amusing since the first thing they think of is that the dead Daemos is a clone since they are clones themselves. So their issue series will debut in scarlet spider’s issue 1 which should be coming out in a week or two from this video. My first thought is that their series will be a buddy cop dimension jumping themed comics. Of course we got Jessica drew as the third wheel. i will be covering issue 1 when it comes out since it’s a Spider-Verse tie in, so look out for that.

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