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NewComics: Spider-Woman Comics #3 Recap

Erath 3145, silk arrives and discovered that the inheritors cannot follow her through the teleportor. She webs herself up for insulation against the radiation and begins to trek forward in search for shelter.

Loomworld, Morlun has prepared a lavish dinner for his Jessica Drew. What he doesn’t know is that this is actually the Jessica drew spider woman of the spider totem army. She explains how she is not hungry and doesn’t feel ike dancing. She excuses herself and finds this world’s Mary Jane as a gate keeper. Spider woman takes out MJ and grants herself access through. She now finds herself in the vents, trying to reach through to her army.

marvel comic books spider woman comics 3

Morlun and Spider woman

Eventually, Spiderwoman finds herself standing in front of the master spider weaver.  He offers Jessica the prophesy scrolls and informs that she must return to her army to prepare themselves against his inheritor masters. After departing with the scrolls in hand, spider woman’s luck turns bad as Morlun appears. But Jessica drew is successful in using the last bit of the teleportors power to send the scrolls to her comrades.

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Her conversation with Morlun ends and her cover is not yet blown. Her mission is complete and now, she escapes on a speed boat in an attempt to hide out until the war ends. Her luck turns 180 again, as the cannons on a nearby pirate ship destroys her vessel. After being picked up by the pirates, Jessica discovers that the captain of the ship is her counterpart from this earth. The excitement isn’t over yet as silk and spider Gwen enters the fray. They manage to battle off the first wave of pirates. As they collect themselves, a second wave converges on their location.

New Comics:Spider-Woman Comics #3 Review

What’s goin on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the spider woman issue 3. So this should be the final spider verse tie in for the spider woman unless we get an epilogue issue from her. And if you guys have been following my spider verse coverage, this issue doesn’t show us anything new. As a matter of fact, we could easily skip over this issue and it wouldn’t change anything. We saw silk going to the radiation zone, we saw spider woman receiving the scrolls from the spider weaver, we know all about the prophesy with the scion, the bride and the other. The only thing we got was a quick battle on the pirate ship which we actually got a preview from one of the earlier issues after silk and spider Gwen decides to teleport away to loom world. So that being said, being a fan of great story telling, I got to say that is the worst spider verse tie in. at the last page, I was like…er….ok….so that’s it. Well, good thing I got the justice league issue 38 to read lol.

marvel comic books spider woman comics 3

Jessica Drew From LoomWorld

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So there isn’t much I can say about this issue. So let’s get into my nerd rage on the ben Reilly spoiler. If you are reading the spider verse according to their reading order checklist, then you would have read the amazing Spiderman 13 first. Well we find out the scarlet spiders have completed their mission at the cost of ben Reilly’s life. That was a huge spoiler since I was enjoying the scarlet spider’s series. Obviously the next thing I did after finishing the amazing Spiderman issue 13 was to read the scarlet spiders issue 3 and man was I disappointed. But so far, my only complaint about the spider verse as a whole was this mess of a rehashed issue and the spoiler of ben Reilly’s death.

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