Star Wars The Force Awakens Top 10 Supreme Leader Snoke Theories

Supreme Leader Snoke is by far the biggest mystery in 2015’s Star Wars The Fore Awakens movie. Yes, Rey’s family is also a big question mark but the leader for a revived Empire needs to have an origin. Here are 10 popular theories as to who he may be.



Number 10

 Grand Moff Tarkin

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Grand Moff Tarkin was last seen on the death star right before Luke skywalker blew it to bits. He apparently died but what if he somehow survived and went on to become the leader of the first order? If Grand Moff Tarkin is to become Snoke then he would have left on an escape pod moments before the death star’s destruction. The final image of Tarkin puts him inside the death star but what if he relocated on a remote command base which is capable of operating the death star from afar? The blast from the death star could have damaged his remote base. He survives but was left with horrible scarring. Tarkin’s ambitious tactical mind fits in with what we know if Snoke so far and he is more than capable of reviving the empire in his own image calling it the first order. This theory came to life after fans started noticing the similarities between Supreme leader Snoke and the obviously dead Grand Moff Tarkin. Their concave facial feature resembles one another. Snoke’s right hand is bony and knuckley, much like Tarkin but then again, anyone that age will start looking like that.

Number 9

Palpatine’s Clone

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Star Wars the dark Empire told a story that asks, what if Emperor Palpatine survived the battle on Endor? His physical body is destroyed but he was so powerful that he found a way to transfer his spirit into a clone nearby. In the Dark Empire novel, we discover that Palpatine did just that. If the emperor couldn’t take Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker’s body for himself, he created multiple backup plans in the form of empty husks created on Kamino. By getting a new body, he was able to manipulate events behind the scenes and rebuild his empire. Luke skywalker found out and destroyed the empty clones but one clone containing the spirit of Palpatine did infact escape. With his fleet at his command, Palpatine Clone could have rebranded the empire calling it the first order and he could have even changed his name to wash off all the negative rumors surrounding the old Emperor.

Number 8

Grand Inquisitor

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Last time we saw the grand inquisitor, he fell to his death following a lost battle against Kanan Jarrus. He went splat on the ground after hitting metal sidings and being burnt on his journey to the floor. If he survived then the burnt and the scars will stay with him for life. Following this event, the grand Inquisitor renounced his Sith loyalties and removed the Sith tattoos. He went into hiding and he observed the fall of the empire and the death of the last two known siths at the time, Vader and Sidious. He then revived the shattered empire and rebuilt his persona as the Supreme Leader Snoke. But to be a leader, the inquisitor must have the skills necessary to take on the job. Well before he took the job of hunting down the last jedi’s for Darth Vader, he was a jedi temple guard. Being in this role, the inquisitor had access to a wide range of knowledge and ofcourse he is force sensitive. Using his knowledge and hatred for the Sith and Jedi alike, he went on to becoming the supreme leader Snoke. Now, he isnt vader’s lap dog no more. Instead, he leads the resurrected empire and takes on his own apprentice by stealing the son of Han and Leia.

Number 7

Sith Holocron

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A sith holocron, much like a jedi holocron, stores a vast amount of Dark Force information only obtainable by someone who harnesses the dark side. Ezra Bridger was the first known padawan to be seduced by the holocron. It spoke to Ezra. It drew on Ezra’s hatred and fear and because of that, Ezra managed to tap into its vast wealth of knowledge. Who’s to say that Ben Solo didn’t follow the same path? What if Ben Solo discovered an ancient sith Holocron and was seduced by its false promise of power. Ben kept the holocron from Luke and because of the lying; Ben fell deeper into the void. Eventually he fully opened the sith holocron exposing all of its secrets. This is when the artifact took on the shape of Snoke. A relationship had been developed so there was no difference in Snoke’s reveal. By this time, Ben Solo was corrupted enough to slay his mentor’s rebuilt jedi temple along with the Padawans. So could snoke be a Sith Holocron?  Remember guys, Snoke is only shown in hologram form and he possesses knowledge of the force. This theory might not be as farfetched as me might think.

Number 6

 Darth Plagueis

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Darth Plageuis is a powerful sith lord who is capable of creating life and keep the ones he cared about from dying. Allegedly, he lures in new Sith apprentices to the dark side, trains them then takes their body for himself. He sought out immortality and who’s to say he didn’t find it. You see, amongst the Sith, there is the rule of two. A Sith Lord has one apprentice and the apprentice always betrays the master. Well it’s widely believed that Darth Plagueis’s last apprentice is Palpatine. If the theories are true then that would mean that Plageuis took over Palpatine’s body becoming Darth Sideous. Sideous had a lot more than one apprentice, his final apprentice being Darth Vader. But of course the plan to take over his body failed when Vader got burnt on Mustafar and then of course Vader chose to save Luke at the end of return of the jedi. Sideous dies but his life force spewed out and took over Vader’s dying body. This could account for all of the disfigurement and burnt parts on his face. To make this theory true, Vader must have up’ed and walked out of the burning pyre when no one is looking or a hidden apprentice took his body and he got rehabilitated.

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