Spider-Verse Tie In: Spiderman Comics Online Issue 7 Review/Recap

Spiderman Comics Online Issue 7 Revew/Recap On Youtube

Spiderman Comics Online Issue 7 Recap

The issue begins at peter and anna’s apartment. Cindy and peter finds themselves unable to get their hands off each other resulting in anna spraying them down with a squeeze water bottle.  After a few times being hosed down by a squeeze bottle, Cindy wraps herself up in silk webbing and swings away to find other methods of hunting down her family’s whereabouts.

St lukes Roosevelt hospital, a small army of armed robbers achieved their goals and begins to make their getaway in a van. The police are ready for them but suddenly, a blue skinned woman dressed in carol Danvers captain marvel uniform comes crashing through the police creating a path for the robbers to make their getaway.

Jersey city, marvel girl is alerted to this captain marvel imposter via social media. She leaves her colleague, changes clothing and departs to confront this imposter.

Back at the apartment, peter and anna listens in to the police radio. The anxious peter wants to suit up and swing to the first emergency call but anna demands that he allow the police to do their job. Peter has other responsibilities now such as being a part of his own company parker industries. While anna lectures peter in what he should be doing, the police radio states that there is a robbery with a powered super villain at the Roosevelt hospital. Before she could finish her sentence, parker suits up and is already enroot.

1 mile from the hospital, marvel girl stops the imposter by squishing her like a bug. She goes over to the van and discovers a cocoon undergoing terriganeses, the same transformation she went through to become marvel girl. The imposter regains her composure and sucker punches marvel girl into the air. Spiderman arrives in time and saves marvel girl from a devastating fall to the pavement. The imposter tells the driver to drive off with their prize as she , a kree, transforms into a gigantic monster to prepare for another battle with marvel girl and spiderman.

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Otherworld, the issue continues with billy braddock, a new Britain core recruit, scanning the omniverse for irregularities. He finds morlun sucking the life out of his spiderman prey. The machine scans earth 999 where we see the twins bickering over the value of their hunt. Spidercat is now dead.

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Billy scans another anomaly and discovers another individual killing a world full of animal totems. With this last vision, billy has seen enough. Spidemen from across the multiverse are being slaughtered. Billy brings his concerns to the magistrix but her hands are tied from worlds being reduced to dust from incursions. Billy’s concerns fall upon deaf ears. Fortunately for him, the magistrix’s assistance decides to aid him. She gives him a talisman capable of omniversal travel and sends him on a mission to find the other spidermen, keep them safe, and put an end to this slaughter.

Spiderman Comics Online Issue 7 Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping the amazing spiderman issue 7. So this issue basically splits into two stories. Lets discus the first part of the story. We basically are shown where we are at with this weird love triangle between anna, peter and cindy. We don’t really get to see what’s going on through anna’s eyes so I don’t know what she is going through. It feels like anna never got her closure with Otto. I mean does she even believe peter regarding the mind swap? I would actually love to have an issue where we explore how she is dealing with all of the major changes in her life. That being said, I don’t like how she is portrayed in this issue. If we take out the history between Otto and anna, then the squeeze bottle scene would be awesome and comedic. But of cource we cant discount her past with the superior spiderman making this scene just strange to me. I begin giggling to myself and then I go awww..poor anna.

Anyway, so the new ms marvel has now met spiderman. I love how she gets all star stuck when she meets an A list hero. The imposter captain marvel and the robbers are like a minor road block since all I can think of is morlun and his family of totem vampires.

But I am curious to whats inside the terrigan cocoon. For those who are joining comic island for the first time and is a bit lost, well allow me to take you down the events of last year leading to ms marvels creation. So the conclusion of the infinity event would result in the inhuman king black bolt detonated a terrigan bomb to save the world from thanos thus releasing a terrigan mist that began flowing around the world. This terrigan mist activated dna of certain humans giving them super powers. Kamala khan got exposed to this mist and her inhuman genes activates giving her super powers. But before these selected humans gain these powers, they go through terreganesis which basically means that they go into a cocoon state.

Alright so the first part of this issue was not quite exciting but then the second part made up for everything. We get a much deeper understanding of spiderUK the mysterious spiderman at the end of the edge of spiderverse issue 3. I love the fact that he is part of the captain Britain core.

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His name is billy braddock which basically means he is related to psylocke and captain Britain but from a different universe. so this explains the end of spiderverse issue 3 a whole lot more. We are left to assume that after he gains the omniverse traveling talesman, he probably went to gwen stacys world to recruit her into his army. I don’t think gwen will stay out of a fight this big. That being said, no spiderman would stay out of this fight. So we got the superior spiderman building an army and now spiderUK is building one too. Wholly cow, this is getting real good.

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O before we look at the preview for issue 8, I wanna point out one minor aspect that I love. The magistrix mentions that she has her hands full with incursions. I love this little reference to the avenger’s title.

Oh and I also wanna mention that the spider bodies are starting to build up this issue. I count 3 dead spidermen and a whole world full of dead animal totems. Poor spider cat, I wouldn’t mind seeing this little guy in action.

Alright now lets jump into the preview for the amazing spiderman issue 8. Looks like the next issue will be split into two as well. we get a continuation to ms marvel and spiderman teamup but we get spidergirl. She looks like a badass in this. It looks like one of morluns brother came for her and indangered innocent civilians justa get at her. But she saves the day and I hope either spiderUK or the superior spider picks her up to be part of their respective army.

Alright so what did you think about this issue, please let me know in the comments below. Thank you soo much for watching my review of the amazing spiderman issue 7 and as always, please like, subscribe and ill see you next time in the amazing spiderman issue 8.


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