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Marvel Comic Books Spider woman #2 Recap

Loomworld, the issue begins with Jessica drew, the spider woman deep under cover in the inheritor’s home world. Unfortunately, Jessica is somewhat of a celebrity. After nearly getting trampled with gifts from her adoring fans, she is escorted onto a pirate ship and meets with the captain who she brainwashes with her pheromone abilities. Unfortunately, this world’s Jessica drew arrives. Spider woman quickly grabs  the captain into his room and right before she jumps out of the window, she states: another me is about to knock on your door and the only way this doesn’t get real messy is if you can pretend she’s the first me you’ve seen today.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the multiverse, Silk runs from world to world trying to keep one step ahead of the inheritor twins. Unfortunately she jumps to a world still at war. A tank blows up with her in its blast radius. She falls to the floor as the twins arrive to finish off their hunt. Her teleporter is broken and silk is cornered. But luck will be with her as the twins begin to argue amongst themselves. With the inheritor’s portal still open she takes a chance and jumps through. The twin’s states: did she really just jump to loomworld?

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marvel comic books spider woman #2 spiderverse

the celebrity spider woman

Loomworld, in the great halls, the twins continues to argue amongst them. This world’s Jessica drew and a few soldiers are gathered to hunt down a spider totem believed to still be in the building. Moments later, silk runs past the evil Jessica. She mistake’s the spider woman to be a friend but luckily for her, from behind, 616 Jessica knocks out her doppelganger. Spider woman offers her teleporter to silk and tells her to leave this world. Silk reluctantly agrees and teleports away.

New Comics: Spider Woman #2 Cont!

Earth 3145, silk arrives and struggles with breathing followed with violent coughs. A teleporter opens behind her and the twins are hot on her trail. Brix is first to walk through the portal but suddenly, he falls to his knees screaming in agony. Luckily for him, his sister pulls him back through the portal. We discover that earth 3145 is a fully irradiated, post thermo nuclear war planet. And silk has discovered a world where the inheritors cannot travel to.

Back on loomworld, Spiderwoman takes the place of her evil doppelganger in hopes of gaining intel. Morlun arrives and the unthinkable happens, he passionately kisses jessica drew not knowing that he is indeed kissing a member of the spider army.

New Comics Spider Woman #2 Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the spiderwoman issue 2. Ok the spider verse tie in’s continue with the scarlet spiders and the spider woman issues. So the scarlet spiders are dealing with jennix. Spiderman 2099 and his team has daemos captured. The main army where spider uk and the superior spiderman is, is currently trying to stay alive while fighting lord solus, the father, and morlun. Now we got spider woman and silk trying their best to stay alive with the twins on their tail. It feels more like two stories for the price of one. We got Spiderwoman trying to go undercover and gain intel but Silk is still running and trying to stay alive. I love this page where we see her running through different dimensions. Look its captain knight. Knight America? Captain knight America?

Anyways, this issue did push one new plot detail that I like. We now discover that there IS a world that the inheritors cannot travel to. Looks like silk cannot breathe the air but the inheritor Brix cannot even stand in this world. I hope this word plays a role later on because I feel really bad for the spider army camp after losing cosmic Spiderman.

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So most of this issue felt like a filler. I felt like the first few pages are wasted with the writers trying to develop a backstory to Loomworld. At this point, I don’t really care. There’s a lot of momentum building and I want to see some spider versus inheritor action, but im getting way ahead of me. If we follow trend, the amazing Spiderman issues are just crazy whereas the other issues are just frosting on top of the cupcake, metaphorically speaking.

marvel comic books spider woman #2 spiderverse

A world where the inheritors cannot travel to.


anyway so we are more than half way through the spider verse. I expect the final 3 issues are just gunna get crazy. All hands on deck crazy, more spider totem death crazy. And hopefully that can be mixed in with more inheritor deaths lol. Well we know that spiderman will come out victorious but what I’m curious about is will he manage to kill all of the inheritors, because that’s what the superior spiderman would do.  I would assume peter parker would banish the inheritor to a prison dimension. If spiderverse continues to be as good as it is thus far, I wouldn’t want the inheritors to be gone forever. But what do you guys think? Do you think that the inheritors will all get wiped out by the end of the spiderverse, or will they be subdued and imprisoned somehow? Please let  me know your guess in the comments below.

So the last thing I wanna discuss is spiderwoman’s realization that her counterpart is morlun’s girlfriend. Sex slave maybe? Never mind this is a PG 13 channel so let’s go with girlfriend. Not a big crazy cliff hanger ending like last issue of spider woman but it is pretty comedic and made me smile.


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