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Spiderman Comics Online Recap

Parker industries, the issue begins with the parker employees testing out their new anti-electro gadgets. But the avengers call and the super excited peter parker leaves his industry for an omega level threat. Sajani expresses her frustrations but anna maria covers for her ex boyfriend and co-partner.

Hours later, while the parker industry employees are hard at work, black cat scopes out the new tech. But she isn’t a tech genious and needs someone who knows how to use them. She finds her pray in sajani and decides to take her captive.

Spiderman arrives on location and after a quick battle with mindless ones, the avengers all gather to apprehend a few suspects but the orb releases the watchers eye, revealing a secret past that spiderman never knew about. Another girl named cindy moon was bit by the radio active spider that bit peter. Her family left her in the care of ezekeil and all he can do is lock her up from the world.

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Spiderman snaps out of the visions and races off to find Cindy, who has been locked up soon after she was bit by the radioactive spider. Arriving on location, spiderman is met by a pre recording from Ezekiel. Parker disregards the warnings and decides to release cindy from a self inflicted prison.

Far far a way, a mysterious stranger detects that the spider bride has been set free. He states: it is time, the great hunt begins.  From this moment on, let all hell break loose. Back at ezekiels holding cell, cindy attacks spiderman stating that he has killed us all. Morlun will return. Spiderman informs her that morlun is gone. He is dead.

The overjoyed cindy decides to go out in the world and uses her web to create a costume. She tells spiderman to call her silk. She goes to the first place that she can think of. Home. But that is not her family. It has been many years and a lot has changed. Spiderman promises to help her find her family. He also tells her that morlun has been defeated and killed….twice. This angers silk. She tells him that if morlun has came back from the grave, then he will come back again. She attacks him out of anger. But instead of throwing the last punch, she leans in…


Spiderman Comics Online Review

Whats goin on guys, welcome to Comic Island, my name is Joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping amazing Spider-man issue 4. Alright so before i dive into Cindy moon, aka silk, I wanna discuss how impressed i still am with Spider-mans supporting characters. In most comics, I read them for their main star but in amazing Spider-man, I love reading about the people around the main antagonist sometimes more than reading about Spider-man himself. 


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Right now, i feel really bad for anna maria. She lost her boyfriend and discovers that her ex is Spider-man. Its awesome that she is helping him out but one day, she has gotta crack and move on. But I wanna explore her relationship with doc ocks butler robot a bit more. I even like sajani even though she has such a minor role. But if peter keeps this up, she will probably phase out of this comic series much like all the employees of horizon labs did.

I guess since they are moving towards the spiderverse story arc, jona jameson and MJ wont have a big role till after the event. But i would like to see them appear, every once in a while.  Now I wanna show you these pages where we see a mysterious stranger sensing that silk has been released. I can only guess that this is morlun. But whats interesting is this image here. It looks like he is on an alien world with 2 moons.

For the spiderverse story arc, I had guessed that morlun came from another parallel universe but this image shows me that he is on an alien world. That fact that he can sniff cindy moon’s presence tells me that he is in the same universe. Heck if he can sniff through parallel universe than thats just way too farfetched for me.

spiderman comics online

Alright, so ever since amazing spiderman issue 1, they have been building us up to when we get to meet cindy moon, aka silk. I was nervous about this one since I felt like marvel just wanted to introduce us to another hero or villain and then a year from now, she will be totally gone and we waste our time getting attached for nothing.

But the introduction has been great so far. I do want to know why cindy has different powers when compared to spiderman. I mean in this issue, we can confirm that she has better speed and spider sense than peter. She can also shoot web from her finger tips where peter has to create them and attach it to his wrists. Also, her web has a hook like effect at the tip. So far, silk seems pretty dangerous in my opinion.

Alright, so at the end, just before she punches peter, she decides to lift his mask and starts making out with him. The guy in me goes woohoo. But then the story fan in me goes, wtf? Does she have some sort of pheromone ability to arouse the opposite sex? Or maybe peter kisses everyone that folds up his mask?

Alright so this is just my opinion on issue 4. What do you think of this issue? and since we have seen a few promo pictures of silk standing tall with spidermans enemies, do you think that silk will be a villain or a hero down the road? Please let me know in the comments below.

So thank you soo much for watching my review for the amazing spiderman issue 4. And as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe, and ill see you next time in the amazing spiderman issue 5.

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