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Superior Spiderman Comics Issue 32 Recap

The year is 2099. The issue begins with the superior spiderman thrown into the future coincidentally swapping places with spiderman 2099. After a tangle with the local law enforcement, spiderman is approached by miguel’s brother, Gabriel ohara. Gabriel recognises spiderman due to their last meeting.

But doc ock has no memory from this time in peters life since he purged parkers memories within his subconscious. Gabriel brings spiderman to a safe place and introduces him to a hologram butler. Ohara leaves the superior spiderman to his own devices but not before offering a hand if spiderman needs it. The superior spiderman turns to the hologram and begins to make plans to create a temporal and dimensional travel device in order to go home. The hologram tells spiderman the location where the parts may be acquired.

The scene jumps to a plethora of places where the superior spiderman robs the facility of the parts required to create his temporal machine.

Downtown New York, or at least what’s left of it. Spiderman has finished his machine. He tells the hologram, now named anna, to install her into his wrist so that they may journey together. Spiderman enters the temporal machine and travels to a universe where the fantastic four lays dead on the streets. Around the corner, he finds this universes spiderman, dead as well. But this spiderman shows the number 5 on his chest. In this universe, spiderman had joined the fantastic four.

The superior spiderman jumps again but reaches a universe where magneto and mutant kind rules the world. but again, he finds a dead spiderman. Doc ock jumps again into a universe where super hero registration won and every hero signed up or were arrested. And again this universe spiderman, the iron spider, is dead.

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One last time, doc ock jumps to a world and finds another dead spiderman. But there are similarities to these deaths. They all have the same puncture marks in the exact same locations. The hologram also detects the same exotic radiation within all of the dead spidermen.

Doc ock prepares for another jump. But this time, he will be collecting detailed information about the killers energy signature. The scene jumps to a universe with its spiderman still battling a mysterious man with a leather mask. The superior spiderman intervenes and takes out the attacker if only for a few minutes.

Doc ock convinces this universe’s spiderman to join him in collecting an army of spidermen from across the multiverse to battle this coming threat. They jump back to 2099 and the superior spiderman introduces him, to a small gang of other spidermen.

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The issue continues in a universe where the same leather faced villain is attacking a spiderman.  Wolverine arrives to aid his friend but is killed by the mysterious foe.


The fight rages on but just before spiderman is dealt a fatal blow, a tree trunk crashes down on the enemy. The superior spiderman arrives in time.

Doc ock discovers that THIS spiderman isn’t your typical friendly neighbourhood type. This spiderman will kill those who needs killing. The two agree to join forces to kill this mysterious stranger.

Superior Spiderman Comics Issue 32 Review


Whats goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, im super excited to bring you my review and recap of the superior spiderman issue 32. Alright so right off the bat, the first few pages states taht this will be the edge of spiderverse, so i know what i am getting myself into.

Doc ock doesn’t spend much time in 2099 but instead goes traveling through the parallel universe to gather different spidermen to battle this new foe.

So that might be a bit strange since i thought he only wanted to find his way home. The superior spiderman isn’t the type to worry about other people’s issues. We got to remember that this IS doctor octopus after all.

But then i start to think how he thinks and my best guess as to why he is gathering an army is for self preservation. Doc ock sees at least 4 dead spidermen and that probably clicked something in his mind. Someday he will be next. So instead of getting his hands dirty, why not gather a bunch of super powered spider people from across the parallel universe to take care of his problem for him?

Alright so i totally geeked out when I saw all these different spidermen. the first dead spiderman is of course from a universe where he joins the fantastic four. Next universe is where magneto ruled the world and the third one is a direct nod to the civil war story arc where tony stark gave spiderman the iron spider suit.

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But I don’t know the 4th universe. I can’t recognise this spiderman. If you know who this is, please let me know in the comments below.

So let’s take a look at the best hero shot in this issue. 7 spidermen all ready for action. the first spiderman i recognise is of course the 4 armed spiderman from when parker never subdued the human spider inside of him. I believe the female spider is Ashley barton, parker’s granddaughter from the old man logan timeline.

We all recognise noir spiderman but i never knew who this little spiderman is. So the most interesting one out of all these guys is the guy that has a suit that looks very much like the superior spiderman.

So guess how i felt when the story continues and we find out that this spiderman is more of an anti hero then the friendly neighbourhood type.

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This is just me guessing but what if this spiderman is actually another doc ock that did the same thing to his peter parker? Imagine two superior spiderman, two doc ocks in peters body running an army of spider men and woman. That would be friggin awesome.

So this issue was everything i had hoped it would be AND then some. I really missed the superior spiderman after reading this issue. I love doc ocks way of thinking and i love how ruthless he can be and yet he is still fighting for the greater good.

So please let me know what you thought about this issue. and if you know who these other spidermen are, please let me know in the comments below. So thank you soo much for watching my review of the superior spiderman issue 32. And as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe, and ill see you next time in the superior spiderman issue 33.


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