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Spiderman Comics Online Edge Of Spider-Verse #5 Recap

The issue begins with a little girl named Peni Parker. She has lost her father due to his heroics as spider-man. The Spider-Man project is now in limbo but we discover that Peni is genetically compatible and she is chosen to be the next Spider-Man.

5 years later, Mysterio wreaks havoc on the city exposing innocent civilians to a toxic hallucinogenic gas. Peni, armoured up as Spider-Man, gets called in to save the city. A small battle ensues between the two resulting in Mysterio’s defeat.

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Days later, Peni is excused from her classroom and is escorted out by a friend in his super hero armour. Peni suits up and the two engage on a local gang. After the police arrive to clean up and arrest the gang members, Peni dismantles her spider armour and decides to take the Train home. While on the train, she notices a small panicked crowd running away from something. Seconds later, a Spider-Man and Spider Ham makes their appearance. They warn her of the danger that they are in and advises her to take a stand and join them.

Peni’s pet spider trusts the two spidermen thus they gain her trust as well. Arriving on location, Peni suits up and the Spider-Man opens the multiverse gate. He states, gates open, we gotta swing. Spider-Ham states, lets rage.

Spiderman Comics Online Edge Of Spider-Verse #5 Review

Whats goin on guys, welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the edge of spider-verse issue 5. So I wanna begin by stating that out of the 5 spider verse issues, this one would not be my favourite just because the story didn’t feel like it goes anywhere. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy this issue. There are a ton of good things I can say about issue 5: Such as the anime influenced world. Everyone is obviously of Asian descent. I quite enjoy the origins of Peni. It appears as though there is always 1 Spider-Man protecting the city like a supercop of sorts. I really like the fact that the spider that bit peni has a mind of his own.

Her aunt and uncle even says that she needs to welcome the spider bite or the spider will not bite her to transfer its powers. Speaking about powers, did she even gain anything? I mean peter parker gains spiderlike powers but Peni, from what I can see, can be replaced by any child that can wear spider armour. I’m left to assume that the Spider bite made it possible for her to wear the spider armour. But what’s the difference between her and Aaron Aikman? Between the two armoured Spider-Man, I favour Aaron Aikman a great deal more. But I do like how she has her spider pet that freely crawls around her body though.

So in this short issue, they couldn’t go deep into her relationship with those around her. Aunt May is there and look, Uncle Ben is still alive. Her aunt and uncle appear to be more like her handler, rather than a mother and father figure. And who is this guy that interrupted her class? I see so much potential for Peni parker’s story but we are left with a lot of questions rather than answers. But hey, this is Spider-Verse. Getting attached to a spider hero might not be a good thing.

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Alright so I was quite excited to see Spider Ham. I don’t know the other spider guy so I gotta assume he is totally new. They do have a multiverse traveling device and it looks like they are building an army as well so there are now 3 groups of spider army that is rapidly growing.

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Alright this might be a bit off topic from issue 5 but let’s rewind back to issue 2 with gwen stacy as spider woman. This one issue was an instant hit and people loved it, me included. That being said, gwen stacy the spider woman is going to be receiving her own solo series called Spider-Gwen issue #1. We also got a bit more details on her life. So she will be heavily involved in the spider-verse event which means that she will be going missing from her world. Her band won’t know where she is and her family believes her to be lost. But then her father just found out that she is Spider-Woman and now she is lost. So I think it’s safe to say that Spider Gwen will survive Spider-Verse. Her solo series will debut after she returns home from this huge spider man event.

So I got a question for you: Which armoured spider hero do you prefer, Peni Parker OR Aaron Aikman? Please let me know in the comments below.

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