Superman #10 Comic Book Review/Recap

Superman #10 – Superboy vs. Robin

Superman #10 Comic Book Recap (Script)

At school, Jon Clark is walking with his friend Kathy when they run into a strange girl named Maya.  Jon immediately takes interest in her, while Kathy begins feeling jealous of the girl.  As the two leave, Maya contacts someone over radio.  She’s made contact with Superboy.  On the way home, Jon wants to check out a spooky swamp, but Kathy declines, so the two split up.  Undeterred, Superboy happily wanders in only to be startled by some of the animals. Accidentally starting a fire, Jon begins to panic, until he is rescued by Maya… and her friend, Goliath.

However, the beast seems to trigger an allergy in Jon, and, for the first time ever, a sneeze triggers his freeze breathe.  The three tumbles into the ground, but Goliath saves them.  However, Superboy is knocked unconscious.

Superman #10 – Superboy vs. Robin!

            When Jon stirs, he finds himself strapped to a table.  Superboy is a threat to every living thing on this planet.  And while the Justice League may look the other way.  Damian has no such qualms.  Damian’s interrogation is interrupted by the arrival of Batman, which prompts Maya to activate her cloak.  The Dark Knight is outraged, but Damian insists this is necessary.  Batman demands that Robin let the young man go before…’s too late.  

Superman arrives in a rage, demanding his son be let free.  Batman tries to explain what is going on, but the hero is barely hearing reason.  Just as things are coming to a head, Jon separates the two superheroes.  This calms Superman down, as Clark is surprised that his son just got frost breath.  Things get peaceful after this, and Superman notices Maya still hiding.  She is startled he could see her through her cloak, but Clark quickly wins her over with his charm.

Batman notices that a blood sample Damian took from Jon is showing unusual readings, and asks that Superman and his son stay a little bit so he can analyze it.  Even though Clark has plenty of advanced tech at the Fortress of Solitude, he agrees.  At Alfred’s prompting, Damian takes Jon to show him his pets, while Batman remarks on the unique hybrid DNA of Jon.  He promises to keep an eye on this, as it is unclear how the boy’s powers will manifest themselves in the future.

Damian introduces Jon to Bat-Cow, his dog Titus, and Alfred the cat.  Jon likes the animals, but there are still lots of friction between the two young heroes, and Damian is able to taunt Superboy into throwing a punch. Offended, Damian attacks, with the help of the cat and pretty soon a full blown brawl breaks out.  Suddenly, uh-oh… they’re in trouble.

Superman #10 Comic Book Review

Well I was really excited for this issue, but this didn’t let me down one bit.  I find this comic delivered exactly what I was hoping for – we got a lot of fun interaction with Damian and Jon, some great moments in the Bat Cave, and overall, this is once again a leisurely Superman comic that happens to have a bit of depth to it.

I still marvel at how well this comic does at showcasing the nature of the father son relationship.  We also get a lot of other great moments between characters.  Batman and Superman, at least these versions of the heroes, don’t know each other that well.  So when we see Clark rampaging in the Batcave we get a sense of just how dangerous these Kryptonians can be when they lose control, but there’s also a lot of character building moments between the two as they bond over their respective children.

Damian and Jon are also just great.  Tomasi and Gleason do a great job writing these two in a way that feels natural to their ages and true to their very different backgrounds.  It’s great and the fun cameos of Damian’s pets showed a softer side of the boy as well.

All told this was a great comic, it’s totally worth your time, and you should definitely check it out for yourself.

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