Spiderman Comics Online Issue 6 Review/Recap

Spiderman Comics Online Issue 6 Review/Recap On Youtube

Spider-Man Comics Online Issue 6 Review

The issue begins where the last left off, Unmasked, Spiderman’s true identity is revealed in front of live camera for all to see. Unfortunately, the over excited Jameson stands right in front of the camera blocking the view. Silk jumps in and grabs the paralyzed Spiderman bringing him to safety.

The bar with no name: The black cat walks in and offers the z list villain a position in her new empire. The patrons mistrust her and declines her offer for membership.

Later that night, at the waterfront, the police and employees of parker industries are ready to field test some anti electro equipment. Hidden within them is electro and black cat waiting for Spiderman to arrive so they can have another round with him. Spiderman arrives but this time, he is ready. Silk insulates herself and Spiderman with her webbing.

The anxious black cat activates the anti electro machine in reveres which causes his powers go on overdrive. Spiderman and silk arrives and a battle ensues. The overpowered and unstable electro begs Felicia to stop the machine that is killing him. Fortunately for him, Spiderman heroically jumps in and pulls electro to safety. The cat plans on using electro’s powers to blow up the area taking Spiderman with it.

The explosion in deed goes off but not before silk barricades the three with her web fluid. The aftermath shows us that max Dillon aka electro is now powerless and detained by police. But Felicia hardy’s body is nowhere to be found.

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Weeks later, Cindy moon is seen as the newly hired intern for the tv news show.

Meanwhile, back at the z list villains bar, black cat,, with her stunt last week, has won over the villains to joining with her on building her new criminal empire.

Across town, sajani is freed and returns to Anna and peter. Parker believes that life is starting to look up but unbeknownst to him, sajani hates his plans on building a prison for super villains and plans on working with Anna on her Nano tech division.

Spiderman Comics Online Issue 6 Recap

Whats goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the amazing Spiderman issue 6. So this issue was quite interesting. And what i mean by this is, i don’t know if i enjoyed it or didn’t enjoy it. Let’s discuss what i liked about this issue: plenty of great spiderman jokes and the art is consistent with the rest. By the way, the art is amazing, humberto ramos has done a great job so far.

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I also enjoyed the fact that silk is now portrayed as a hero and her motives are clearly explained. She just wants to find her parents. I was concerned that she would be a villain but ever since her debut, she saved Spiderman’s butt like 3 times.

I also liked the fact that they explained what happened to poor Francine. I guess electro fried her. Even though she is a minor character, I love this scene where all the z list villains pay their respects to her.

Ok now let’s go over what i didn’t like about this issue. I got a problem with black cat being portrayed as a true villain. I really liked her before when she was a hero and a villain at the same time. She was more interesting that way. Now, whats the difference between her and any other smart ass villain out there? The goblin built himself an empire and Spiderman took him down. The king pin is known to be a crime boss and Spiderman also took him down. And now black cat is doing the same thing.

This issue also keeps on reminding us that black cat has luck powers. I mean she probably has the basic strength, stamina and durability that every hero or villain needs to have in the marvel U, but I don’t care much for her or her luck powers. Its like a get out of jail free card. Electro blows up and black cat is presumed safe because she has luck on her side. She pretty much has the powers to survive anything as long as the writers don’t kill her off. Maybe I’m just biased and want her back on the anti-heroes side.

Anyway, moving along, the good news is that the next issue will be all about spider verse. The anticipation for this upcoming event makes issue 1-6 feels like they were fillers. But we are past that now and I’m looking forward to the superior spiderman’s effect on the multiverse as he collects the various spiderman’s for his personal army. I am desperately hoping for the superior spiderman to travel to present day and go toe to toe with the amazing spiderman. That would make the situation with Anna and doc ock quite interesting as well. She thought Otto is peter but he lied to her. So how will she react if and when she sees him again? Please let me know in the comments below?

So thank you so much for watching my review of the amazing spiderman issue 6, and as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe, and ill see you next time when I review the edge of spiderverse starring Noir Spiderman.


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