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New Comics: Spider-Man 2099 #6 Recap

Earth 928, the year is 2099 and Miguel o’hara is home. He takes lady spider and the 6 armed spiderman with him back to his Brother Gabriel’s house.  This will be the location where Miguel will enlist the help of non-spider powered heroes from his time line such the punisher, the hulk and doctor strange. Suddenly, the wall crumbles in and a pissed off Daemos arrives demanding for the dead inheritor body that the spider army stole. The 6 armed spiderman is the first to attack but unfortunately, he is the first to die by the hands of Daemos. The Lady spider is next to attack but she gets subdued just as quickly. Daemos tastes her essence and realizes that she is not a spider totem. During the confusion, Gabriel blasts a plasma rocket beam at Daemos knocking him to the wall. Before the interior manages to speak again, a second shot, blasts him out of the building.

Spiderman 2099 and the lady spider give chase, but not before the lady give Gabriel a congratulatory kiss.

Meanwhile, on ground level, Daemos begins to attack innocent civilians to attract the spider heroes. Arriving on location, Spidy 2099 uses a police officer to send his arch nemesis Tyler stone a message to have something ready for him. For this unique occasion, Mr Stone agrees to help.

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new comics spiderverse spiderman 2099 #6

miguel and gabriel ohara

Miguel engages the inheritor and manages to hold his own. After a few moments, Spidy and the lady flees from the scene with Daemos in hot pursuit. But what the inheritor does not know is that the spider heroes had anticipated the chase. Arriving at their destination, Daemos prepares to execute his kill strike but Spidey outwits him. After being blinded by O’hara, the lady spider utilizes her web shooters to sling shot the inheritor into an alchemax facility. Seconds later, electricity engulfs Daemos, paralyzing him in place. Spiderman 2099 states: see, this is a statis cell. It kept venom buttoned up. It should be able to handle you. Welcome to alchemax Daemos. You won’t be leaving anytime soon.

Spider-Man 2099 #6 Review

Whats goin on guys, welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping spiderman 2099 issue 6. So this issue went pretty fast in my opinion. It didn’t live up to my expectations but then again, my expectations are raised quite high ever since the amazing Spiderman issue 10. But I still quite enjoyed this issue.

New Comics: Spider-Man 2099 #6 comic book Cont!

So Miguel O’hara has finally come home. So far, I think the writers are handling Miguel’s time travel issue pretty well. If he manages to return home during this event then I bet he will find other ways to go home in future issues. I am curious as to the future of his issue series. Will it be based mainly in present day, or is he going back to the future? I would love to see an amalgamated version of this where he would have to spend half his time in present day and the other half in 2099.

Alright the next thing I want to discuss is the death of the 6 armed Spiderman. He wasn’t an integral part of the story so I had a feeling he would die. Heck I wouldn’t be surprised of more than half of the spider heroes would die at the end of this.  but what I wanted to see is a small mourning scene for the 6 armed Spiderman. After his death, the other 2 just kept on doing what they do. Did they even notice his death?

I guess there’s plenty more spider heroes for their army. All they got to do is run back to camp and pick a few more to join them in their mini quests lol.

new comics spiderverse spiderman 2099 #6

the lady spider and Daemos

So the thing I like most about this issue is actually the banter between Daemos and the lady spider. After realizing that the lady spider isn’t a spider totem, he goes and try to convince her to be his bed buddy. That’s just twisted and wrong in so many levels. That scene also shows us how arrogant this inheritor is. I’m starting to see a pattern now with these inheritors. I believe only Morlun is the smart and careful one out of his family, hence I believe he will be the very last inheritor for the spider army to fight. We actually have not yet met the father inheritor. We see him talking out of the shadows in a previous issue so I can’t wait to see what kind of carnage he will bring to the spider army when he does make his appearance.

So we got a sneak peek at the cover to spider man issue 7. Daemos is unconscious on the table and we see the lady spider and spidey 2099 looking over him in their doctor clothing. This could be really exciting because I believe we will get to see what’s inside these inheritors and what makes them tick. Maybe we can even get a real origin story to how these inheritors came to be. But that’s wishful thinking. So we got to wait and see what happens next.

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So how do you feel about the 6 armed Spiderman’s death? We had a closer look at him in the spider-verse team up where he rescues a peter parker of that universe alongside Spiderman noir, whom is a fan favourite. Are you gunna miss him? Or is he necessary collateral damage for the spider verse? Please let me know in the comments below.

AL righty so I got the scarlet spiders issue 1 coming out hopefully very soon. But until then, the entire spider-verse reading order checklist is available for you in chronological order at comic island.com, just in case you missed an issue. The link will be in the description below.

So thank you so much for watching my review  of spiderman 2099 isssue 6 and as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe, and ill see you next time in the scarlet spiders issue 1.


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